Who Is Torben Sondergaard And What Is The Last Reformation?

Who Is Torben Sondergaard And What Is The Last Reformation? June 16, 2017

Who is Torben Sondergaard and what is the Last Reformation? Is it biblical?

Torben Sondergaard

Torben Sondergaard is a Danish Christian evangelist, author, public speaker, and faith healer who has claimed that God communicated with him directly, telling him “You shall write a book, and I will give you one chapter each day. But on Sundays, you shall not write. You shall have time off together with your family.” Sondergaard has claimed to cast demons out of children, claims a 90% healing rate, and if the person’s not healed, they attribute it person’s lack of faith. Danish Author Sekter Birger Langkjæer wrote in her book, Sects in Denmark, that “Many who have dared to criticize a charismatic leader have experienced threats and getting warned that God would let them drop dead like Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5. This also happened to me when I dared to ask critical questions about the notorious Danish evangelist Torben Sondergaard.” [1.] Several Christian blog writers in Denmark, Norway, Canada, USA, and in other countries have come out to warn against following the teachings of Torben Sondergaard and his ministry, referring to it as a cult and criticizing Sondergaard’s teaching on the gospel and his view on baptism. Is this man’s teaching a threat to Christianity? It is based upon the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles? Should we be cautious about the Last Reformation?

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Troubling Beliefs

Torben Sondergaard has a real method. He claims that we will receive a financial blessing when we are giving money, and as long as you give, you will be blessed. That’s not wrong in itself, but God often blesses in more ways than money, so to make it seem that if you give God money, it ensures He will bless you financially, is simply making God out to be a “quid pro quo” God; do this for me and I will do this for you…give Me money and I will give you money back…like a rebate! Sounds a lot like capitalism, doesn’t it? Even more troubling is his claim that autism is caused by demonic possession, and since Sondergaard claims to have the power to cast out demons, he believes that autistic children can be cured. In openly teaching this, he is inadvertently terrifying many parents and children that their child is autistic because they’re demon possessed [2.], ignoring the fact that it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder. He also claims he can cure “homosexuality” as it if’s a disease or illness and not something that needs to be repented of. Additionally, unbiblical claims are made that they can free people from demons by administering baptism, as if there’s a special power in the water. He calls it “being delivered” or “set free.” There are just so many problematic areas in the Last Reformation’s teachings that it would be impossible to cover them all (even in a book!), but there is more than enough to know that something is very wrong about this so-called “Last Reformation.”

Contending for the Faith

Jude states in his book the very purpose for which he wrote it; that it was it was necessary “to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). Why? Because “certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ” (Jude 1:4). To have “miracle powers” is to satisfy the desires of the flesh and is pride-based, rather than focusing on being like Christ (Phil 2), and personal experience is now being placed above Scripture as Sondergaard teaches that salvation is only completed through baptism and making sure to avoid the three-fold immersion that the Bible teaches (Matt 28:19), and salvation is not completed until there is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is manifested by speaking in tongues. [3, 4] Sondergaard even says it was through baptism that Jesus received the Holy Spirit [4] and today, the receiving of the Holy Spirit has substituted the receiving of Jesus [5], but isn’t Jesus is the Head of the Church? It seems that Sondergaard is now leading the church, and Jesus is following, since His imperative commands (Matt 25:34-39; 28:18-20) are now superseded by “signs and wonders,” which by the way, Jesus said is what an evil generation seeks after (Matt 16:4). Their “Kickstarts” have focused more on receiving the gift of healing than anything else. Their intensive trainings might focus on one thing…healing, but this gives glory to the person and the gift rather than the Giver of those gifts. Jesus is the Head of the Church, not Sondergaard, not me, not you…He will chasten His church and discipline His church when and where it is needed (and it always is, Rev 2, 3). It is Jesus’ church and He doesn’t need Sondergaard’s help to “whip it into shape.” That is the work of Jesus, working with His church through the Holy Spirit. And Jesus Christ is seeking followers and disciples after His own heart, not more people who can heal and speak in tongues. God’s goal is to be more Christ-like, not do miracles like Jesus did. We are to be His witnesses, not focused on miracles to the exclusion of the Great Commission. God desires us to be conformed into the image of His Son, and we know what that image is like (Phil 2:1-8), and the image is less concerned with external things than it is bringing people to repentance and faith and receiving eternal life. You can be healed physically, but still be dead spiritually. The healed person will die again…but the person who’s trusted in Christ, even if they die, will yet live again (John 11:25).


My question to Mr. Sondergaard is why call it the “Last Reformation?” Who determined whether we need a Last Reformation or even another one? And who is to say that this will be the last reformation? Do you know something we don’t know? He believes that God spoken to him outside of His Word, so why did God tell him something that He didn’t tell the rest of us? How can we discern if this is from God if the source is a man? Who gave this man the authority to speak for God and in behalf of God and for Jesus’ church? Why doesn’t he teach about sanctification, holiness (Matt 5:20), the need for repentance (Mark 1:14-15), glorifying God (Psalm115:1; 1st Cor 4:7), and most of all, focusing on the Person and work of Christ, and glorifying Him by teaching how we can follow Him (Matt 7:15-23; 25:34-40; 28:18-20)? Does God still speak with authority through others outside of Scripture? If we trust those voices outside of Scripture, then we’ll lean less upon the Word of God, and if we lean upon the words of man, we’ll fall into error, and if we place personal experiences over truth, we’re headed for error. If we trust human experiences or dreams or visions over God’s Word, we’ll exchange subjective truth (“I believe”) for objective truth (“I know,” e.g. the Bible), and follow what others say rather than doing what the Bible teaches. So many have already “exchanged the truth about God for a lie” (Rom 1:25). What we do know is that whatever a man believes, teaches, or experienced, doesn’t change what is true, and God’s Word is always true (Psalm 119:160; John 17:17), so the question comes down to this; who is a more reliable source; Torben Sondergaard or the Word of God? Need I say more?

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is host of Spiritual Fitness and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

1. Birger Langkjæer, Sekter i Danmark – Hizb ut-Tahrir, Faderhuset, Scientology, InJiva-behandling, 2006 p. 83.

2. The Local. “Danish ‘cult’ Claiming Demons Cause Autism.” May 6, 2016 https://www.thelocal.es/20160506/cult-leader-who-claims-he-can-heal-autism-arrives-in-spain (Accessed June 12, 2017).

3. The Last Reformation (2016-03-18), About Torben Søndergaard – part 1: I wanted to see fruit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJdyjQzfHU4 (Accessed June 13, 2017).

4. The Last Reformation (2015-07-14), Reiki master meets Jesus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91xDwwjcqsE (Accessed June 13, 2017).

5. The Last Reformation (2016-05-30), Kickstart seminar #4 in Ireland – Torben Sondergaard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpI599utFO0 (Accessed June 13, 2017).

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  • pud

    ” What we do know is that whatever a man believes, teaches, or experienced, doesn’t change what is true, and God’s Word is always true (Psalm 119:160; John 17:17), so the question comes down to this; who is a more reliable source; Torben Sondergaard or the Word of God? Need I say more?”

    No, you should say a whole lot less.

    1. It is NOT the “word” of a gawd..it is the words of stupid barbaric ignorant religious zealots from the Bronze and Iron Age

    2. This lunatic evangelist is NO different than you.

    3. Demonstrate a single “truth” that you claim…just one. You fail every time.

    • Evermyrtle

      Anti God fools seem to be multiplying, but HIS WORD says these actions, will get “worse and worse” therefore, we must expect that!

      • pud

        How many gawds do you not believe in? Why not?

        Stupid delusional men wrote the words in your absurd book…A fledgling church under Constantine collated those words by a vote amongst deranged priests into your buybull.

        I’d wager you’re just another hayseed cult member who knows absolutely NOTHING about your “faith” its origins, who constructed it, who stole the mythology from other cultures or even how your gawd was a man made construct by ancient Jews who needed a war deity to rally their people to fight other demented religious cults.

        I’d wager too that you don’t care in the least what’s true only what feels good and offers infantile explanations for simple minds

      • “Anti God fools seem to be multiplying”.

        Well, the “nones” are on the increase, but they are hardly “fools”. Perhaps you are a fool “for Christ’s sake”?

      • Why HIS WORD in capital letters? Is a book where God is alleged to have commanded the mass slaughter of defenceless women, little children and babies HIS WORD? Why did Jesus command you to love your enemies, not slaughter them? Why did he say “Allow the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven” if God told the Israelites to exterminate little children and babies?

  • Alex Voon

    Jack is right. Beware of Mr. Sondergaard and his lies, he call it the “Last Reformation. There are many false prophets like Sondergaard inventing false doctrines since 1st century. Many more who work for Satan will rise up doing false miracles to deceive Christians.

    Torben Sondergaard is lying (like Benny Hinn) by claiming to be a faith healer and claimed that God communicated with him directly, telling him “You shall write a book, and I will give you one chapter each day.

    • pud

      It’s all false..hello? Can you demonstrate the truth of any version ever put forward? The very FACT that there are as many versions as there are falsehoods in your mindless book proves none of it was authored by any deity.

      • Alex Voon

        Yes. I prayed for many and they were healed by Jesus Christ.

        • pud

          Oh really? How do you know they were not the work of your made up “satan” as you noted in you comment above?

          If your jesus can heal you then why did he allow you to suffer in the first place, why are there doctors, medicine and hospitals instead of prayer groups?

          How do you people dress and feed yourselves?

          • Alex Voon

            Satan is evil and he can’t heal people because his objective is to kill humans. That is why when I was a Buddhist I never see anyone get healed by Buddha. Your gods cannot heal people. Many Asians were healed by Jesus and because of this they convert to Christianity. Majority of 90% of Asians are not Christians and they despised and reject Jesus Christ.
            There are many people who can witness that Jesus healed them because they prayed to Jesus. You can check this out mainly in the pentecostal churches.

            I suffer when I was a Buddhist. God only bless me after I became a Christian. Christians work to earn a living and dress like everyone else. We are not the orthodox religious church.

          • I doubt that any real organic healing is occurring in Pentecostal circles. Most of the alleged healing is purely psychosomatic.

          • Monty

            Much in pentecostalism is false, I agree. I am living proof that not all is false.

          • Alex Voon

            I prayed for people and they were healed by Jesus Christ.
            Check it out in the pentecostal churches yourself.
            There are people who can be witness in the churches.

          • What makes you think that Satan exists? Sure, evil exists but there is no need to attribute a personal, invisible devil to explain it. Humans need to take responsibility for any evil they commit.

          • Alex Voon

            I have seen people who are possessed by Satan, the devil and seen witchcraft happening when I (before) seek the Buddhist, Hindus and Muslim mediums. A name (Satan) is given merely to identify a person or thing for easy reference.

            Correct, humans need to take responsibility for any evil they commit. We don’t blame Satan for our own wrong doings.

          • Many Buddhists believe that they are blessed.

          • Alex Voon

            The rich and average Buddhists will not convert.
            There are rich and poor in every religions.
            Many who are poor have converted to Christian because of the miracles.

          • Alex Voon

            Majority of the Christians in the West are 3rd generation Christians without faith. They doubt God or they are only Christian by name. It is the same in Asia. They reject and blame God for many reasons e.g. disappointments in their desires, restrictions i.e. no lust or greed, no drinking, no smoking, no womanizing, no cursing, no pride, no coveting, etc….
            The liberal Christians will hardly see God doing miracles, instead they be deceived with all kinds of weird miracles by false prophets such as Benny Hinn, etc…

          • I don’t think most liberal Christians will be deceived with “all kinds of weird miracles by false prophets such as Benny Hinn” because most liberal Christians don’t believe in miracles. It’s more likely to be Evangelicals with a Charismatic bent.

        • Did you check whether they had a medical certificate attesting to the truth of their illness? Did you check up on them after they claimed an alleged healing to see a medical certificate that cleared them of their illness?

          • Alex Voon

            A (physically seen) hunch back old sister in my small church was healed. You can see the difference and she can testify to you. She would not have converted to be a Christian if she did not get healed. Every one of us were Buddhist before.

          • Peter Pelosi

            Alex, praise God for your faith. Men, rather than argue why don’t you seek it out and lay it before the Holy Spirit before relying on your own understanding.

          • Alex Voon

            Praise God for He is Great and Mighty. For His is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen.

          • bitesdadust

            John, when you get healed, you don’t go to a doctor. You know it. Who in the Bible went to his doctor, “Tell me Doc, am I reallllllly healed?” You know I just might be mistaken. Unless of course you belonged to the former Yugoslavia where they certified you for sanity.

    • These faith healers are onto a money making racket, exploiting gullible believers as well as believers who are desperate for healing. I wish that Christians would put on their critical glasses. Benny Hinn is preying (praying) on the gullible and raking in millions of dollars.

      • Alex Voon

        You are right. The faith healers are false. No one can claim to be a faith healer.
        But the church people who receive healing are witness that God healed them.

        • In many of these Pentecostal healing services, hypnotic techniques are used by the person who is faith healing and church people go away thinking they have been healed, but, after a day or two find that they are not healed.

          I know of no case where anyone has been healed, and church folk are often gullible (sorry to say it, but its true) and fall for the faith healers “3 card tricks”, So church people may not be a good witness that God has healed them.

          Psychosomatic healings are not miraculous .

          Where are the organic healings?

          • Alex Voon

            I would not convert to Christian if I did not see for myself how God healed my mother illness. God healed me of a critical skin problem. I go to mission trips in China from 1998 and prayed for many and God healed them. There are many healing miracles in Asia where many are poor. Many in Asia were Buddhist before being healed. There are people healed in every churches in Asia. There are very few false healer in Asia as many are poor. The false healer will go (for money) to the rich country cities.
            You can try asking the conservative Chinese churches like Gospel Hall, Methodist, etc in your country.
            Do not trust the renown pastors of mega churches, they are false preacher. There are many renown false healers like Benny Hinn in the West (they are very rich). Look for the poor preachers in the small churches and ask the people there.

  • Alex Voon

    Sister Elizabeth, I agree with your comments except ;
    11) “Does God still speak with authority through others outside of Scripture?”
    God still speak with authority through others but Not outside of Scripture.

    But Jesus answered them, My Father works till now, and I work. (John 5:17)
    Yes, He does but we have to learn how to listen and check everything with the bible. – Yes but only if they are already revealed by the ancient prophets – Amos 3:7 – Even if God is doing new works we must check scriptures to test and proof the works. God will not do anything (new) unless it is already revealed to the ancient prophets.

    Perhaps I have judged Mr. Sondergaard wrongly because I have never heard about him nor know anything about him.
    My question is;
    Did he preached about Last Reformation and what is it?
    Did Mr. Sondergaard claims that God communicated with him directly?
    If Mr. Sondergaard claimed that God communicated with him directly, telling him “You shall write a book, and I will give you one chapter each day, we should beware if he is writing new scriptures, new revelations and new doctrines. If he claims that God communicated with him directly (face to face), then he is a false prophet claiming to be Moses or Elijah.
    If he did not claim so, my apology for misjudging him in my comments.

    • Elizabeth,

      “miracles, demons and moving mountains”

      There is no evidence that miracles are occurring, that demons exist nor that anyone can move mountains .If you believe that there is evidence, where is it?

      “They will take up serpents.” This is in the future, indicative active in Greek. The subject is “they”. So are you in a snake handling cult?

      • Alex Voon

        Miracles can be from God or the Devil.
        It is a fact that demon possess people.
        No one can move mountains.
        Moving mountains means a person can overcome hard and difficult situations or troubles.
        They will take up serpents means they will overcome the Devil who is man’s enemy.

        • How is it a “fact” that demons possess people? There is as much evidence for demons as their is for fairies. Exactly, none!

          Miracles probably don’t occur. What empirical evidence is there for the occurrence of miracles?

          The long ending of the Gospel according to Mark is not in the earliest and best Mss, Assuming that its part of the text, it means that they will take up snakes. To say that it means they will overcome the enemy, means that you do not really take a historical-grammatical interpretation of the bible on this passage.

          • Alex Voon

            What empirical evidence is there for the occurrence of miracles? It is only the people who saw the miracles that testify. No scientific explanation for miracle.
            It is by faith in God that one will overcome. Not any interpretation of the bible on this passage. Men have their own opinion of interpretations of the bible on this passage. You have your own opinion. Confirmation is by God working in a person, individually. I am witness. The people who knows me can testify.
            You can never know if God doesn’t reveal to you.

    • bitesdadust

      Every Sunday, some evangelical preacher will say during his sermon, “God laid it on my heart… God told me!” Is that in Scripture? I really would like a good explanation from you Alex for this

      • Jack Wellman

        Thank you. Great question as to if that’s in Scripture. I stick with what the Word says over “what’s laid on my heart.”

      • Alex Voon

        Everyone who claim or say any statements during his sermon, “God laid it on my heart… God told me!” *** must be tested and proven***.

        There are true Christians who are honest and false Christians who speak lies. This include pastors, elders, bishops or any Christians.

  • Oliver

    How can Christians be alerted about false prophets?

    • Alex Voon

      By their fruits you will know them (Mat 7:14 – 23). They have holy appearance but they do things behind our backs. Their lousy attitude towards the poor. They lie. etc. list can go on and on. They do miracles and healing but their character is lousy and worldly. They love money, etc…. They prophesy but never happens. A false prophet is identifiable just by the way they live. We don’t judge them by the signs and wonders they do. See youtube on false prophets exposed.

      • pud

        Demonstrate that a single “miracle” claim has ever in all of history been shown to be true

        • Alex Voon

          No one believe a single miracle unless he sees with his own eyes. The same is with you and me. I would not have believe Jesus if I have not seen with my own eyes the healing He did for many.

          • pud

            You’re a real intellectual powerhouse eh?

            Why didn’t your “jesus” eliminate the disease or keep people from needing “miracles” in the first place?


          • Alex Voon

            The bible tell us that man have sinned against God and God had cursed man and this entire world with death, sicknesses and diseases. Look around you and see how people dies in all sorts of sicknesses, calamities and etc. New diseases props up suddenly.
            God sent His son, Jesus to save only those who would believe Him. God is giving man the choice to choose life or death. But 90% of the people in this world chose to reject Jesus Christ, even the 2nd and 3rd generation Christians.

          • pud

            Wow! And Lord of the Rings tells us that Valdamor will cause chaos and destruction unless the gold ring is tossed into the volcano of Mt. Doom! OH NO!!!

            You clearly are a gullible nitwit

          • Alex Voon

            Thank you. You don’t believe God but I do.

          • pud

            You “believe” a book. A stupid ignorant wicked deranged book. Fixed it for you

          • Your whole belief seem to be based on the bible, but you seem to assume that the bible is the infallible (inerrant) Word of God. I thought that your bible actually said that Jesus is the Word of God, not the bible. It seems also to say, though, that the bible is a witness to Jesus but I can’t find anywhere where it says that its witness is infallible (2 Tim 3: 15-17 in context not withstanding).

            It’s pretty hard to see how it is infallible when it is alleged that God commanded genocide yet Jesus tells you to love your enemies.

          • Alex Voon

            You can never understand the bible if God does not gives you the spirit of knowledge and understanding. You cannot understand the bible by yourself.

          • No one can understand a book that is filled with contradictions. That’s why there are over 30,000 denominations in the world today, each differing on one or more point of theology and ethics or of church practices.

            If there was a holy spirit guiding the church into the truth, why is there all this confusion of tongues?

          • Alex Voon

            The bible is not filled with contradictions. All the confusions was caused by the papacy false popes from 2nd century onwards. They burned true manuscripts and altered the writings of Paul to justify their theocracy and many true Christians were killed by them. That’s why there are over 30,000 denominations in the world today, each differing on one or more point of theology and ethics or of church practices. The OT was well preserved by the Jews for it was written in Hebrew which the Gentiles do not understand.
            God will guide those who seek Him to study the bible to find truth.

            If there was a holy spirit guiding the church into the truth, why is there all this confusion of tongues?
            The holy spirit is guiding those who seek God (not the church) into the truth.
            Evil spirits are using false prophets and false Christians to bring all sorts of confusions (including tongues). Thus many innocent Christians are misled into all sorts of confusions. Only a matured Christian is able to tell the difference.

          • Jack Wellman

            Jesus said a wicked and evil generation seeks after signs.

          • Which miracle was that? How do you know it was a miracle? Please provide evidence.

        • bitesdadust

          You’re a wonderful miracle yourself Pud. Now demonstrate that you exist and we will really listen to you.

          • pud

            I’m writing to you…when was your last email from jesus?


          • bitesdadust

            See Pud, you have demonstrated that you exist. All I see are letters under the name Pud. For all I know you demonstrate what Bill Gates said: “Anyone can be a dog on the internet!” Prove you exist and I won’t call you an idiot.

      • Oliver

        Thank you very much Alex. Yes; it is the fruits that are rotten. The indicators you say are correct… let’s face it they lie, cheat, are thieves and murders of their father of all evil. PRIDE and LOVE of MONEY are their failings and fallen state.

        • Alex Voon

          You are right. Have nothing to do with them. Stay away from them and leave their church. 2 John 1:9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.
          10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:
          11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

          • Oliver

            Alex, agreed.
            I am working on a Bible Study right now about Maturing in the faith.
            Getting off the beaten path is far too easy if we forget the Real Jesus rather than invent him ourselves.
            I am lobbying right now to make sure the movie The Shack isn’t shown to a congregation here.
            A dead on indicator of false prophets who make large amounts of money OFF of God. The large mega churches and the big time books and movies. It is clear they love money rather than I AM.

          • Alex Voon

            Great. You do well. Shalom

          • Oliver

            Shalom to you also brother.

  • Monty

    I have heard directly from God a number of times. 3 times my life was saved, literally. I was born again 45 years ago, just before my 21st birthday. I am not sure about Mr Sondergaard but I have no desire to get involved with his movement. However, hearing directly from God is not a sin or a sign of false doctrine. I have been healed and I have prayed for others to be healed, including a child who had no idea of what I was praying for. Please do not throw out the real with the false. Lord Jesus does the healing, we just declare in His name – delegated authority if you like.
    The danger with any “movement” is that the focus may be taken away from Christ. The so-called Toronto Blessing took the the focus away from Lord Jesus and onto the supposed “Holy Spirit”. It was a spirit alright, but demonic. Sadly, the pathetic state of the church, the ignorance of God’s people and a desire for an easy, instant path to spirituality allows the false to flourish. We need to get back to the cross, the Lordship of Christ and death to self-will. That is not popular at all. But it is the narrow way that leads to life.

    • Alex Voon

      Agreed. I hear God’s voice only once and after that He directs me through the promptings of the Holy Spirit according to His scriptures. There is Not a person today that God will speak directly to like how He spoke face to face to Moses. Today there are No more prophets or else we will have countless new scriptures added to our bible that no one can validate. Any such new prophesies cannot be validated and Satan is the one behind this new things. In the Toronto Blessing, healing the sick is from God but signs and wonders can be from God or the Devil because Jesus foretold us that many false prophets will rise up to do great signs and wonders as in the so-called Toronto Blessing and many more.
      I agree with you – We need to get back to the cross, the Lordship of Christ and death to self-will. That is not popular at all. But it is the narrow way that leads to life. Beware of the false doctrines of men that is already in many if not all of today’s churches which mainly originated from the mainstream churches since the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. I urge that all Christians study the church history to find out how so many heresies came about in our church today.

      • Jack Wellman

        Amen. Spot on Alex.

      • I doubt that in the Toronto blessing that the so-called healing that occurred was from God. What evidence do you have that any healing occurred? Was it purely psychosomatic?

        • Alex Voon

          I have never been to meetings of the Toronto blessing. I cannot be a witness. From what I hear, the Toronto blessing is false, false miracles from Satan in many of the mega churches. Many thousands of Christians are deceived by them.

    • Jack Wellman

      Well put sir. Narrow is the way, and we should be focusing on Christ and being followers of Him, forsaking all to Him since to HIm, we owe all. Gifts are fine, but not when elevated above all things. Experience is often mentioned before (even above) Scriptures in justifying what they do.That is deeply troubling.

  • Andre Cilliers

    Alex this is 5 months after this fruitless discussion with Jack . I would however like to chat to you personally?
    I mean John. I find this type of medium tedious as no information on the participants is available on site.

  • Nicolas-Alexandre Chaput

    Reading this article and many others I can’t but wonder and make parrallels between the pharisees attitude towards Jesus and his disciples, I am currently studying the Pioneer School lessons and your critisism of Torben is basically the exact opposite of what he actually teaches about the lives of the disciples… Everybody is on the defensive trying to defend their churches and businesses but forget to open their eyes and see the good deeds for themselves, he teaches repentance and that if healing fails its ALWAYS the disciples faith that is lacking and NEVER the sick person’s faith… Shame on you people for lying thru your teeths. Been studying to get involved with them for over a week now and the only time I heard the word money was when he reminded us that we can’t serve both money and God… Its just impossible.

  • Dave terpstra

    ITs obvious that some people cannot accept sign and wonders and healing and the casting out of demons. It reveals the lack in their ministry so they must attack with their limited understanding of scripture declaring a group a cult and full of ignornce, it that group has done those things or had the blessings follow them. JESUS SAID, we would do greater works,,come on, place that in the center of your theology and work from there,,please? In Jesus name, please, before you go on the attack again.

    • Jack Wellman

      Seeking for signs and miracles? Not good (Matt 12:39; Matt 16:4). Sure you want to be associated with such a generation that seeks after these things?

  • Dave terpstra

    This ministry ( patheos) is false if it condemns and continues to condemn true christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit and who are walking in that power. This ministry may go forth for many years, but it is a cult in itself if it continues damming God’s servants. Please stop supporting this cult ( a cult of higher learning ,that claims intelectualism + fruitless arguments ) apposing Spirit filled obediance.

  • Jennifer Kinney

    It’s so clear that you haven’t really listened to Sondergaard. I’m quite familiar with him and his preaching and teaching. You posit: “Why doesn’t he teach about sanctification, holiness (Matt 5:20), the need for repentance (Mark 1:14-15), glorifying God (Psalm115:1; 1st Cor 4:7), and most of all, focusing on the Person and work of Christ, and glorifying Him by teaching how we can follow Him (Matt 7:15-23; 25:34-40; 28:18-20)?”

    Disagree with his theology or his methodology, but he always tells people- “don’t believe me, study the bible and learn for yourself.” He is also constantly telling people “follow Christ, not me. the only thing you should follow in me is where I show Christ.” His teachings on repentance have been most significant in my walk as a believer. He absolutely teaches and hammers the essential of repentance above all else. I’ve honestly never heard such a focus on repentance than in his teachings. Hence, why I said it seems clear to me that you haven’t actually listened to him.As for glorifying by teaching how we can follow Him- that’s such a massive part of his message. Again- you may disagree with the kickstarts and what they appear to you to be. But unless you actually attend one, seriously watch his messages, or speak with him directly- it’s probably best you not slander a brother.

  • David Christian Hutagaol

    Hello brother
    Thank you for your effort to define The Last Reformation so that other believer would know about The Last Reformation in just some minutes.

    But I think you have missed so many things about The Last Reformation and may lead other believer to misunderstood The Last Reformation. I was also a skeptic before, but I’ve tried to examine the teachings of this movement (The Pioneer School), and I found that all is biblical. Yet we have to understand quite bit language barrier as he was still in learning English as he teaches/gives opinion in the video.
    These are the link for:
    The Pioneer School https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdzZv-XMXPU&list=PL0gVAb8r3Mj-GbT18XWdro0Kt_6wM0kv_
    About the name: ‘The Last Reformation’

    May these link help you, and our GOD trough His Spirit work by humbling us to examine with pure heart. May our Lord prayers in John 17, be realized even more so that many people come to Him and his Name be glorified all around the world.

    God bless~

  • Pedant

    Your conclusion is laughable, and the irony _burns._

    “He believes that god spoken to him outside of His Word, so why did God tell him something that He didn’t tell the rest of us?”
    Same thing can be said of all the nonsense from all 66 books and manuscripts from the bronze age ignorance collected in the bible. Why don’t we all get Damascus road experiences?

    “How can we discern if this is from god [or] if the source is a man?”
    Same question can be applied to the aforementioned bible.

    We have ZERO rational reasons to even believe gods exist in the first place, let alone whether they are capable of writing books or “inspiring” (whatever that means) humans to write books. The entirety of christianity is fundamentally founded upon a classical Argument from Ignorance Fallacy. Shame on you for pretending your cult beliefs are any different _at all_ from the Last Reformation followers’ cult beliefs.

    “Need I say more?”
    Yes. YES! You need to say a lot more!

  • Sandra Strausbaugh

    I was baptized by TLR disciples and was told because I didn’t have a spiritual fit and fall down screaming and begin speaking in tongues that I was “hiding sin” and perhaps harboring demons and not sincere in giving my life to Christ. So now, even though I know better, because I am not an experienced Christian I am afraid of being demon-ridden. Way to go TLR. I am going to an area church soon and the pastor has promised to help me. While he wouldn’t say anything disparaging about TLR, it was obvious he wasn’t impressed. My takeaway was not to get involved with ministries you really know very little about and you have contacted through the internet.