Church Sign Epic Fails, “Yo Momma” Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Yo Momma” Edition May 12, 2013

My mom struggled through nine months carrying me, hours of painful labor and a C-section just to bring me into the world. So I got her a card. I figure we’re even.

Yeah, and six boobs. Wait, that’s just my own fantasy…
No idea what this sign means, but it’s creepy how the pastor crawls out from under your car when you get home and keeps calling you “Counselor.”
So, God’s ok with it. You listening Oregon???
Creamy Jesus though. Not the crunchy Jesus. Gets stuck in your teeth.
Way to take the most benign holiday since Arbor Day and turn it into a wedge socio-political issue. Good job, church!
Thank goodness, or else pretty much every church in America would be SCREWED. Oh, not that kind of fat? Awkward…
Crying mightily and judgment: the cornerstones of any red-blooded American family!
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