Church Sign Epic Fails, “Lie, Lie Lie” Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Lie, Lie Lie” Edition February 3, 2014

You know what persuades me toward a particular way of thinking? Watching two groups with opposing ideologies fight about their differences in the public forum…especially on billboards!

You know, this message would have been more effective if they hadn’t gone and spray-painted “LIE” all over it. Duh!
And, just like the post office, once we collect it, you’ll never see it again.
Got to wonder how long of a contract they signed with their ISP for this gig.
Yeah, come to think of it, supernatural beings who communicate through billboards makes a ton more sense.
Yes, why listen to this when you could be basking the the likes of Petra, Carmen and Hillsong? The choice is clear.
It’s true. If you look throughout history at the number of wars started by atheists versus the number started by religious zealots…oh wait. Never mind.
See? Even the atheists sabotage their own billboards. Totally misses the mark, guys.

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