It’s Time! List the Christian Blogs You’re Reading in 2014

It’s Time! List the Christian Blogs You’re Reading in 2014 October 1, 2014

It’s become an annual tradition that I put out a survey of which Christian blogs everyone is reading. We compile a list and I feature the top 25 most popular in a future post. A few ground rules:

  • Please don’t add your own blog. If it’s not generating enough buzz to make the list without you adding it, it’s probably not in the top 25.
  • If you want your blog on the list, ask your fans to add it.
  • Please DO share the list as it grows and encourage people to vote for their favorites.
  • Yes, you can share the link to this post or even embed the list elsewhere.
  • Be sure to vote up your favorites, in addition to adding new ones.
  • PLEASE DO NOT ADD A BLOG TO THE LIST BEFORE YOU READ THE WHOLE EXISTING LIST! Aside from being annoying, duplicate entries actually dilute the votes for a blogger and reduce their chances of making the list.
  • Voting will continue until October 15th.
  • In the end, I will create two posts, as per usual. One will strictly be based on popular vote, and the other will be my “editor’s picks.” No, there is no persuasion or bribery that will affect your presence or absence on that list.
  • We’ve had complaints in the past that these lists are mostly progressive Christian bloggers. Well, add other ones you like, then, but realize many of my readers consider themselves to be progressive.
  • Have fun with it! This ain’t the Grammys, kids.


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