Help Me Feed 5,000 People…and Get Six New Books #MyJesusProject

Help Me Feed 5,000 People…and Get Six New Books #MyJesusProject November 19, 2014
IMG_4200As you may know if you’ve read my previous posts, I’m in the process of doing an 18-month project in which I’m trying to figure out what it REALLY means to “follow Jesus.” One order of business my readers have suggested I take on is the miracles recorded in the Gospels. Obviously some are tougher than others, but the “feeding of the 5,000” story seems to be one that has captured lots of peoples’ imaginations.But since I can’t magically multiply fish and bread, I need your help! That’s why I’m trying to “trade up” to get enough money to feed 5,000 in the Portland, Oregon area. I was inspired by a story my wife (a pastor) told on Sunday about a man who, over the period of a year, bartered his way from one red paperclip all the way up to a house. I’m figuring in order to secure enough food, supplies, permits and space to feed that many people at once, I’ll need at least $25,000-$30,000. I know it’s a lot, but if a guy can go from a paperclip to a house fro himself, I expect we can go from a handful of books to something worth $30,000 for a good cause like this.So here’s the deal: I’m offering six signed copies of my books to get us started. These include:
-PostChristian: What’s left? Can we fix it? Do we care? (Hardback)
-Blood Doctrine (Paperback, recently optioned for TV and Film)
-PregMANcy (paperback, my highly irreverent memoir about fatherhood)
-Banned Questions About the Bible (Paperback)
-Banned Questions About Jesus (Paperback)
-Banned Questions About Christians (Paperback)These are brand new copies, and full retail value for these is $111. But to keep things easy, we’ll say they’re worth $100. I will cover shipping to wherever you are (don’t have to be in Portland), as long as you will cover shipping for whichever item we agree to trade for the books.

The rules are simple: offer me something of equal or greater value to help us get closer to our goal of feeding 5,000 people. I’ll either accept or pass, and once I’ve made a trade, I’ll post the new item for trading up to the next level.

Make sense? Sound fun? Want to be a part of it? Make me an offer, and help us try out one of these miracle thingies in our own weird, quirky human way.

CLICK HERE FOR MY CRAIGSLIST LISTING OF THE BOOKS I’M OFFERING.  If you want to email me directly with an offer, drop me a note at cpiatt(at)christianpiatt(dot)com.
Many thanks,
Christian Piatt
"goodness, some pple shld just learn not to speak at all"

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