Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Prince & Chimp Religion

Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Prince & Chimp Religion April 22, 2016

NGC_TheStoryOfGodI got to chat with the producer of National Geographic Channel’s “Story of God with Morgan Freeman,” James Younger about his new interfaith series about religion, faith and who/what we understand God to be. Having worked on various science TV series and worked with such “Hard News” outlets as the Associated Press, “Story of God with Morgan Freeman” seemed like a bit of a philosophical departure; he explains why it’s not really, though.

We also process the then-hours-old news that rock legend Prince has died. What is his legacy, what are our memories, and why was he so damned magnetic as a media giant? Then we dive into the question we’re sure you’ve lost sleep over: do chimps practice religious ritual? No joke, this is based on a recently published findings that some science nerd speculate connotes a sense of ritual in the chimp world.

Next thing you know they’ll break into denominations and come up with so mind of chimp hell, probably where theres’ an infinite pile of bananas to peel with nothing in the middle. That would suck, wouldn’t it.

Finally, are churches ready for the wave of deaths coming with the aging boomer population? Is Amy preggers (argh!)? And are there billion-dollar industries based on age- and beauty-shaming women (spoiler alert: yes)?

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