Tripp Fuller Hatching Awesome Jesuses. Jesii? Jesusii?

Tripp Fuller Hatching Awesome Jesuses. Jesii? Jesusii? April 8, 2016

Fuller_Tripp_photosm2015Tripp Fuller, the “Podfather” of the Homebrewed podcast network, is a busy little bee. When he’s not curating a ten-book series or hosting one of five or so regular podcasts, he works with this kind of revolutionary new theological education program out on Redondo Beach called The Hatchery? What is this communal think-tank-cum-seminary a few feet from the sand, you ask? Listen to this episode of the CultureCast and all will be revealed. Tripp also chats up his new show, “The Story of God-cast,” a companion series to the miniseries, “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,” as well as the first of his ten Homebrewed Christianity books, “Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Jesus: Lord, Liar, Lunatic…or Awesome?”

Yeah, he’s got some things a-happenin’.

In the rest of the show we talk about the all-too-real gender pay gap, as punctuated by a recent dustup in the professional soccer world. Next we pose the question of whether the U.S. government is straight-up inept if they have to outsource to a private company just to break into a single iPhone. I mean…one phone? Then we bust out some other tasty nuggets of goodness, bestow upon you a heaping’ helpin’ of recommendations and your coveted Fear of the Week.

Listen. Learn. Love. And some other Ls I can’t think of at the moment.

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