VIDEO: Father Jonathan Morris on Imitating the Heroism of Jesus

VIDEO: Father Jonathan Morris on Imitating the Heroism of Jesus December 15, 2015

FrJonathan-2While Father Jonathan Morris is frequently on television, he made the news not long ago because of an incident that happened in his parish. A man outside his church was attacked by two pitbulls. Other people in the area stepped in to beat the dogs off the victim and, in the process, were injured themselves. Father Jonathan gave the shirt off his back (literally) to use as a tourniquet that would halt the victim’s bleeding.

That experience prompted Father Jonathan to reflect on heroism in his latest video. While not all of us are faced with violent situations where we’re called to act courageously, we can practice heroism in simpler, everyday ways. As Father Jonathan says, “Heroism in the spiritual life is saying ‘yes’ to others and putting ourselves in second place. Why? In imitation of what Jesus did for us. Jesus is the ultimate hero because He laid down His life for His friends – and also for His enemies.”

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