Welcome! A Personal Note From Matthew Fox

Welcome! A Personal Note From Matthew Fox June 6, 2013

Andrew Harvey and I are delighted to welcome you to our blog on Patheos. It’s a brand-new gateway to the (r)evolutionary community of sacred activists and mystical prophets brought together by the Christ Path Seminar.

Matthew Fox delivers the welcoming address at the first Christ Path Seminar.

Like you, we feel the danger to life on Earth from our species’ choices these days: from endless war games (we are spending $39,000 per second on war) to playing the usual fiddles while the planet burns and goes mad with increased storms and the plague of consumer gluttony eating up souls and defining our very economic system through an addiction called consumeritis. Just recently I received a letter from an active Christian who tells me her young adult children are far more at home calling themselves “atheist” than believers since religion has sold out so boldly to fascism, sexism and more.

These are dark days indeed….days that paradoxically inspire creative innovations to enable the survival of the people and the planet.

Andrew and I feel that a healthy Cosmic Christ spirituality—one that fuses action and contemplation, mysticism and prophecy, masculine and feminine, science and consciousness—can make all the difference in these days. That the revolution unleashed by Jesus might still happen even with time running out, indeed especially with time running out.

Just as the Jesus seminar discovered much that was valuable and useful for those who know and want to know the Jesus story, so too the Christ Path workshops and community offer an awakening that is both substantial and practical to reinvent religion and Christianity. The discovery of the Cosmic Christ tradition helps us to do that.

This blog offers a special window into the ongoing Christ Path Seminar , with excerpts from the workshops and personal insights from myself, Andrew Harvey, and local leaders in our growing community. Together we will be addressing the crucial questions of these days – questions that range from the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine to the new economics, from shamanism to the reinvention of education, politics, and worship, from the great Western mystics to the question of evil…all through the lens of the universal Divine archetype of the Cosmic Christ.

Through these posts and workshops, we reach out to you….

  • Spiritual seekers who want a comprehensive and living vision of Christian mysticism.
  • Mystics in the church who yearn for authentic mystical teaching and practice.
  • Those who have left the Christian church and yet long for a deep, direct connection with Jesus and the message.
  • Those within the church who are deeply disturbed by the narrowness of church doctrine and church corruption.

So who is the Cosmic Christ, and why is this archetypal energy so critically important at this moment of human history?

To answer those questions, and introduce you to the radical new information that we’re offering in this program, we’ll begin with a series of excerpts from Andrew’s and my talks in the first Christ Path workshop, held in March 2013. I will be introducing the mystical Christ that the churches have forgotten, while Andrew shares his own journey to discover the Cosmic Christ…and the meaning and purpose of life for himself and for humanity.

We invite you to listen to the full weekend recordings, 20 hours of lecture, practices, interactions and sharingto explore the Christ Path site and the (r)evolutionary concepts of gift economy that underlies the structure of the seminar…and to sign up for the upcoming weekend, scheduled June 28-30.

So – welcome! We look forward to your connection, and hope to see you, online or onsite, at the weekends.


To learn more  about the upcoming Christ Path Seminar weekend being offered online and on-site in Pittsburgh, PA, 6/28/30, see http://www.christpathseminar.org/ai1ec_event/cosmic-christ-and-the-historical-jesus/?instance_id=123

To order the complete 12-DVD set of recordings from the first Christ Path Seminar weekend, see http://www.christpathseminar.org/participate-by-dvd/


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