Christianity started as men’s ministry

Christianity started as men’s ministry December 30, 2015

Remember how Jesus began his ministry? He recruited six men, six women and launched a children’s ministry.

No, the earliest manifestation of church was a men’s ministry. Twelve regular guys walking daily with Christ. Diversity and increase came later.

Christianity started as a men’s ministry. Yes, Jesus had women followers. He ministered to children. But his primary focus was the development of a dozen men.

Some say Christ’s decision to walk closely with twelve Jewish men was based on first century culture. If Jesus came today he’d call a diverse group of men and women to walk with him, they say.

Perhaps. Or maybe Jesus was illustrating a spiritual principle we’ve forgotten: If you disciple your men first, everything else falls into place.

Christ’s approach was men first. Yet modern churches devote the lion’s share of resources to children’s ministry. Then youth ministry. Then women’s ministry. If there’s any energy left, they sponsor a quarterly pancake breakfast for the men.

Is it any wonder why our churches are so powerless? Why our men are so rootless?

So what’s your church’s New Year’s resolution?

If you want your church to grow, make ministry to men your top priority.

If you want marriages saved, make ministry to men your top priority.

If you want society to change, make ministry to men your top priority.

I’d like to help your church reach more men in 2016. It’s easier than you think. And you don’t need to add a new program to your already stuffed church calendar. To learn more, click here.

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