Yes, I Denounce White Supremacy.

Yes, I Denounce White Supremacy. October 1, 2020

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It has recently come to my attention that such terms like “Western Culture” or “Western Civilization” are seemingly rooted in white supremacist ideology, according to some activists I have engaged in conversation with. This catches me off guard, since I think I do my best to adhere to Christian principles which logically considers racism as sin. After all, the Bible states that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28). If other Christians don’t believe that verse ought to be proof enough that racism is unbiblical, then we might not be reading the same Scriptures. But since the tagline of my blog reads, “Thoughts Unraveled About Christianity and Western Culture,” I think this article ought to set the record straight on my behalf.

In the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Trump was questioned whether he would denounce white supremacy. Many people and media outlets have claimed that Trump had dodged the question, but if one were to watch the recap, he responds to the moderator:

“Sure. Sure, I’m willing to do that. But I would say…I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right wing!”

For the record, I am not a supporter of Trump (largely because I live in Canada and I have no obligation to vote for either him or Biden). But I think this moment in the debate has left many viewers reacting in a way that Trump seemingly struggled to clearly denounce racism in order to appease his alt-right supporters. This has sparked the online trend of people tweeting and posting on social media their denouncement of white supremacists. Normally I cringe when it comes to hopping any bandwagon on social media, whether it be political or not. But here goes…

I denounce white supremacy.

There it is. That was easy! I have no qualms saying it. But for some, mere words might not be enough. My actions need to reflect my words if I want people to believe me when I say them. That includes in my personal life, professional life and my online life. But granted this, I need to address my blog’s tagline…

In the wake of racial tensions that have heated up this year, many artists have even gone as far as changing the names of their bands. The Dixie Chicks are now just called The Chicks, and Lady Antebellum is now Lady A. The thing is, both bands are attempting to distance themselves from names associated with the Confederacy. The phrase ‘Western Culture‘ is a subjective term that seems to bear as much meaning as the person using it implies. I may not support white supremacy, but I don’t see the need to change my tagline due to how a handful of individuals interpret it.

From what I understand, leftist activists of anti-racism largely oppose the term ‘Western Culture’ because it means supporting systemic oppression of minorities. When I use the term ‘Western Culture’ in my tagline, I’m referring to the broad spectrum of ideas, customs, trends, habits, problems and accomplishments that exist specifically here in North America. My blog is a platform that offers commentary on the umbrella that is North American culture. It does not mean I support any actions that specifically target non-whites or non-Christians in an attempt to conform them to principles they wouldn’t submit to willingly. If people are going to accuse me of either being a white supremacist or a false proponent of preserving Christian values, this article is here to prove they are gravely wrong.

What I will say is that being a Christian is not exclusive to being white or of European descent. Many non-whites descend from an ancient historical line of Christian faith from parts of Africa and Asia, without the influence of Eurocentrism. Christianity is a religion that doesn’t use race as a litmus test for authenticity of faith or salvation (as Galatians 3:28 ought to make known). It is also worth noting that Jesus Himself was a Jew and fraternized with Gentiles to the displeasure of the Pharisees. The person of Jesus as expressed in the Gospels is the antithesis of white supremacy.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I am not ashamed of Christ. I am not ashamed of my Europeans roots, nor am I ashamed to denounce white supremacy.

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