An Ordinary Walk (March 5, 2018)

An Ordinary Walk (March 5, 2018) April 11, 2023


It started out as an ordinary walk;

my typical sleep-walking.

Then I woke up

and my senses shifted dimensions.

A gentle voice teasingly asked,

Do you see what I see?”

And then the veil lifted.


Every tree leaf

became a portal,

beckoning me

into the Beyond.


Every breath I took

was inspired by Ruah Yahweh,

inviting me to rebirth myself

again, and again and again.


Every firm footfall of mine

touched the belly of Gaia,

the mother who gave me life,

and food, and clothes, and a home.


Every shallow little puddle

became a mirror of the sky;

showing me the heavens miles above me.


Every daffodil

Became the golden chalice of the Last Supper.


Even a fallen, long-dead, rotting tree trunk

became a sapling that once waved in the wind,

as he walked the dusty roads of Galilee,

speaking of the Father

to the God-hungry peasants.


Every plodding donkey on the way

thought nostalgically of the time

when he bore the fleeing family into Egypt

and later

the triumphant Messiah into Jerusalem.


Every cloud

became the Veil of Veronica

cooling his fevered brow,

on the long, painful journey to Golgotha.


Every large stone

became a brother of the one

which afforded Jesus

the privacy of the tomb,

making it a “Thin Place”

for three days,

as he readied his body for resurrection.


To each, as I encountered them,

I silently intoned,


For what is Namasté

but the recognition of the resurrection

in each one of us,

the awakened and the sleeping alike?


donkey or human,

breath or cloud or stone,

puddle or footfall,

tree trunk or tree leaf or daffodil.


There is no such thing as

an ordinary walk.


Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

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