Reformation Day Joke Polka

Reformation Day Joke Polka November 1, 2013
Everybody loves Luther.
Everybody loves Luther.

My Anglican friend Justin over at Religion Ethnicity Wired got the ball rolling on some Reformation jokes with the following:

At an inter-denominational meeting, a fire broke out.

The Pentecostals shouted, ‘Fire!’

The Baptists shouted, ‘Water!’

The Presbyterians shouted, ‘Order!’

Here is what I dumped onto his facebook wall in reply:

UCC members respond with: God is still speaking.

Episcopalians: Asked everyone there for their story.

ELCA: Set up a welcoming committee for the fire.

Mennonites: Didn’t fight it.

Anabaptists: Waited for the fire to mature before throwing water on it.

Conservative Catholics: Looked for a hermeneutic of continuity with other fires.

Liberal Catholics: Engaged the “spirit of” the fire.

Don’t miss this Polka about what got the fire started:

You can still find yesterday’s tasteless post here. I’m surprised it hasn’t been decimated like a peasant rebellion.

I’ve also found a reconstruction of Luther’s toilet:

Here's what he penned on it.
Oh the things he penned on it!
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