Watershed Vatican Conference Makes War on Just War

There is a solid rule about what you can expect about reporting on Catholicism: If it's making the front pages of the news and creating heated debate, then it's most likely irrelevant and will have no staying power.The buildup to Amoris Laetitia was bigger than for any of the Leonard vs. Duran fights--Don King be damned. The apostolic exhortation was supposed to tear the very ontological fabric that holds the cosmos together, then the family, and finally, destroy Catholicism along the way by … [Read More...]

This Attack Ad Against Donald Trump is the Most Hilarious Political Ad of this Presidential Primary Season

Comedy, even when it is unintentional, is frequently revelatory.Attack ads are a fun genre for reasons other than merely appealing to our basest natures. The video below is a case in point. It's predicated upon the kind of logic that underpins statements such as, "If x wins, I will move to y." Where x winning is so bad that it leaves you no alternative than voting for "alternative to x."Anna Wierzbicka's What Did Jesus Mean? demonstrates this is how the warnings about the end times wo … [Read More...]

World Book Day: TOP10 Meta Book List

World Book Day gives me an opportunity to do yet another book list. It's something I'm known/hated for.This unique blog genre drains (or draws) my readers, or rather their bank accounts, most.I've always tried my best to give you suggestions from left field. My education was broadly interdisciplinary, so I cannot help but surprise some folks most of the time. I assume there's plenty in the links below to please (and anger) you.These meta reading list links cover theology, literature, … [Read More...]

Michael Voris’s Stunning & Admirable Broken-Hearted Confession

Catholic commentary on spirituality too frequently vacillates between impervious toughness and bubble-gum sentimentality. The pat solutions and rote narratives are a total waste when there are either no chinks in the armor or there are only chinks and no armor.Either way, there's no need for salvation for the already saved and the already damned.When I compare my experience to what these spiritualities have to offer it's clear they have little to offer me or those whom I love.Like t … [Read More...]

Sex and Soulcraft: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Prince gave us the ultimate expression of spiritual eros in music. The genealogy of soul music goes back to the Pentecostal spiritual, the first of which, in Acts, we find Peter trying to convince people that he and his friends are not drunk. The intoxication of spiritual song expresses itself through the body. The same bodies that danced as jazz was born, the same bodies that pulsed to Elvis’ popularization of Black music, the same bodies that moved to Ray Charles’ transgression of taking the B … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Rescues Muslim Refugees from Lesbian Camp

No, this piece is not about the latest front in the Culture Wars.Or, maybe it is, but in a different sense.The pope has sought to refocus the Church's attention from relatively insignificant First World issues to ultimately significant Third World issues (granted, usually caused by the incompetent foreign policy of the First World).Just in case you were wondering . . . Yes, the islanders of Lesbos, home of Sappho, have long fought sexual minority activists for the exclusive right to … [Read More...]

BREAKING: Prepared Statement by Bernie Sanders for Vatican Conference is an Accurate Reading of CST

Catholic Social Teaching has a clear appeal to many, but is in conflict with what is generally perceived as American values, values such as "self-reliance" (as good a definition of Original Sin as I've seen).I haven't followed the whole brouhaha surrounding the Bernie Sanders appearance at the Vatican. I'm so exhausted by all the stupid bickering and speculation in the Catholic blogosphere that I wanted to wait for something concrete to come. I have bronchitis and four fantasy baseball … [Read More...]

Happy 1050th Birthday Poland!

I ran across the oldest recorded text in Poland's history today. The hymn in question is not in Latin, but rather in colloquial Polish. So much for medievals being Latin fetishists.[Reading Suggestion: scroll down to the bottom of this post and hit play on the YouTube video, then start reading from the top.]I couldn't figure out why it popped up in my feed until I read the following: Happy 1,050th birthday, Poland! On this day in 966, the Polish ruler converted to Christianity, … [Read More...]

Postmodernist Lacan Proclaims the Triumph of the One, True, Catholic Religion

It is the right time to unveil this bombshell on the day when one of the 20th century's most influential thinkers, Jacques Lacan, was born 115 years ago.He relaunched psychoanalysis in the 1950's with his seminars on Freud. His thinking is background behind all the leading postmodernist writers such as Jacques Derrida and Julia Kristeva (see the links for my posts about them).You might remember Jacques Lacan's Ecrits from your graduate studies. They were pretty much mandatory and, … [Read More...]

TOP10 Book Challenge: Books About the Meaning of Life for Undergrads

I'm a little sheepish about publishing book lists, even though my readers frequently tell me the lists are one of the things they like best about my blog. Granted, my readers might prefer reading book blurbs to my own grating writing--can't blame them.I've done a couple of TOP10 lists upon request. This is going to be the case this week. Henry Venema, who has written extensively about St. Paul Ricoeur's hermeneutics in books such as Identifying Selfhood: Imagination, Narrative, and … [Read More...]