Biblical Authority After Babel Cannot Be Built Upon Mere Protestant Christianity

I recently finished reading Kevin J. Vanhoozer's, Biblical Authority after Babel: Retrieving the Solas in the Spirit of Mere Protestant Christianity. I have numerous complaints about his "mere Protestant Christianity" project.(1) Vanhoozer regularly says that the Church is a product of the Word, by which in context he evidently means the Scripture. But this is exactly the wrong order. The Church is produced by the Word, certainly, in the sense that the Logos Incarnate converted the apostles, … [Read More...]

Atheists Have “National Day of Reason,” But American Atheism is Irrational

Today is something called "National Reason Day," on the atheist calendar. The National Day of Reason committee describes their goals in this apocalyptic register: Now, more than ever, America needs a Day of Reason.With the religious right’s influence in Congress, and with the threat to our Judiciary looming large, there has never been as important a moment in which to affirm our commitment to the Constitutional separation of religion and government, and to celebrate Reason as the guiding pr … [Read More...]

Western Civ Doesn’t Need Tenured Radicals to Ruin Itself

 “Tragedy typically leaves questions painfully open, . . .  [but] the challenge is not only how we speak without false consolation in a world like this but how we keep our culture alive to the fact that it is 'a world like this.'” --Rowan Williams, The Tragic ImaginationI did not expect to live in such an unusual moment. When the God of thunders and of rocky heights, The Lord of hosts, Kyrios Sabaoth, Would humble people to the quick, Allowing them to act whatever way they wished … [Read More...]

Post-Execution Church: Rise Up from the Electric Chair!

 I read this recent New York Times interview with people who have witnessed an act of capital punishment in the United States. Whatever your view of the death penalty, hearing those with actual experience of the act humanizes that opinion.Those who enter the observation room bitter don't often forgive, even after death. Staff are traumatized by it. Many just leave numb and knowing they witnessed something terrible, although not always certain how to even explain it. If this … [Read More...]

Leading Historian Made the Analogy Between the Refugee Crisis and the Holocaust Long Before Pope Francis

There goes Pope Francis again, speaking off the record about news events off-the-cuff. He's compared the refugee crisis to the Holocaust. Yet another group is asking him to apologize for offending them. Why can't we keep religion out of current events and politics?  Why can't he just keep quiet? Why doesn't he stick to silent prayer, instead of talking?This time, as usual, it's because he appears to be right.When I said in my previous post that the Holocaust politics of history are alive … [Read More...]

Holocaust Remembrance Day: The Memory of the Holocaust Continues to Evolve

The great German philosopher is usually only known for the statement, made in Prisms, that the culture which produced Auschwitz lives on in postwar poetry (meant as a synecdoche for all art), which means we cannot write poetry. It's even more complex than that, but you should read it in full context, rather than only the lines: To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric. And this corrodes even the knowledge of why it has become impossible to write poetry today. Later on, Adorno, took a furth … [Read More...]

2 Reasons Why the March for Science is a Losing Strategy

The March for Science movement is a losing strategy, because of two reasons: 1. too little faith (de-legitimation) and 2. no confession of sins.In other words, the March for Science needs a confession of sins and an articulate profession of faith.I'll try to squeeze these two things out by making explicit what is implicit in the March for Science documents.Let's start, in correct theological order, with the confession of sins. Here is the first part of the official mission statement o … [Read More...]

If You Hate Catholic SJW’s, Especially on Earth Day, Then You’ll Agree with This Thinker

Tomorrow, 22 April 2017, is Earth Day.Earth Day is a day when we stop and especially remember God's gift of the Earth to us, and remember what our stewardship for it entails.Social Justice Warriors, or SJW's as they are called for short, are using this day for getting their message out. There is no shortage of SJW's among Catholics, and to the chagrin of some, Pope Francis can be called an SJW.However, by most standards, the same can be said about John Paul II and Benedict XVI (make s … [Read More...]

How Did the Resurrection Historically Affect Reason?

Easter is over, but there are plenty reasons to reason out the resurrections relation to reason.The standard question is, "What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem--reason with revelation?" Lev Shestov's (friend of Edith Stein's teacher Husserl) Athens and Jerusalem is the most forceful presentation of the view that there's nothing uniting the two.But not even the Ante-Nicene Father Tertullian, held this position, even though it is frequently attributed to him. If you want to be comp … [Read More...]