How Tom Prays the Rosary

How Tom Prays the Rosary October 14, 2013

As a Lay Dominican, I’m supposed to pray five decades of the Rosary every day of the year. I’m, um, working on that. I like the Rosary, and I like the way it leads me through the mysteries of Jesus’ life, but I find that my meditations on the mysteries tend to be more or less the same from week to week.

Enter Tom from Disputations, who has just re-run a post on how he prays the Rosary. It’s really quite complicated, and if I had to try to do everything the way he does all at once, I think I’d despair of doing it at all. It seems like a system that needs to be adopted little by little. But it’s interesting.

For example, each week he picks a time related to the events of the mystery—before, during, after, and today—and for that week, he meditates on them from that perspective. It’s an interesting idea, and I intend to give it a try.

His system goes on from there; if you’re interested in changing up your Rosary habits, give it a look.

(Yes, I know that the rosary in the picture ends in a Benedictine cross. It was the prettiest rosary I saw at Wikimedia Commons.) (Anyway, Benedictines are cool.)

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