They Also Serve Who Only Sit And Study

They Also Serve Who Only Sit And Study May 26, 2016

BennettApostasy So on Tuesday night I dropped my daughters off for dance class at 6:30 and then went over to the church for the Tuesday night inquirer’s session. The session starts at 7 PM; I usually try to get there at least twenty minutes earlier to get the ventilation working (A/C or heating, depending on the time of year), and I’ve gotten into the habit of saying Evening Prayer as soon as I’ve set the thermostat. When I finished that, I picked up Rod Bennett’s truly excellent new book, The Apostasy That Wasn’t, about which more in a later post.*

At about 6:50 I got a call from Joanne, the lady I met with last week, telling that she was ill and wouldn’t be able to make. I said I’d pray for her, and continued with my book.

At about 7:15 I got a text from Jane asking if anyone had shown up, and could I pick the girls up from dance at 7:30? Our sessions run until 8:30 during the RCIA season, and I’d planned on staying until 8 PM at least, but Jane’s had a cold so at 7:25 I packed up, picked up the girls, and went home.

Now, see, I call this a success. Sure, no one came—but I was there if someone did. I’d rather be there and have no one come than not be there when someone was moved to walk in out of the blew. More than that: if someone had come, I’d have gotten to talk about Jesus. Since no one came, I got to study. For a Dominican, it’s all good.

* Nutshell: entertaining and accessible book about Athanasius, Constantine, the Council of Nicaea, and the Arian heresy. Go buy it.

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