Also Righteously Bad

Also Righteously Bad November 26, 2013

Since I posted about the waiter in Overland Park, Kansas who received a nasty note in lieu of a tip, several similar cases have popped up. It now appears that one of them might be a hoax.

Now me, I don’t know who’s lying in this case. I do know that the message conveyed by the note is an un-Christian message, and that’s what I chose to write about in the earlier case. Such things apparently do happen, and they shouldn’t.

But on the other hand: if someone who leaves a nasty-gram in lieu of a tip is (at the very least) sinning against justice, whatever their intent might be, someone who makes false accusations is sinning against honesty whatever their intent might be. We’ve seen this in the secular realm as well; I’ve seen many cases over the last year of rape accusations that were proven later to be complete fabrications.

Again, I’m not taking sides in this case; I’m not going to assume that one or the other is necessarily at fault.

But seriously: Honesty. Justice. Respect. Let’s go there.

Update: The Anchoress has more on this.

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