The Dogmat saw Outrage, Lies, Persons, and Art

The Dogmat saw Outrage, Lies, Persons, and Art May 28, 2015


The Dogmat saw many things this week, and all too few of them were goofy. A number of them made the Dogmat’s ears itch, though, so there’s that.

Faux outrage, or sounding the alarm: Jane the Actuary talks about the merchants of outrage and the relationship between outrage, clicks, and ad revenues. The Dogmat has been known to bark at nothing in particular from time to time, but agrees it’s no way to live.

There are only persons: The Dogmat once drove his then girlfriend to angry babbling by insisting that there’s no such thing as society, there’s only individual people. The Dogmat was exaggerating for effect, of course, but it remains true: you have an immortal soul, and society doesn’t.

Google’s Diversity Chief: Mamas Don’t Let Their Baby Girls Grow Up To Be Coders: The Dogmat’s getting a little tired of the need to find Somebody To Blame for the simple fact that men and women don’t choose to do the same things in the same proportions. (But he’s not outraged. Just tired.)

85 Years Ago, Chesterton nailed the Boomers: Yes, yes he did.

What Teens (and Everyone Else) Want: Serious Discipleship Time: Well, it’s certainly what the Dogmat wants.

How to Start a Discipleship Group the Easy Way: Jen Fitz offers three simple things you need: a leader, an excuse, and beer. The Dogmat is seriously considering giving it a try.

One Weird Trick to Appreciate Art (Philistines Hate This!): John Herreid has a neat way to increase your appreciation of art. Well, depending on who you are. The Dogmat gives it his endorsement.

Everyday Prayer: The Dogmat has been reading Simon Tugwell’s book Prayer in Practice, and really ought to pull together a review; but Tom McDonald’s been reading it and pondering it much longer than the Dogmat has, and has been posting detailed reflections. Highly recommended.

photo credit: The British Library, Public Domain

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