“Jacob Did Not Make a False Prediction”

“Jacob Did Not Make a False Prediction” August 16, 2019


Magnificent local scenery
Not far above Cedar City, Utah, lies Cedar Breaks National Monument, which is something of a miniature Bryce Canyon National Park.  (Wikimedia Commons public domain image)


It’s Friday, so another article has been published (today) in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship:


Duane Boyce, “Jacob Did Not Make a False Prediction”

Review of Adam S. Miller, “Reading Signs or Repeating Symptoms,” in Christ and Antichrist: Reading Jacob 7, eds. Adam S. Miller and Joseph M. Spencer (Provo, Utah: Neal A. Maxwell Institute, 2017), 10 pages (chapter), 174 pages (book).

Abstract. The Neal A. Maxwell Institute recently published a volume on the encounter between Jacob and Sherem in Jacob 7. Adam Miller’s contribution to this book is a reiteration of views he published earlier in his own volume. One of Miller’s claims is that Jacob made a false prediction about the reaction Sherem would have to a sign if one were given him — an assertion that is already beginning to shape the conventional wisdom about this episode. This shaping is unfortunate, however, since the evidence indicates that this view of Jacob’s prediction is a mistake. Once we see this, it is easier to avoid other mistakes that seem evident in Miller’s approach.




Also newly available on the website of the Interpreter Foundation is this helpful video:


“Fatherhood and Sonship in Romans 8”: A Video Supplement for Come, Follow Me Lesson 32: “Overcome Evil with Good”




My friend and colleague Ralph Hancock published a thought-provoking piece in the Deseret News the other day:


“Funerals, rock stars and the meaning of life”




These articles are perhaps at least tangentially related to Ralph’s essay above:


“Lamentation upon the Occasion of Another Christian Apostatizing”


“Another Pop-Culture Christian Loses His Faith: Songwriter Marty Sampson explains in a statement that doesn’t ring true, except in light of increasing pressure to bend to secular norms.”




Do you care about freedom?  Do you care about religious faith?  If your answer to either of those question is “Yes,” you should probably read the following article.  Certainly you should be aware of the issue that it treats:


“Inside the quiet effort to unravel religious freedom protections in Washington: The Equality Act is stalled in the Senate. That hasn’t stopped the Democrat-controlled House from promoting LGBTQ rights through other means.”


If we don’t pay attention when the threat seems small, the time may well come that the threat will have grown so large that it can no longer be successfully overcome.  Complacency is seldom safe.


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