“The Expanse of Joseph Smith’s Translation Vision”

“The Expanse of Joseph Smith’s Translation Vision” September 18, 2020


BMC Moses conference ad
A notice for the Interpreter Foundation conference on the Book of Moses, which begins tonight, Friday evening
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New, today, in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship:


“The Expanse of Joseph Smith’s Translation Vision”

Review of Samuel Morris Brown, Joseph Smith’s Translation: The Words and Worlds of Early Mormonism (New York: Oxford University Press, 2020). 314 pages. $34.95 (hardback).

Abstract: Samuel M. Brown opens up a new and expansive view of Joseph Smith as a religious thinker. Written for an academic audience, Brown is intentionally dealing with what can be seen and understood about Joseph Smith’s various translations, a term that Brown uses not only for texts, but for concepts of bringing the world of the divine into contact with the human domain. This is a history of the interaction of a person and the world of his thought, from the first text (the Book of Mormon) to the last, which Brown considers to be the temple rites.


And, from Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, in connection with the 2020 Interpreter Foundation conference on Tracing Ancient Threads in the Book of Moses:


“Topically Arranged Bibliography: Ancient Threads in the Book of Moses”

“Alphabetically Sorted Bibliography: Ancient Threads in the Book of Moses”




Did you perhaps miss this change?


“LDS Business College becomes Ensign College — Why it’s about more than just the name change”


“Why the newly renamed Ensign College is the only Latter-day Saint school without the BYU name”




This interesting item, the product of a recent study, appeared in the online magazine Public Square:


“Mormon Isn’t Our Name.  Why Are Some Still Using It?”




“LDS Church releases special episode of Book of Mormon video series”


From President Russell M. Nelson:


“The Future of the Church: Preparing the World for the Savior’s Second Coming”




“Mormons rejected Trump as blasphemous. Now he likely can’t win without them.  Latter-day Saints had been among the most reliably Republican voting blocs — until Trump took over the party.”




For your ever-hungry Christopher Hitchens “How Religion Poisons Everything” File:


“How Latter-day Saint Charities Is Helping the World Food Programme During COVID-19: The WFP is filling critical gaps of relief during the pandemic”


And perhaps also this:


“Census: Utah retained nation’s smallest wealth gap last year: State demographer and economist say Utah likely to hold title of most even income distribution”




And, finally, on a non-LDS topic:


“How a mysterious man fooled a Harvard scholar into believing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ was real”


“The Professor and the Con Man”



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