200 Words: Reflections From A Multicultural Wiccan Priestess

200 Words: Reflections From A Multicultural Wiccan Priestess April 10, 2013

I am an eclectic Wiccan priestess, a child of the sea and moon. My spirit moves with the tides of the ocean and my energy expands with the swell of the full moon. The warriorress lives inside of me, forever in a dance with the hunter who provides. I am the nurturer and the one who needs nurturing; I am of all and the all is within me.

In celebration of the God and Goddess, I connect with the many different faces of the divine from different cultures and with many different names. The shades of my worship coincide with the variety of shades within my skin, and my ancestors. As no one descriptor can summarize my heritage, no one description can describe my faith. It is every growing and in collaboration with the moon, the stars, the sun, the elements and the cycles of life. It is in a continuous conversation with the forces of the universe, in an ever challenging attempt at balance.

Yemaya courses through my veins, reminding me to embrace that within me, pushing a connection with the beauty and the fierceness of faith. I am connected to all things as a spiritual extension of myself.


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