200 Words: Patheos Blogger Challenge by Porsha Williams

200 Words: Patheos Blogger Challenge by Porsha Williams April 7, 2013

I am a Kemetic because I don’t feel the fire of creation through anything else other than Kemeticism.

Creation – the essence and the spark of life. The beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega; where ideas go to live and die at the whim of the madman or madwoman creating them.

Creation IS religion; creation IS chaos. Creation is magick, creation is exaltation AND abomination. Even though I’m making up phrases & quotes as I go; you cannot have pleasure w/out pain. You cannot have light without the dark.

Kemeticism & polytheist-paganism are recognition that there were “places, people, & practices” on this Earth that were not of this earth. There were lessons to be learned that taught whole civilizations that what they thought they knew-they could know even better.

I was baptized a “Methodist” Christian Episcopalian; I remember my Baptism even though I was only 6mths-old.

Yet; the darkest period of my life taught me there were others out there who could teach me how to exist in a smarter & more productive way. Aset, Osiris, Set, Sekhmet, Thoth, Lord Dionysus—Mother Lilith & Baphomet…they called me home.  Now that I’m here, I’ll never go back.


Porsha Williams is a recently converted Pagan of the Greco-Egyptian and Kemetic paths. She enjoys Anne Rice novels, knitting, writing poetry, mani-pedis and all things Lumpy SpacePrincess! When not having the best time ever as a recently engaged, stay-at-home mom of one, she enjoys her “hobby turned career” as a contributing writer onThePaganHousehold.com, the African-American Wiccan blog, and http://www.ColumbiaFAVS.com. Her own blog can be found at http://thefirstdark.wordpress.com

So how did all of this wonderfulness come to pass? Due to the exacerbation of her Mitochondrial Myopathy (muscle disease), she found it necessary to retire early from 11 years of life in “Corporate America.” Finding herself disabled and out of work for the first time since she was 14 years old, it was time to face facts without giving up on the option of making a career from something she loved. Writing had always been a past-time; with all this extra time on her hands, she knew it was time to give what she’d never believed possible her fullest effort. What better to write about than her exploration into her new path as a Pagan, fresh out of the “broom closet” and living in the Midwest?

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