Full Moon Love on a Beautiful Night

Full Moon Love on a Beautiful Night November 17, 2013

We join with the earth and with each other

With our ancestors and all beings of the future

To bring new life to the land

To recreate the human community

To provide justice and peace

To remember our children

To remember who we are.

We join together as many and diverse expressions

Of community and empowerment,

For the healing of the earth and the renewal of all life.

                                                                        —Capacitar Philosophy based on writings of the UN

The moon was so full and bright tonight. I sat under the full moon with some ladies and thought upon the way the moon is one of the natural representations of creation. It is the cycle of life, death and rebirth that I connect to every month; it is my reminder of the circle of manifestation.

The dark half of the year is always one of release for me, and often it is painful release. Instead of enjoying the coming holidays, I usually become anxious of the painful lessons that can be a part of this time of year.  This year I had my reminder of introspection early by being ill for 2 weeks, in pain, and without the ability to speak or work was quite overwhelming. It screamed….. “take care of yourself woman!” And so I made that commitment to myself early.

And that brings me back to today. There is a calm that comes with clarity, an inner peace that comes with knowing your purpose. And tonight I felt the mother Goddess confirming that for me in the chill of the nighttime cold. Standing there, with my hands above my heart, I felt a reassurance that comes from a divine knowledge. I haven’t felt the same nervousness that comes with the dark half; instead I have felt this loving calm since my recovery.

So I sat with the ladies in the full moon light and remembered exactly why the mysteries of life are a mystery.  Give love, receive love and be love…. That is what we strive to understand in the self-actualization process of development.

And while not all lessons feel good, all lessons bring us closer to the top of the pyramid of needs.

Breath in love, Breath out love, give love, receive love….. be love. I hope everyone enjoys the full moon energy, and the divine love that is all around us.


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