21 Questions to ask on Date Night

21 Questions to ask on Date Night June 13, 2013


Below are 21 questions guaranteed to make you and your spouse laugh and also learn something new about each other! For more tools to help you build a rock-solid marriage and family download a FREE chapter from my new book by clicking here.

1. If there was a movie about your life, what songs would you want on the soundtrack?

2. In that movie, what actor (past or present) would you want to play you?

3. If you could have named yourself, what name would you have chosen?

4. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

5. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

6. What was your biggest fear when you were a child?

7. What is your biggest fear now?

8. Besides our wedding and the day kids were born, what is your all-time favorite day?

9. What would you do with the money if we won the lottery?

10. What would you do tomorrow if you lost your job and money and we had to start over?

11. When you were a kid, who was your biggest hero?

12. Who is your biggest hero today?

13. What is your greatest regret?

14. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish by this time next year?

15. If you won a free vacation to any place on earth, where would you want to go?

16. What was your first nickname?

17. What is your earliest childhood memory?

18. What was the moment when you laughed harder than you’ve ever laughed?

19. If you could write one new law that everyone had to obey, what law would you create?

20. What’s a new hobby you’d like to try out?

21. Besides marrying me…what’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to you? 🙂

For more ways to build a rock-solid marriage, check out my brand new book The Seven Laws of Love: Essential Principles for Building Stronger Relationships and you’ll get instant access to free bonus content when you preorder the book.



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  • Sharon Gray

    When was the last time you cried and why?
    What was your very first pet?
    What was the name of your first best friend?

  • Brianna Clesi

    If you could be anyone for a whole day who would you want to be?

  • In #8 & #21, I would insist that the day I met the Lord Jesus was even better than the day I was married & the days my kids were born.

  • BTW, the 33rd anniversary of the day I met Jesus is one week away. Woohoo!

  • stacey

    If you could have any useless power what would it be? (Being able to touch a rock and see every where it’s been from the time it began.)

  • Kathy Churchill

    Two questions for the date night that I think would be great is two-fold. #1 What memory do you have of your sibling that he/she did to get you in trouble? #2 What do you remember doing to your sibling that got him/ her in trouble?

  • Karen brown

    Loved this! My husband and I sometimes struggle with what to talk about other than our day so this was a lot of fun and helped us connect differently. Thank you. Your page has been a blessing to us

  • Cory

    Instead of creating laws, what two laws would you get rid of?

  • Blessed

    Awww we finally had the chance to go through these questions together…some were funny, some brought back memories and some made us think harder. Question 17 we both decided not to bring up painful memories. Question 7 made us cry – it was healing for both of us to understand, that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but Love, Power and a Sound of mind.

    This was very fruitful 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think I will ask all these in one night. It will be interesting to see what our conversations will be.

  • My husband and I went through these 21 questions. It was enlightening and thought provoking. We learned a little more about each other.

  • scott

    If we went through these, we’d have to leave out #13 simply because we both have the same answer to that question – getting married – and that would probably be counterproductive to bring that up.

    Still, I think we’ll give these a shot next date night.

  • Norma

    Can’t wait to try this with my husband!

  • Rebecca

    We have had so much fun with these questions! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • PBluvsJellie

    Congratulations on #33! My fiancee and I are new believes (march 6, 2014) any advice you are willing to share on how to keep our faith strong through out our remaining years and make sure God stays #1 in our marriage?

  • Don’t give up on her. Dave has produced a lot of good stuff for couples. My stuff is a little more direct. You might need the stronger medicine. Try this one.


  • kristi

    That saddens me Scott…if your marriage is in danger…perhaps you could seek council or agree to move on 🙁 good luck with a happy future. I hope you can be happy both of you together or else just be happy (if you’re not) hugs

  • cassie

    My husband and I went through these questions and some of the ones people left in comments last night. It was so much fun! Im an open book so he knows 98% of my past. I’ve always felt like I don’t know enough about him. I learned so much last night and we laughed harder than we have in a very long time! We married when we were 18, we’re now 24 and struggle with conversation topics. This was a blessing! Thank you Dave Willis and commenters for this! We needed it!

  • Sugar Waffles

    For PBlovesJellie – check out Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. It is scripture based research on the most vital needs of man (respect) and the most needs of woman (love). It gives practical ways to meet the needs of your spouse. Also, read the bible together and pray together. Praying together is the most intimate thing you can do together.

  • Loni

    My husband and I did this in the car when we were traveling out of town today. We had a blast! Thank you!

  • I just used some of these less intimate questions during a marriage ministry event as part of a truth or dare game. it went really well and forced people to mingle and get to know each other a little better. thanks for the ideas!

  • I live this page! I’m a newly wed but this is my second marriage. There is a day and night difference between the too marriages

  • To: PBLovesJelly. First of all welcome to Gods family!

    Coming to Christ both if you at the same time and before getting marry is a blessing all on it’s own. Congrats!

    My advice for you would be to make sure you both get disciple, and if you don’t have bible teaching church, look for one you can be part of. Three very important thing is a Christian are: bible reading daily, prayer and fellowship with other believers.

    My husband and I came to Christ on November 14, 1999

    God also saved us the same day.

    And we are still on fire for The Lord praise God!