3 reasons to wear your wedding ring.

3 reasons to wear your wedding ring. April 3, 2014

There’s been a shift in our culture away from wearing wedding rings, which has stirred up debate over whether the rings are still necessary or if they’ve become an outdated concept. I never take my ring off, so some of this might just be a matter of my own personal preference, but I believe there are some very important reasons to wear your ring. I’m certainly not trying judge people who choose not to wear their ring, but I do strongly believe there are important reasons to wear it.

Below are a few of the most important reasons:

1. In Public…

Wearing your ring in public shows the world that you value your spouse and the covenant of your marriage. When you meet someone new for the first time, one of the very first things they are likely to notice about you is whether or not you’re wearing a wedding ring, and they’ll often make assumptions (whether true or untrue) about your character and your “availability” based on the presence or absence of a ring.

2. In Private…

I wear my ring even when I’m alone, because it reminds me that everything I do, whether in public or in private, doesn’t affect myself only, but also impacts my wife, Ashley. Wearing my ring in private is also a tangible way to be constantly reminded of our constant connection whether we’re physically together or apart.

3. When together with your spouse…

We wear our rings together when it’s just the two of us, as a visual symbol of our past promises, our present blessings and our shared destiny for the future. When we’re holding hands and feel each other’s ring, it’s another tangible reminder of the beautiful commitment we have with each other.

Wearing your ring is a simple way to visibly display the place of priority your spouse has in your heart and in your life.

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  • Angie hodges

    I think all the same things about mine and my husbands rings my husband is a electrician and if he’s in a high voltage panel he may take it off or something that may snag it. Only time I take mine off is when I have my hands in dough cooking or something that might mess up my rings.

  • Patty

    I have my husbands initials permanently on my wedding finger

  • Tina

    My husband was in structural maintenance in the USAF for 22 years. It would have been dangerous for him to wear a ring while he was working. Because of this, he didn’t wear one during the first years of our marriage. He has been out of the military for 2 1/2 years now and still doesn’t wear one. I don’t mind as I know we have a solid marriage. He exhibits behavior consistent with this in everything that he does (at least what I know about!). Other than our Heavenly Father, I am his priority. He makes this known to those he works with, our friends and family and even to all of his Facebook friends. We center our marriage and all decisions concerning it around God, our Father. While I agree in everything you said above, it doesn’t bother me that he doesn’t wear one. And while I don’t feel dishonored by him not wearing his, I do feel it’s important for me to wear mine as an honor offering to him….and because they’re beautiful!

    On a separate note, thanks for what you do! I really enjoy your thoughts on marriage and love seeing the posts in my Newsfeed. Keep up the great work!

  • Mary

    I totally agree with this and it has been a big issue with my husband right now because he lost his wedding ring and I am so upset about it and he just dont get it, he said its not a big deal and the ring is just materialistic but for me its so much more. So after me complaining over and over about his lost wedding ring he brought a new and for me its not the same, that new ring means nothing to me . I am so angry that he lost it and I cant let it go.

  • Lauren

    I wear mine because it was the ring I had wanted since I was a young girl. It was my dream ring and my husband made that dream come true. It’s gorgeous. For me, it represents not just our commitment to each other, but his desire to make me happy.

  • My husband and I wear our rings constantly. I take mine off and exchange as my mom has passed away and I wear her ring in memory of her. John has taken his off for 3 times for more then a few minutes in 46 years. He had a heart attack and had to have angiograms. He does take it off for cleaning when we visit our friend in Austin, Texas who is a jeweler but it is immediately put back on. Our rings are a reminder that we are committed to each other and we have a sacred bond.

  • I wear mine all the time i give my husband a pass not to wear his do to the fact it would hinder his job he a polisher for Biomet and i want my husband to have all his fingers! when we are out everyone know we are married 🙂 he make that known when we are out ! 🙂

  • I totally agree 100% with everything said here. To me, your ring symbolizes the promise you’ve made to your spouse.

  • betrayed

    For some, like my husband, wearing a wedding ring means nothing and the multiple married women he has had affairs with, the ring I gave my husband meant nothing as well. The ring I placed on his finger has touched many women’s bodies when it should have only touched mine.

  • I agree a wedding ring should always be worn! It kills me to take mine off I am a Licensed Massage Therapist so I unfortunately have to take mine off for work but put them right back on as i am leaving work 🙂

  • robert eggers

    Old time values that should never be changed. …



  • Sandy

    It is very important to wear your rings so others know you’re committed to someone forever…

  • M.L.

    Couldn’t agree more! We never take ours off!

  • It’s the least of my actions to honor my best friend, lover, and wife. Only time I take it off is for work (safety of catching ring and losing finger).

  • Julie

    Just a comment. I do not wear my ring unless I am going somewhere. It is big and bulky and I have scratched kids with it. (I’m a Kinder teacher) So I don’t work with it on. Here is my point. The world has gotten to a place where it is popular or fashionable to wear a large ring. (mine is 3 carats) It is too big to wear all the time. I snag it on blankets and cloths. I wish I had just a small simple ring. I “thought” I wanted a big ring. Years later not so much. I love what you had to say but some of us do not wear them for good reasons. Thinking about buying something simple so I can wear a ring ALL the time. The article was food for thought. Thank you!

  • Alone and Inlove

    I wear my rings to remind me of a promise that was made on my wedding day. The day I thought I was marrying my best friend. Although from day one my husband started a quick turn around of who he was and how he made me feel. I still even after 11 years hope that one day I will get my promise fullfilled. . I read every article magazine clips books and post. I try to take the advice given but in most part I have created a monster. He is worse now than ever. To be honest I feel like taking my rings off. The only 2 things that keep them on is my daughter and God. You guys have a wonder sight with great advice. Keep up the good work. To be honest you guys keep me going too.

  • JessicaWilson110213

    I agree with all 3. I can’t wear my wedding ring all the time because I’m allergic to it. I have wedding ring dermatitis. It’s very painful when my finger breaks out, my finger will break out in blisters first and turn all red only were my ring is. Then my skin starts to peal like a sunburn, and I have to go about a week without wearing it. But when I don’t have flare ups I wear it all the time.

  • Leah

    I really appreciate this post. We are in our 20’s and so many people around our age don’t wear rings. My husband and I both wear our rings all the time, and I really like when we are holding hands and I have that reminder that God gave this amazing man to ME!!

  • Wanice

    Yes, both spouses should always wear their wedding rings. A lot of men want to use the excuse they can’t wear their rings on their job; ok, that’s fine, but put it on when you’re not at work!

  • Diane Hillyard

    I agree, if your not ready to commit your self completely, and proud for the world to know it, your not ready for marriage.

  • Tammie

    I gained so much weight mine no longer fits and my husbands broke. Do you or should you get new rings blessed? Should you or is it right to repeat vows? It doesn’t seem right to just put another ring on for looks. I think I may have answered my own question!

  • Jillian

    I wear mine but I hid my husbands ring because he does farm work and almost took his finger off one year. He occasionally makes a comment about the fact that he lost his ring and I just tell him I know where it’s at and he’s not getting it back. Sometimes I bring it out for special occasions. We are firm in our relationship but we have thought about getting a tattoo.

  • Amy

    We always wear ours. It means something important to both of us. If I have to take mine off for cooking purposes, I almost feel naked until I get it put back on.

  • Cait

    Wedding ring dermatitis? I totally have that, never knew it was an actual skin issue. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’ve always felt so guilty when that happens and I cant wear it. I was told once by a man that it’s because my husband bought me a cheap ring! Gasp. Rude dude he was. Lol.

    Anyhow I’ve notice it happens often during summer when I’m putting sunscreen on the kids. Think it could be trapped under the ring and then irritate the skin. I digress.

    Back to the topic. I love this. And small that my ring maybe it’s still the ring we could afford at the time. So when conversation come up about upgrading it for our anniversary I smile and think no, this is the ring I’ve worn through it all. The ups and downs. The 3 babies and 4 different homes. This is the ring my man chose for me!

    My husband has never taken his ring off. I love that because he is a proud married man.

  • Megan

    My husband works in an operating room and cannot wear his during the day. when we supplied the scrubs he pinned it into his pocket. Right now it stays in his locker during work hours until we can find him a chain to wear it on during that time. Mine comes off during medical testing and thats it..

  • we have been married for 27 years and my wife always wears her ring. and i dont wear mine because i work with my hands. not wearing a ring does not make me any less married. i understand that it is the first gift that a man receives from his wife. a ring does not make a marriage, you have to be the person to speak up and tell people that your married being married is a constant state not just when it suits your needs. so ring or no ring if you are not married in your heart and soul then it does not matter if you wear a ring.

  • Vickie

    I am unable to wear my ring any more because of a health condition . I had breast cancer and the results of surgery I have lymphedema in my hand and arm. So we need not to judge a person for not wearing a ring . It all comes down to true commitment with or without a ring.

  • tilly

    I work in a very dangerous job also and have the risk of losing a finger, I’ll take my chances because this is never coming off unless they take it off my dead body…then I think she might kill u lol… (however I do under stand for surgical reasons but it would still be afight

  • Charles Marin

    i took my wedding band off in a public restroom (at my work), forgot to put it back on, didnt realize i wasnt wearing it until four days later, lost it forever. this was last year. we (my wife and i) just ordered another ring and its being made, should have it next month. i am so miserable with a bare hand, considering the wonderful blessing our marriage is in my life. moral of the story: never remove your ring except maybe at home but really not even there either.

  • Amber

    When we got married I asked for a small ring, We didn’t have a lot of money and i thought spending money on a ring was silly. It has been almost 7 years now and I still have the same ring. My father passed away a little over a year ago, and my mom gave me their rings, they are a matched set, so we wear them on special occasions, otherwise i never take off my small ring.

  • Sandy Ayala

    I don’t think that rings alone demonstrate commitment I think it’s how we act when we are with and when we are not with our spouses our trust and faith shouldn’t depend on if we as married people wear rings but how we conduct ourselves

  • cheryl

    The only times I take mine off are when I have to get my hands into something gunky in the kitchen or in the garden. Beyond that, for cleaning them.

  • chanelle

    I love that! You definitely can’t lose it! I would love to do the same but I have very dark skin haha.

  • chanelle

    Mary, I totally get you! That would freak me out too, especially if he didn’t see it as a huge deal. That being said, it’s nothing to lose your relationship over. I’ll be praying on your behalf that he realizes the truth of what you’re feeling. Until he does, I would try to let it go.

  • chanelle

    That’s awesome! Don’t give up! You are an inspiration to those who are in the same circumstance. God will crown your efforts with success! I really value having read your post.

  • chanelle

    That’s an awesome story! What a sweet husband to want so badly to wear it. But that’s great that you took a stand as the person the ring represents, to protect him by holding on to it.

  • chanelle

    A ring doesn’t define the love in your hearts towards one another, it’s just a symbol. Love works from the inside out not the outside in. I would feel terrible if I was reading a lot of these posts, if my husband and I couldn’t afford wedding rings.

    That being said, I do love reading everyone’s posts. I totally agree that wearing rings are awesome! Especially at my age, (22yrs), my husband and I are in college where lots of people are looking to get into relationships. It’s always a shock to guys when they see my ring.

    But then, my husband also has allergic reactions to wearing his ring. When he does, he puts it on a chain around his neck. It’s funny though because when he’s not wearing it, he’s still got a red band around his finger anyway. So people still know he’s married.

    He’s anticipating getting my name tattooed on his finger.

    I think there’s many other ways to honor your significant other in public without a ring.

  • Calin

    Dear Mary u were mad cos u valued the ring so much that u can’t accept he lost it. I advise u to let go of the thoughts. As u valued the ring, u have to value the person u wore the ring for. I dun wear a ring for the wedding, u wore it for yr spouse. And he valued u and the marriage so much he bought a new set. Do accept and dun dwell on it.

  • Joe Ethridge

    Mary dear, I heard That to forgive is Devine, no to forgive is all on you, you choose to be angry , if you let this go and move on you will, if you keep the anger it will grow in the nourishment of bitterness and hate. Eventully if not allowed to fade it will destroy your Marriage or make it so disfunctional who will care. Your attitude about this is like a flat tire, change it and you can keep going, don’t change and you will stay in the same miserable place you find yourself in.

  • Mary Anne

    My husband and I are still newlyweds so the novelty and romance of us finally getting married is still in existence. We wear our rings alot more than not. We live in south Louisiana and he works in the oilfield, and metal rings are a hazard in his profession. We had a wooden ring made from a cypress stump, because it will splinter easily, and he can wear it at all times. He is so accustomed to it, that when he does take it off, he feels like something is missing. It might not be as durable or long lasting as a metal ring, but I don’t remind replacing it every year or so. He takes pride in his ring an has received MANY compliments on its beauty.

  • Lisa Cordial

    There was never a question or a doubt as to whether I would wear a wedding ring. My mom always has and I just think it’s the way it should be. I guess I wasn’t always too sure about whether my husband would wear his all the time. My dad didn’t…he worked construction work and it was just easier, I guess, to not ever wear one so he didn’t have to remember to take it off at work. He did, however, carry it on his keychain. My father-in-law also does not wear a wedding ring.

    My husband, though, always wears his. He has told me he never thought about not wearing it. And when I hold his hand and feel his ring, to me, that is one of the sexiest things. he could do. He loves me enough to want everyone to know that he is taken.

    Thanks for this article…I agree with each point. And also thank you for your and your wife’s dedication to seeing marriages not just survive but to also thrive.

  • Eryn

    Was he an AGE Ranger?? My husband is and he didn’t wear a ring the first 7 years of out marriage, but he wears it now when he is not at work.

  • Sally

    My husband lost his ring too about 2-3 years after our wedding & I was sad about it initially but wasn’t angry with him though . We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on 28th March with a new pair of wedding rings / renewed our wedding vows & went off for a short honeymoon. We had a great time 🙂

  • Sharon

    I agree with what you said in why you should wear your wedding rings . But my husband works on machinery and their is a chance if his fingers gets stuck or snagged then his finger could come off so he does not wear his ring but he wears it around his neck everyday!!! I always wear mine, we also both have a tattoo on our ring fingers symbolizing a heart and key . We have a honest relationship and everyone knows we are married . I do think if it’s not work related as far as it could cause damage to your hand then you should most defiantly wear your ring other wise don’t get married . By the way I love reading your post. They are encouraging

  • Jamie

    My husband Carl has never worn one either and I feel the same way. I do wear mine proudly though.

  • Elizabeth

    I totally agree with your article of wearing wedding rings. I couldn’t have said it better. Marriage in the way God created it to be is a blessing and if anyone can experience that… they would agree. Im blessed to have my spouse by my side all the days of my life. I love him and I love God so much more for giving me the desire of my heart!:0)

  • Sherri

    I do believe couples should wear their ring no matter the religion. It’s a beautiful symbol of vows they took before their deity to be together. I have a half carat ring that I can’t wear that work because I am always moving stuff or stocking shelves, so it gets bumped a lot and one of the prongs was moving. I was getting worried about losing text stone in it and my husband found a simple little heart ring that I could wear while working as my real ring is on my necklace near my heart. We are also thinking about getting wedding finger tattoos soon.

  • brittany

    I agree with these statements. I love my ring we didn’t have much money to get one only $300 but it is the meaning behind it. My husband was wearing his ring all the time even on the job and I made him quit because he works a drilling rig and if his hand gets caught it can cause major damage. But when he finally took it off, it was stuck and callused to where he can not get it back on… he wants to tattoo the ring on there so he doesn’t have to worry about loosing it and so it is still there when he is at work but also wants a ring again too… I am glad he didn’t want to take it off but sometimes it is necessary. We already have matching tattoos on our left wrist… but he is determined for the ring tattoo.

  • Karen Collins

    Thank God for blessing me with one of the best man in the world. He is my lover, my friend, my date, my rock, and father of my three children. My wedding ring is smaller than my finger now, but I keep it very close to my heart. Although, I don’t wear my original wedding ring because it is tight, my husband just got me this past Valentines Day a beautiful family ring. This ring has my husband’s name and birth stone, my name and birth stone, and our three children names and birth stones engraved. I love and cherish this ring because my family mean so much to me. This family ring has a bond just as powerful as my original wedding ring. I wear it with pride.

  • My wife and I are going on our 6th year of marriage, neither of us have worn ring from day one. I love her more today then I did the day we got married. A ring has no barring on how much you love a person. My wife is my true love I cannot always show it or prove it but I do love her as much as our 2 beautiful children. The ring is just a metal nothing more love is from the heart, and my heart says to love my wife and no other not a ring. Many of the comments I see it seems like people are trying to prove their love I have nothing to prove. Love is 50 years of fighting disagreeing and still coming to the same conclusion, I love you regardless. I do not need a ring to prove my love but if my wife asked me for ring to prove that I love her I would bankrupt the entire world to make sure she got the ring that she wanted. love is love, love is not a ring to prove that your are taken and in love. My wife is my heart, my best friend and the only person that takes my breath away every time she steps into the same room with me.

  • Cathy

    My husband also lost his first ring. I also was very upset but with time came forgiveness. I bought him a new one when I could afford what I wanted. I put it on his finger and voiced to him my commitment to him and our marriage and what the ring symbolized to me. That ring healed my hurt and the rift I had caused in our marriage. Your husband just buying a ring and putting it on is not the same. You need to do it to reaffirm your commitment. We have been married for almost 43 years now, 23 with the new ring. Our marriage is stronger than ever. When you give it all to God healing begins. I pray you will have as happy a marriage as I have had.

  • Blake

    I’m 25 and a machinists I hear all the other guys say they don’t wear their rings for safety reasons for me i just don’t put my hand any where near something that could rip it off. I love my wife and am very proud to say I’m her husband

  • Sara Yvonne

    Oooh! Excellent point!

  • hopeful

    After 9 years of marriage my husband started wearing a ring full time about 10 days ago… He was a good man when I married him but he has had multiple affairs over the last 8 years but like you I have clung to hope and to God. After years of multiple excuses I have seen a drastic change in my husband. He is a Christian but I have watched him struggle fight and run from God’s plans from him. I could choose to be a victim but I no longer feel that way because not because I have always felt like staying but because of God I have chosen to stay. When things are good they are really good. I have to take a step back and watch God move.

  • Brandi

    I never take mine off but my husband used to work on cars and never wears his. I would like him to but the only time he wears it is when he deploys and then it’s around his neck.

  • Married Mama

    I know I’m not in the majority, but I don’t agree. A ring to me is just that. A ring. Off, or on, it doesn’t make a difference. YOU know if you are married or not, so if you aren’t wearing a ring and someone makes passes at you, it’s not hard to say, “No thanks. I’m married.” Just as “Betrayed” posted, people cheat with rings on or off… if you want to cheat, you’re going to do it. It’s your HEART that matters, not a ring….

  • Crystal

    My husband and I were married 7 years ago after being together for a few years prior. We were very young and he did not have the money for a “real” ring for me. He has a titanium band we bought on clearance and he wears it every day. On our anniversary a few months ago he gave me a real diamond ring. I had always had a ring, but he would replace it with a different one when it would break or look bad. I now work from home and only go out a few times a week. I still wear my ring even if I’m just in PJs all day. It is more than the symbolism of our vows, it is a reminder that we want to make each other happy in all we do. The importance lies in the happiness of your partner and the willingness to do whatever you can for your partner.

  • Pam

    The moment I met and started dating my now-husband, I put a ring on my left hand because I did not want to appear available. I have a flirtatious, although not a cheating, personality, and I don’t even want that door opened. I am proud to be my husband’s wife, and I want the world to know it! I had to go a short period without mine for health reasons, and I didn’t even like leaving the house, not out of fear, but I felt it disrespectful to our marriage not to proclaim it.

  • Monica

    We both wear are rings, but at wrk he handles a lot of heavy objects and he rather not wear it because of damage it …I don’t wear mine to my job because I deal with chemicals and my diamond is to precious to lose or ruin…but we do wear it when we r together or not wrking…

  • delilah

    I agree 100%! I don’t always have my engagement ring on, but I always wear my band and so does he. The bands were blessed by the priest who married us (who has since passed away) so it means more to us than just a piece of jewelry.

  • Diana

    Hi Mary, the same happened to me, but remember is the meaning what matters not the ring as material possession. To lose the ring could be an accident, but after he got another try to put the meaning on it, and see what he is trying to do to please you. Your marriage could go down for this situation (and I mean the anger it has created) let it go, he can`t get back your

    “wedding ring” but the marriage is still there and that`s what matters. Hope you can overcome your anger as I did (I know it is really hard and I still get mad sometimes when I see the other ring) but for your health not just physically but the health of your heart and obviously your marriage. 🙂

  • sheila stanley

    It is a symbol and has meaning , if they had no meaning why do we exchange them. I wear mine 24/ 7.

  • essjae9

    Have you tried switching to a tungsten ring? They are highly durable, no maintenance (don’t lose their shine), and…naturally Hypoallergenic! Furthermore, they are extremely affordable! Titanium is another good alternative, as tungsten can be heavy.

  • Wedding rings do not indicate whether there is love in the married couple or not. A Christian marriage is one where both the man and the woman are surrendered to Jesus Christ and He lives in them and they glorify Him in their lives! A wedding ring really has nothing to do with their relationship. They are pledged to be faithful to each other ‘as long as they both shall live’. People will see God in their lives. Their peace and joy and strength have nothing to do with any wedding ring.

  • Amber

    I wear my ring constantly, taking it off only to clean it. My husband hates wearing his ring though. He still does to make me happy, but if it were up to him, he’d never wear it. He’s not big on jewelry plus he works with cars so at work, he keeps it on his key ring. I used to think that wearing the ring mattered, but our marriage isn’t less solid because he elects not to wear it. We are faithful to each other ring or not.

  • Catrina

    Not wearing our rings isn’t even a thought that’s crossed our minds. My husband may take his off for certain parts of his job and I take mine off if I’m mixing meat, or other food, but it’s never even been in question whether or not we would wear our rings. We just do because we exchanged them to one another with our vows so they’re part of our covenant and our special day.

    I completely trust my husband and know our marriage stands firm on the foundation of God but I would prefer him to wear his ring, if this subject ever came up in our conversations.

  • im so sorry…the same thing happened to me and ill never be the same. Im still with my husband but dont think i can do it anymore..good luck to u

  • lerato

    I share the same sentiments, my husband and I wear our rings all the time. As a token of our love for each other. I think the circular shape of a ring symbolises eternal love as a circle doesn’t have where it starts nor ends. Mine was also a dream ring and am forever thankful to my husband for fulfilling my dream.

  • John Oldham

    Excellent material here…… Always wear your wedding ring and show the people you are taken and made a commitment.

    God Bless

    John Oldham


  • Kimberly

    I wear my wedding ring all the time and so did my husband up until the day he lost his while fixing our plumbing. Although I do agree with the fact that you should always wear your wedding ring, I have learned that it is better for my husband not to wear his. We are in our 20’s and my husband is a very attractive man. He was regularly hit on and asked out while wearing his wedding ring. Since the day he lost it he has not been hit on or asked out. I think it is sad that our society does not respect a wedding band. I have talked to lots of females about this and have has the same experience with their husband’s and their rings.

  • Jenny

    When we were married & exchanged rings we said, “Receive this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness.” Why wouldn’t I want that reminder everyday?

  • Kimberly

    I LOVE wearing my wedding ring, I only take it off if im cooking certain foods, I don’t even take it off when I go tanning. The only time my husband’s ring has been off his finger qith the exception of doing certain things at work (he is an engineer) was when he lost it. He tlod me as soon as it happened so we could order another.

  • Dorothy

    My husband and I both had previous marriages. He did not wear his ring in his first marriage because he almost lost his finger when it got caught in machinery at his job, but it caused a lot of problems because he never wore it at all. I had an extravagant wedding ring in my previous marriage, but didn’t like to wear it because it got caught on everything.

    When we got married, I chose a ring that was practical, comfortable and I never take it off. Although it was never an issue for me whether or not he wore his, he doesn’t take it off at all. Even when he was in a horrible accident and was taken to the emergency room, he HID his ring so they wouldn’t take it as they were cutting off his clothes and bagging items that were on him. It means a lot to me that he wears it and that this symbolic piece of jewelry means so much to him. Even though it is only material, it says to me that he values us, which is exactly why mine stays on.

  • Suzy

    my husband refused to wear his ring for many years stating he didn’t want the criminals he was around to know he had a significant other ( everyone has people in their lives they care about- married or not), also he said he couldn’t lift weights with it on either… he never wore it – then I found out about his pornography addiction and he suddenly began wearing it- our marriage has never been the same it is not a marriage now but he wears it just like it was normal. I removed my ring after four years of his lies and lack of rebuilding a marriage torn apart by lies and deception.

  • sarah

    I am a widow at 25,but married at 18. but while he was still here we wore our rings everywhere becuz it reminded us that we were one. I no longer where my ring becuz its difficult, but i wear his around my neck everyday to honor wat we had together

  • Angela

    I agree with all of you about wearing your wedding ring, however I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing mine. Every time I put it on my fingers swell up and I can’t get it off fast enough, any suggestions.


    My husband roofs and I cook in a kitchen and can wear them there and he will break his so we tatted the date on our finger.. I wear my rings still but have it tatted as well..(he allergic to ll medals)

  • Kelly

    Maybe you guys could plan to renew your vows with a new pair of rings? That’s what I would do if in your situation. It would allow you to both have new rings with meaning and vows behind them.

  • Paige

    I agree with everything you said. I haven’t been wearing mine lately because I’ve been helping be a caregiver to an older couple. It usually scratches others when doing personal hygiene for them. But I’m changing that today!

  • Tiffany

    My Dad worked in a field that made it difficult for him to wear his ring, but he carried it on his key ring because he said it was too important to not have it.

    Shortly after we got married, my husband turned the car around after he’d left the house because he had to go back for his ring. I can’t tell you what that meant to me as a newlywed.

    If you value the marriage, I think you should show it by valuing the symbol of the marriage.

  • Martha

    I wear mine all the time (other then we are at the desert or the river). My husband is an electrician and does not wear his to work. However we both have our ring fingers tattooed with each others Zodiac signs.

  • Brett

    It’s also super helpful to have that tangible reminder especially during times of temptation.

  • bobbi

    I’m sorry this happened to you but your not alone. My husband has done the same thing to me. Some women seek comfort in a married man and don’t think twice about a ring. Its a matter or choice for our husband’s, though a bad one sometimes. Question is how many times are we willing to forgive. Counselors cannot help, you can’t help so where do you draw the line when there’s no trust.

  • shawn kyker

    Thats three great reasons….i look at it as name one good reason not to wear your ring….The rings share a sacred covenant between your partner and you

  • dawn barras

    I had same prob. Got my husband to get me a James Avery band I can wear more!

  • dawn barras

    Get yours sized and yes get him another if u can!

  • dawn barras

    LOVE tattoo idea. Thinking on doing that myself

  • Elizabeth DeYoung

    I believe this to be true. I feel these are things my husband and I do whether were apart or together.

  • michel

    Don’t believe in marriage just live together fine for me

  • Kyle

    I agree with you 100% my husband doesnt wear his ring because of his job and I also dont wear mine for the same reason, but when we are out and away from work we always remember to wear them weather we’re together or not…it hasnt always been this way but Im not bothered and nor is he because we understand and know the reasons why they cant be worn at all times.

  • My wife and I have been married for 33 years and have raised four children into adulthood. We have come across a great many people that have lost their wedding bands and want to replace them. Also those that could never afford a gold or silver band so never got rings. Some have tattoos or very cheap bands that have turned their fingers green or black. The best story was a couple that were together over 47 years. They wanted bands, they were married three years earlier after 6 children and a great number of grand children. They received the Lord Jesus and wanted to make things right. The bands were the frosting on the cake. Yes rings are important to people and represent LOVE!

  • Bridget

    I agree with these ideas, but they are not practical in all situations. My husband and I both work in professions where it would be dangerous to wear our rings. We have also had issues at home where we have either damaged the rings, or injured ourselves, so we usually only wear them when we are out in public. Rings are a symbol of the commitment that we made to each other, but they are not necessary to remind us of the love we share. That is always a constant, with or without the rings.

  • Pauline

    Martha, I understand the tattoing idea, even though I don’t believe in tattoos but zodiac signs?

  • Nicole

    My first wedding ring scratched & caught on things all the time. When it became a work hazard (I’m a healthcare worker & the thing tore my gloves), we found a similar design that doesn’t have any stand up parts. That is my ‘forever’ ring.

    Anyhow, we have been married long enough that both of us have tan lines on our ring fingers that I don’t think will ever fade!

  • Every single reason you gave was so true and are the exact reasons I will always wear mine. There is nothing like holding hands and rubbing up against my husband’s ring by accident to make me smile and feel amazingly loved. BEAUTIFUL article:)

  • Janell Towler

    My husband was killed almost 3 yrs ago and I still wear my wedding ring..

  • Natica

    The ring dies not guarantee an awesome marriage. It’s just a reminder of where you heart belongs. My wedding band has not been off my hand not once in 27 years of marriage. It is a honor for me to wear. A constant reminder of the wonderful man God has blessed me with. My husband , my best friend.

  • Lyn

    This is what hurts me the most. When my spouse cheated wearing the band. How someone can do that makes no sense. Especially when he said he read the engraving in the band every morning after he got out of the shower.

  • Rebecca Greene

    My husband and I have been married almost 5years but together almost 11. From our FIRST date we both knew we were meant to be together. Its taken us a bit to remember to wear ours and also been the center of an argument, but we get it. His job is dangerous so (and im pretty proud of this) he went and found beautiful matching rings (they didnt match before) that are made out of stuff he can safely wear at work. Im a housewife and I dont wear mine while I clean or cook but we make it a point to wear them anywhere we go. It means alot to me that we both will stop and go back for them if we forget. That means as much as him wear in it. Thanks for the advice!

  • Amos

    I wear a plain gold band everyday but when I have something special I put on my wedding set. I am in health care. I was wearing it one day and gave a 83 year old woman a giant skin tear down her back while trying to get her out of bed. Since then it’s only the gold band while at work. My Hubbs likes me to wear whatever makes me happy.

  • Julie Stratton

    I completely agree with your reasons. I also feel its more of a sense of security, wearing your ring is a symbol of being proud of your spouse. It’s shows the world that you take pride in your marriage and your life with your spouse. The only time my husband does not wear his ring is when he is deployed to a combat zone for fear of losing it in which time I have it placed on a necklace I bought him with his “Dad” ring my daughter got him and his personalized dog tags we made for him all of which is placed around my neck until his safe return. We have thought about getting tattoos done on our ring fingers for those times we are unable to wear our rings ( due to his job and my health as my fingers swell at times causing it to cut the circulation). We both know we love each other to the end of the Earth and respect our marriage but we are still proud enough to show the world every minute that we are spoken for and we can never and will never be broken apart.

  • I agree with all three of these. However my commitment goes much deeper than just show that I am married. I wore my gold band around my heart. And my actions and frame of mind reflected how I felt about my spouse. She knew that even tho I was thousands of miles away.

  • Drew Boyle

    I wear a ring constantly, it’s not my wedding band but it’s a ring that’s wife had given to me with an enscription on it. My wedding ring my wife has, it’s not in the best of conditions because I NEVER removed it, I am a diesel mechanic by trade and my wedding ring was wearing away, so it was substituted for the enscriped one which is stainless steel. I work in the railways now and I do remove my ring to do certain jobs that are unsafe to do with jewellery on, but it goes straight back on as soon as I’m finished!! I love my wife heaps and at the end of the day I hope she is happy to see me walk back through the door after my shift with my ring on my person then to have a phone call saying that my love for her has clouded my judgement of safety and I’ve gotten my self in an acccident or killed because I didn’t remove my ring to do a job. Yes I believe my wedding ring / the ring I wear is a symbol of my comitment to my wife and it NEVER leaves me, some times not on my finger for obvious reasons ( one flash and your ash! Doing electrical work ). I also believe it is not an outdated ideal, if you have found the person you want to spend your life with and made the comitment to them then show it by wearing the token of there love for you!

  • R & R Deere

    A few weeks ago I made a major oops! We have been going through financial difficulties and I decided to see my most prized possession (my ring) to help us climb out of the hole. My husband has the love language of gifts so I thought he would be honored that I sold my ring to prevent him from having to part with any of his things. I thought I was speaking his love language, but unfortunately he felt like I had sold the love he had given me. I was mortified when I realized this. I think like most else in a marriage one needs to make sure that both are on the same page, and that your action honors God. My poor husband was torn between feeling rejected and feeling loved. We through solid communication through this have grown closer together then ever. He wants to buy me a new ring as soon as humanly possible and purpose to me again because he now understands the importance of quality conversation to me….. I will never take that ring off my finger although in my mind a ring is just stuff, if to him a gift is such a deep symbol of his love, I will carry it around with pride and show it off to the world.

  • jacob

    Well im a pipeline welder and I can never wear one at work. And we typically work 7 days a week. Ive seen fingers ripped right off smashed of and skinned off so it just ur bones and meat with no skinn left. And ive grown fairly fond of my digits. But I still love my wife with all my heart.

  • Lyn

    I feel for you! My husband said he reads the inscription every morning in his wedding band. Then I find out about his extracurricular activities after work with that band still intact. For the longest time, I said well can I have the other hand? Because the one with the ring is infested with sin. I’m still scratching my head about it, almost 2 years later finding out. We’re still together and stronger than before, however, it’s been a long and treacherous road to get here. I remember on our honeymoon how “dirty” I felt b/c I was with a “married man” – a man’s hand was on me with a ring. And it belonged to my husband. I can’t imagine anybody else, and yeah, I wonder how he could do so such a thing. I”ll pray for you! Daily prayer and meditation, and a great counselor has gotten us where we are. We read Jesus Calling daily TOGETHER.

  • mandi

    I don’t think that’s right. He should be able to wear his ring. He has the right to wear his vows by you hiding it your hiding his vows. This.is wrong and I don’t agree with it

  • Betsy

    I agree with everything. I just bought another ring for my husband last year, it’s a beautiful ring, I bought it because the other one I gave him was more of a promise ring, and he says he can’t wear it at work because of the machine’s he works on, I get bothered by that especially after I told him it is under warranty, so if it breaks or one of the diamond falls it will be covered. He still doesn’t wear it. I have to remind him to put it on when he is home or when we go out and do things together. I can’t seem to let that go.

  • Paula Phifer

    My first husband’s ring left marks…on his wallet, where he stored it when we weren’t together. My current husband had to go to prison and wouldn’t take his off until the last minute as he had to leave. I wear his ring on a chain and will until he comes home. When he found out he could have a plain band there, he asked me to send one he could wear so he could feel connected to me while he is gone. It was only a $20 ring, but means so much just because of WHY he wears it. Just like I wear his on a chain, even though I have always hated anything around my neck. It is the why… not the what… that matters.

  • Gene

    I agree with all three of the reasons why to wear your wedding ring. Unfortunately my wife took hers off three years ago as a sign that she was not happy in our marriage and wanted a divorce. Although she continues to stay married for the sake of our three children, divorce unfortunately is still on her back burner. It pains me to know that she displays her unhappiness in public by not wearing her ring. It has also led to unwanted advances by two guys at her workplace in the last year or so. I continue to wear mine as a sign of committment to our marriage and to her. I wear it now on my middle finger due to some weight lose and fitting too loosely on my ring finger, but it is still there and still relevant. My ring does not come off my finger no matter what. Although right now it might be a one sided marriage, I have to demonstrate love and devotion to my spouse as my children are watching me and “learning” how to treat their future spouses. I long for the day when she recommits her love and happiness to our marriage and places those rings back on her finger.

  • Jill

    My husband, like yours could not keep the vows we told each other as we put the rings on. Therefore, my wedding set is at the bottom of a river. The day I found out he broke our vows I pitched it in. It no longer meant anything to me. We are still together and trying to sort this out, yet he has no problem still wearing his ring. Not like it stopped him from doing anything anyways. 212 days since the worst day of my life.

  • Suntanna

    I wear my wedding ring because it reminds me of what I waited so long for and that God answered my prayer. I wear this ring in honor of my husband to show I am taken! I wear my ring because it is a beautiful piece of my life.

  • Dave-

    I started following you on facebook a long time ago and loved your posts. We went through a really rough season recently and I have to be honest, I failed. I wrote my husband this blog admitting my failure, and it was very much inspired by your posts and transparency.


  • Heather Jenkins

    I agree 100%!! My husband told me when we first got married that he wouldn’t wear his at work!! He’s a master plumber and mater electrician and didn’t want injuries due to his ring!!! Since the day we got married a year and a half ago he hasn’t taken it off. He says it just feels to right to take it off!! 🙂 made me feel good!! But many ppl in my area don’t wear rings and it drives me crazy!!! Like u said first impressions ppl think they aren’t married!!! I refuse to take mine off and I’m not supposed to wear it at work!!! It’s my symbol to tell the world that I am very much taken and proud of it!!!

  • My ring got too big after my pregnancy and my husband doesn’t think it’s important even though it’s too big for me to wear. I feel like if I was important a ring that fits would be important…. In public men hit on me and I have caught many of them checking my finger. It hurts my spirit that this isn’t important 🙁 he says he shouldn’t have to fork over the money for another ring….

  • John DeGraw

    Pastor Dave: Although my wife and I have been separated (but NOT divorced) I still wear my wedding ring. I guess I’m “Old School” too. The last that I know, my wife does not wear her’s. I still pray for both of us and our marriage daily, but I think it’s better for me to just leave her alone. My Pastor told me “John, The Best advice I can give you is to just leave her alone.” I haven’t had any contact with her since April 3rd. I am sorry to bother you again with my problem. Thanks for at least reading this. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.

  • John DeGraw

    I forgot to mention that we have been separated for almost 4 years now, But I still proudly wear my wedding ring despite my families objections.

  • Angela Scott

    I agree 200 Percent

  • Connie

    My husband wears his ring all the time, but since i got arthris in my hands and they swell a lot I am unable to wear mine. I wish i could it means the world to me and i miss seeing it on my finger.

  • Tina

    We both wear ours. First off we had a set designed and its a beautiful piece of jewelry. I wear for all the reasons you posted we should. However, there are some jobs that my husband is not allowed to wear any jewelry on due to safety hazards. I have seen some men that have to deal with that get tattoo wedding bands. I think that’s an awesome gesture!

  • Teena

    My parents always wore their rings, and when my father passed away in November last year I took my mother shopping for a new “cheap” ring so she could keep the one Daddy had worn for 53 years. It does mean something. My husband is in the Navy, and hasn’t worn his ring for years, but I understand. He got his original one caught and almost tore his finger off, so I prefer his safety over his ring. I always wear mine.

  • Ivory

    We’ve both lost our rings. We just buy new ones when it happens. I can see why many people wouldn’t just want to buy new ones if they want a fancy ring. But ur new rings are never expensive. We buy them for very cheap on Amazon. We both wear bands; nothing extravagant. We replace our rings though because of all the points made in this article.

  • Jamie

    I took mine off to mess with some marinated chicken last night. I discovered pretty early on at work that I had forgotten to put it back on and felt oddly half dressed all night. My husband only wears his sometimes. I know he leaves no doubt that he is married happily, but I always express my happiness when he does wear it. I think this issue is very personal to each couple. I have friends who tattooed a ring on their finger… As long as there is trust in your spouse it should not matter as much.

  • Jenny

    I agree to all 3 points on why to wear your wedding rings. The only time mine are off are at night while sleeping because my hands swell, but I won’t leave the house without it on. It’s a symbol of our love and commitment, just as recited at our wedding:)

  • Melissa

    I’ve only taken my ring off during pregnancy and put it back on one I lost enough baby weight for it to fit.

    My husband never takes his off.

    He broke our vows, though he didn’t actually physically be with another woman (though it could’ve easily gone that way).

    We are working on fixing things and taking about a vow renewal. Also, reconciliation happened right around 6mo post partum, and my ring finally fit again.

    It isn’t the usual “rock”, it’s a band with champagne diamonds and aquamarine. I worked with kids (photographer) so I didn’t want to have to take a sharp ring off… I designed it and he had a custom wedding band made for it. I still love it but I feel like it represents our broken marriage. We had broken lives before we met and both of us continued in our brokenness beyond “I do”. Though I cleaned up my act when I became pregnant with our first child. He kept on. He never treated me like I had any value. Before marriage, I was his trophy girlfriend that he showed off and then some. After marriage, I felt like I just was the bed warmer.

    But since everything fell apart and the extent of his brokenness has been revealed, he’s been nothing but a loving husband. I’m cautiously optimistic about everything, of course. We’re just trying to put God first and let him show us the way. I feel like He has been speaking to me, telling me to stop running for once. If anything, I’m learning a lot about myself in this process.

  • kristie

    Me and my husband got into a fight almost a month ago and he threw his wedding ring across the room, and still has not put it back on, it really bothers me and breaks my heart, :-(, I never take mine off

  • kristie

    Me and my husband got into a fight almost a month ago and he threw his wedding ring across the room, and still has not put it back on, it really bothers me and breaks my heart, :-(, I never take mine off. I don’t know what to do about it.

  • Tannim

    1. In Public – It can also make you a target.

    2. In Private – If you need your ring to remind you of your vows, your ring is not going to do you much good.

    3. Together – see number 2

  • Heather

    Suggestion to those with dark skin interested in tattooing their rings or a version on their wedding finger. Simple solution… White ink! 🙂

  • Alan

    Lots of “opinion” on here. Admittedly, there is no clear command in Scripture, but certainly a ton of example in Scripture of God putting His sign and seal on His covenant. I won’t tell you my “opinion. I will humbly and boldly, on the authority of Scripture, tell you who Christ is and how He shows us to live by clear example. As someone with personal experience and counseled numerous couples, I will beg you to follow the example of the one you claim to belong to.

    This is not an issue that makes one “disobedient” to Scripture to not do, but neither is “personal preference” a correct course for the believer. Scripture and Christ should be our guide in ALL things. Follow the example of Scripture. Period. “Husbands, love your wife as Christ loved the Church.” Period. Put your sign and seal on her hand, and put it on yours.

    The incidence of adultery amongst Christians is 100% ridiculous for people that claim the name of Christ. Not wearing a ring does NOT cause adultery, but it 100% a precursor EVERY time it happens. In 100% of the adultery and divorce cases I’ve counseled, one partner or both took the ring off. Hear me: it didn’t CAUSE the adultery. But it’s really hard to submit to the temptation to let your heart and eyes wander with that band on your hand! God’s Word tells us, “Take heed, he who thinks he stands, lest he falls!”

    1. I work in heavy industry as a safety consultant. I agree 100%. Take your ring off so you don’t lose your finger. Then put it on when you get done with work! Beyond that, you’re just being lazy. It’s not that hard. You can keep track of every other little trinket in your pocket. Don’t give me the, “I’m too irresponsible,” excuse. You remember to put your golf clubs in the trunk for after work, don’t you?

    2. Just because our lack of Biblical leadership has allowed our women to accept that we don’t wear our rings, and open doors for them, and carry heavy things for them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. Genesis 3 tells us they’ll accept a lot of laziness on our part in our fallen state. But part of our fallen nature is to be lax on these things. It is the sinful world that say, “To love her is to let her suffer as we do by bearing the same load”. See Genesis 3. She will strive for this. You’ll be tempted to let her. Christ says, “Don’t you dare! You’re called to love her as I love the Church! You DIE for her!”

    3. God thinks signs, seals, and symbols are important. Men, you are to be the image bearer of Christ. If you truly want to lead in your marriage, do it. I don’t care if you think a ring is important, God says that it important for the disciple to be conformed to his image. He likes symbols, therefore, put yours on! Aspire to something higher! Be a leader! Put down the X-box and the golf clubs and lead your wife. Water baptism is a symbol that doesn’t save you. Circumcision is a symbol that never saved Hebrews. But God always puts His outward covenant sign on those He loves. Have the guts to do the same with pride and honor. Our values and behaviors should be modeled after our Lord, NOT the minimum that the world will accept.

    4. I have lost my ring. It tore my guts out. I got another right away. Kudos to the man who did. It is the commitment that is important, not the ring; but I fully empathize with those who are torn up by this loss. We must forgive and move on. Get another ring. Make it a fun re-commitment. Celebrate the bond; not the metal.

    The first thing I tell every crisis couple in counseling is, “PUT YOUR RING BACK ON!” It is statistically and practically unlikely that counseling is going to work until both parties are humble enough to put that band on. It doesn’t make the commitment, but it correlates 100% with successful counseling because it is an external reminder of the internal commitment.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people with divorce papers filed. When they put their rings back on, it made them think daily on what was valuable. 100% of those couples who put their rings back on are happy and thriving. Their lives are testimonies to the power of God’s restoring grace.

    God likes symbols. He didn’t command you to wear a wedding ring. This isn’t a legalistic rule. You’re not going to hell or doomed to failure if you don’t. Ask yourself: Why are you fighting so hard to find excuses to NOT look, act, and represent yourself to the world in a way different than the Son represents Himself to us? Be the image bearer of Christ. Be a leader. Be a disciple. Strive to be conformed to the image of Christ you came to follow. Drop the excuses. Put on the ring.

  • Ashlie

    A few months after we married my husband’a ring became loose and he lost it. He was more upset than I was, so I jokingly grabbed a string from a dog toy and tied it on his finger while saying something corny about our love (we’re cheesy, but it works for us). He wore that string for 9 months! During that time I saved up to buy a new wedding band that I gave him on our 1st anniversary. He’s in the army so he wore the string the whole year he was deployed (I didn’t even know he kept it until I saw a picture lol), and still years later while at work. It’s so silly, but it fits us perfectly. I also have lost 45 pounds and my ring was too big. My band is already so small they can’t do anything bc of the diamonds on the side of the band. I felt naked without my ring, and didn’t like the extra attention I received. Thankfully my jeweler finally found a temporary solution for now. We trust each other completely, and neither of us would be upset if the other didn’t wear their ring, but we both like wearing ours.

  • alma Carreon

    I’m going for 11 years of marriage on December, they put my husband in jail for a federal case about two years ago…these two year have been the worse to me, I had to deal with 3 kids, and is not easy at all because I have polio in my right leg and I don’t know how yo drive. it’s been too hard for me all this time but I’m still here waiting for him…he cant wear his ring in jail, but I never take my off and before going to sleep I kiss my ring thinking that he is next to me… and to let him know that I love him and that I’m waiting for him to come out….

  • Ashlie

    I had the same problem with my ring being to big. They put a bridge in mine for free. It’s temporary, but I’ve had it for months now. They can also saulder two metal balls in the bottom of the band, if yours is like mine and unable to be smaller.

  • corey

    I also work in the OR and I am afraid to pin mine to my scrubs and forget about them. It’s happened to others. I wear mine out of work all the time.

  • Ashlie

    I don’t agree that hiding the ring hides vows. The vows are in your heart, not in metal on your finger. My husband and I always wear ours, but I don’t think it’s fair to say the vows won’t be upheld if the ring isn’t worn.

  • Patrice

    My husband is a pilot in the USAF and when flying or doing other duties that he cannot wear his ring he slides them over his dog tags so he is always wearing it,

  • bharber216

    Wow. So many women who know my pain. I took off my ring a couple of weeks after finding out about my husband’s multiple affairs. I have forgiven him. We are not together though. Under God’s word I’m okay with filing for divorce. I did so last week. It has been two years since we separated.

  • MaggieSays

    He lost the ring. Can you forgive that? Sometimes we have to let go of things. I would be really sad if I lost my wedding ring or engagement ring, but I know it is just a material thing and isn’t my marriage vow. Do you want him to wear a new ring or no ring at all? Say a prayer over the new ring, put in on his finger like you did when you were married, and love that man for wanting to honor you by wearing a wedding ring again.

  • Courtney

    Me and my husband have been married 6 1/2 months and we wear our wedding rings daily as a reminder of our love and commitment for each other! he only takes his off to take a shower because we’re pretty sure he got it a half size too big. I love what our rings symbolize.

  • Esme

    You don’t need material objects to solidify your marriage.

  • Cori Williamson

    When I got married 2 years ago we couldn’t afford rings that didn’t turn our fingers green after a month. I don’t feel the need to show the world I’m married but I do not hide the fact. When I’m out men tend to hit on me more when I had my ring on then without.

  • Tammy

    I was married for 20 years and wore my ring proudly only to find out that my husband didn’t wear his because of an affair. He always said it was becaue of his job and the dangers of it but come to find out it was only because he was covering up that he was married. I am now remarried to an amazing God fearing man who proudly loves wearing his ring. We do the same thing when we hold hands and feel our rings aginst eachother we just smile and know we are one. It is the most amazing feeling in the world to know and have someone who cherishes the bonds of marriage like I do.

    On another note I love the idea of the tattoo on the ring finger. That is really an amazing idea.

  • Kanoealoha

    I always like to remind people that if you can’t remember you’re married with it off, you won’t remember you’re married with it on.

  • Maegan

    My husband and I have each other’s names tattooed on the side of our fingers (ring finger) and we wear our rings. We only take them off to do dishes, shower, swim etc.. I have lost diamonds in the past wearing my ring in water before and I have that constant fear. So I just don’t risk it. We both feel “naked” without our rings on. And by wearing our rings we aren’t giving off the wrong vibe to others.

  • Phebe

    I agree that any married person should wear their wedding rings when ever out in public. What I don’t get is ones attachment to one specific ring. I have four different wedding rings in our 8yrs. Our first rings were matching stainless steel spinners, at $15/each, it was what we could afford at the time. My husband has only had one upgrade since our wedding and he loves it. I get bored swing the same ring on my finger everyday. Maybe I lack the sentimental gene, I am not attached to any of the rings, but I am madly in love with and attached to my husband and I always wear one of the rings anytime I leave the house.

  • Susan

    Thank you for stating that you don’t take your wedding ring off. I lost my husband of 46 years on March 18, 2014. I wear his wedding band on my right pointer finger and still wear my wedding bands on my left hand. i wouldn’t think of taking them off.

  • Jaqueline Shannon

    I just thought that this article lacked the gospel. I thought to myself, while reading it, what differentiates us from the world? I thought at the end of reading this article that i saw no scripture, heard no gospel, and that this was just a feel good article that did not give me 3 good reasons to wear my wedding ring at all. In fact, after reading the comments I’m sure many others agree that it’s not necessary to wear wedding bands at all. There was no sustenance behind these words, no authority. What if i prefer not wearing a ring? When did this tradition begin? What is marriage according to the gospel of Jesus Christ? I didn’t find it edifying nor did i find it helpful. It was just a feel good article that left me disappointed. I hope I am not being too harsh, here, but I really thought there would be a strong argument toward the gospel and there was not. Not saying that this article should have led folks to Christ or that it’s inspired, but i thought that there would be some compelling case for marriage. Please forgive me if this is too harsh of criticism! I’m sorry in advance!! :/

  • Jaqueline Shannon

    Amazing job, sir! I feel as though this article and the lack of gospel left the comments open to what they became! But excellent discription of the gospel…in that the husband is to love his wife even as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her!

  • Emily

    The fact that such an emphasis is being placed on a piece of jewlery really bothers me. Wearing a ring does not make your marriage any more solid. If you have a cheating husband, wearing your ring will not stop him. Marriage is about far more that a material symbol of the commitment.

  • Mia

    I believe in this completely! Although, I’m not married right now I still believe in the value and significant meanings behind wedding rings. Unfortunately my generation does not value them the same. I am in the military and have seen so many men and women who are married and not wearing rings. Single people see them as single people… And well let’s just say the spouse of the married personnel usually is not aware of this betrail. It bothers me so much to see those who don’t care. I’d cherish my spouse and I’d cherish the meanings behind our wedding rings.

  • Kathleen

    My husband & i have been married for 48 years come the 25th of May. Our vows was before God not people. We are living in a very insecure world where marriages seem to revolve around appearance. If there is not trust in a marriage what do you have?My husband was a machinist & also a power co. employee. The chances of him not losing a finger is much more important top me than appearance.

  • Kellye

    I feel very strongly that me and my husband both wear our rings. My husband jammed his ring finger about a year ago and now his ring will not fit. This really bothers me that he does not seemed concerned about getting his ring to fit, or the fact that he never gets to wear it. Anytime I bring this up it turns into an argument. 🙁 He doesnt think its a huge deal I guess that he cant wear his.

  • Kimberly Raspberry

    My husband is with 1st tanks in the USMC. He was always worried about scratching his ring,at work and had informed me that he wanted to,atop wearing it while he was at work because it means the world to him and he didn’t want to ruin it… I bought him a tungsten carbide ring for him to wear in place of his white gold ring so he can always be reminded of our marriage.

  • Yessenia

    My husband and I have sterling silver rings I am working as in assistent pastry chef and studing as a pastry chef and he works as a roofer. I dont wear my ring because I am scared to get it damaged. I only wear it during weekends when I am out and about. If I have something to do like go out with the girls I def. wear my ring. He only weres his ring to school or on weekends because he doesnt want anything to happened to it. But if I had a gold one I would probly only take it of during work and school. He would still not wear it his job would completly damage it.

  • Shela Kay Hartsell Rojsatapong

    We both wear our bands constantly. His needs to be traded in for a different size, and he will not let me take it in. He says that there was a commitment made….I had surgery on Monday and it truly bothered me to take it off. My sister gave it back to me the min I was awake! He couldn’t be with me during the surgery due to how quickly it happened. The min my sister left the hospital, she took me to my husband. They are simple bands but have a world of meaning behind them. Blessed by God in the union so they stay.

    Thanks for letting me ramble and share.

    In Him

  • nicole

    I caught my husband joining dating sites under a fake name and telling him that he was divorced with a kid. The ring and vows didn’t mean a thing to him. We separated for several months and boy he was busy drinking and womanizing. We worked things out but its not the same. He is actually trying but I dont feel the same. Something was lost. Im better at trusting him now but maybe we need to reaffirm our vows.

  • Mayette

    My husband Bob has passed more than three years ago but I still wear my wedding band and his mother’s which he gave to me as well.

  • That’s how I feel, but my husband has stopped wearing his. At first he came up with excuses that didn’t make much sense but now it’s because of us not being on the same page.

  • Tammie

    Exactly!! Wearing your ring 24/7 is a nice thought, but not always realistic. Which doesn’t make you any less committed. As several of the comments above stated, plenty of people wear their rings while being unfaithful.

  • April govan

    The only time my husband takes off his ring is if he is doing electrical work so he doesn’t get shocked. And as of right now mine is only off due to I’m pregnant and my fingers are very swollen. but when I’m in town I hide or cover my left hand so no other man knows that my hand is bear. I love and respect my husband and do believe in the three reason why you should where your wedding band.

  • Krista Cooper

    My husband is a machinest. He always wears his ring. I always wore mine, until it broke. It’s been 2 years now, and we haven’t had the money to fix it or buy a new one. We jave 5 kids at home , so It seems selfish……but it bothers me not having one. It may seem childish…..I know my husband loves me, but I feel unclaimed. Material things maybe shouldn’t be so important, but to me my wedding ring doesn’t just tell people that I am proudly married…..it tells the world that I belong to someone…..that someone loves me enough to put their ring on my finger. It is part of my identity. I feel lost with out it, i have worked to save to fix it, but something always comes up, and the money is used for that, so it hurts that it hasn’t been made a priority.

  • Laurie

    My husband won’t wear his and hasn’t for 4 years. It really bothers me because he is an airline pilot and is gone for 4 days at a time. The people he flies with have no idea he is married. Many people have asked me why, and the truth is that he is not happy with me most of the time and doesn’t want to wear it. I sent him this article and I am hoping he takes it to heart.

  • hope

    My husband have been thru rings it seems like once a year. The last two years we’ve bought me the same ring and last summer we split so I took the ring back and took care of our 5 kids on that 2 grand. This summer is almost a repeat. I am thinking seriously about taking it back because apparently the ring has lost its value, he moved out and I’m back again to take care of the kids. I feel like the vows are the most important part of the marriage and he broke them “for better or worse” since he moved out after an argument. The ring is a symbol but the vows before God are th most important part.

  • hope

    I’m in agreeance with you, I was expecting to read something biblical reason to back up the opinions that were stated in the article. It’s cute and all but yes the whole point of marriage was totally not mentioned. God is love.

  • hope

    I feel the same way. My husband moved out and expects me to trust him etc. He said moving out Will help our relationship. Not so much it’s gotten worse. He’s so rude because he left me with 5 kids and knowing i had no Job at the time. He doesn’t know i have a job but he refuses to help me with bills here. Like he wants me to fail. I am so ready to take the ring back and spend the 2 grand on something worth it. The ring has lost it’s value and i don’t feel the same about it anymore. Blah.

  • Wheng

    Same here. My husband is a Chinook mechanic and there were times ring is not allowed while they’re working as for safety precaution. One time he forgot to take it off he got into a big trouble. Evethough he’s not always wearing his ring, I know for sure that he value me, our marriage more than anything else in the world.

  • Theresa Pokorney

    Dave you are my hero. It is so neat to see that someone shares my thinking I wear my wedding ring ALWAYS. It’s comforting to know that he’ll be there no matter what…

  • My husband has always worn his wedding ring i believe they are a sign of loyalty and love and should be seen but as stated some jobs cannot understood but the problem i have is that my husband hides his ring from other women and i once questioned him about it and we had a huge row and he denied it things started to get better now they worse again. He a bus driver and he likes my company sometimes but he doesnt just do it then he does it most of the time and i wonder if im not enough and he wants more. Im not very attractive and have put on weight since we been togethet but am slowly losing it. He is a total sweetheart when he wants to be. The wedding ring is a big deal for me i show mine all the time. Im glad he wears it as my dad and grandad never have. I really would like some views please? Many thanks.

  • Ronald Martinez

    Wow! Thank you for that awesome testimony! I have a beautiful girlfriend going two years this September and known her for 3+ years in total. Deep in my heart I know she is mine for the long haul and that’s thanks to our Lord because He’s opened me up in ways I would’ve never imagined. I’m marrying her I already have all three rings, both bands(mines and hers)plus the engagement ring. Im proposing this very monrning. I’ve read some passages on what the Bible says about marriage, and determined to honor that. Again, thank you for that inspiration. I can tell it was God’s will.

  • Hannah

    I dated my husband for 2yrs and we’ve been married for 5yrs now. Not even a year after we got married he started wearing his ring on his pointing finger and wouldn’t let me take it in to get it resized to fit him perfectly. He wore it like that for 2yrs before he lost it. I got him a new ring that fits his finger good this time and a couple of months later he damaged it by using it as a bottle opener :'( All the while I’m still wearing mine faithfully. And now he doesn’t wear one anymore and everytime I say I’m gonna go get him another one he just puts it off and says get it later

  • Melissa E.

    In the beginning of our marriage we could not afford much. But we both saved and was able to get matching simple bands. It felt very important to me. Then around our anniversary he purchased me a wedding set, which I adore. I still have that first band, I wear it while doing things that may damage my set. He still wears the original band, it’s pretty beat up and bent a little. He will not allow me to get him another. He says his ring is perfect. Actually now that I am thinking about it, he is right. Just like all marriages it has been through some rough patches and unfavorable circumstances. And as I pray and hope our marriage STAYS, an always everlasting, continuous circle. Neverending, strong. Through all things SOLID.

  • Steve Schnell

    My wife and I never bought wedding rings, so for many years we did not have them to wear. We have been happily & passionately married for 23 years and have 6 children. We have been and still serve the Lord as missionaries and are looking forward to growing old together.

    Her family is old order Mennonite and holds a doctrinal belief against outward adornment that very much includes jewelery. So to not offend them and to keep a door open so we could witness to them, we did not purchase or wear rings.

    I am not against wedding rings and would have gotten some if our situation was different. We sometimes will go into jewelry stores or pawn shops to window shop, and may eventually purchase some. But now we are trying to help our children thru school and other things more important, but maybe someday we will purchase some.

    That said, our love, marriage, family, relationship, commitment has NEVER been connected to any kind of inanimate object. It has always been between God, my wife and myself that have made our marriage great and gotten us through the “rough” times. Millions get and wear rings and think nothing of it to then take them off at divorce.

  • Patricia Davis

    My husband and I just got married a month ago, 6/1/2014, and he has taken his off already because of his job. He does floors, cleaning and buffing and has told me because of the size of the ring, it hurts his hand when using the buffer and mopping. I agree with this 100% and when I seen he didn’t have it on, I got upset until he explained to me. I know that he values me and I trust him totally, so I can deal with him not wearing for a little while. I like to just look at him and see the ring and what it symbolizes just gives me a warm feeling all over. *don’t judge me, I’m a sentimental newlywed! 🙂

  • Maureen Alyea

    My hubby is an electrician and cannot wear a ring. I would love it if he could but it is dangerous. While I agree with the reasons stated, do not make it a deal breaker. You either have a man of substance or not. The wearing of a ring, while it is nice will not stop a man from cheating if that is the kind of person he is. It will also not stop a woman from pursuing a man either. I rest in the connection that we have and I know that my husband will never forget that he is married. 🙂

  • Jose Looez

    My wife and I where our Rings All the Time as a sign of Our Love and Commitment to Each Other.

  • racho80

    When my husband and i got married it was because of the love we had for each other we are high school sweethearts and we had so many people against our relationship telling us we were to young and that it would never work out we had a small wedding no rings we’ve been married 14yrs and have never worn any rings now our marriage hasn’t been perfect and we have had our issues but we work threw them with Gods help a ring doesn’t make a marriage love respect honor and the Lords help does.

  • Misty Ratliff

    My husband & I both proudly where ours! I am quite proud of mine!

  • Katie

    My husband works at a Parts store and is always worried about grease, our solution was to purchase him an inexpensive “work” band and once he’s home he puts on his real band; his work band was $99, and my set was under $300 from (of all places) Walmart. They have cute solitary rings and could possibly tide you over until you may get a replacement.

  • Brett

    Some may see this as different but I think it still applies. My girlfriend and I have been together for 1 1/2 years. When our “anniversary” date came around in January, we got promise rings. Part as anniversary, and part Valentines gifts for each other.

    We always wear them to show how much we value each other, and that we will always be at one another’s side no matter what comes our way. And there has been so much thrown at us by life, that we have stayed strong through, that those promise rings represent. And they also represent a promise until and after we marry, to be there for each other, to take life head on.

    So I totally agree with this. 🙂

  • Marie

    My husband is a cop and most men from his department don’t wear their rings. Mine wears his faithfully as I do mine. Which he says he has gotten family threats from people he arrest. He lies and says I’m a different race or that we have a different sex of a child. Lol we love our ring s like our marriage. ♡♡ loved this article. Very well put.

  • Kay

    Mary, why don’t you get your husband, if he can take back the replacement ring & you both go replace the ring together. Hopefully it will mean a lot more to both of you. Also then he will also get how important this is to you. Good luck

  • Rachel Lentz

    I agree with wearing them but I dont have one. My husband and I couldn’t afford them when we got married and its been 10 years and we still dont have them. But if we did we would wear them proudly.

  • K. Brasch

    My father hasn’t worn a ring for the majority of my parents’ thirty year marriage. He used to work concrete and construction and so it would have been pointless for him to wear a ring only to get it covered in gunk every single day. My parents have the most solid marriage of anyone I know. My own husband used to work oil rigs so he would take it off at the start of every work day but he’d put it right back on so girls he’d run into after wouldn’t make advances, not that he’d have accepted any. He still occasionally takes it off for his current job, working in machines. I know that he would never do anything to harm our marriage. Everyone has their reasons about their rings. It’s as much a personal decision and circumstance as the marriage itself.

  • ashli

    My husband wears my ring on his pinky and his on his ring finger. I wore my engadgment ring for a lil over a year. 2 months after we married my ring felt tight and extremely uncomfortable so i stopped wearing it. We now know why it felt that way. I have tumor in my ring finger that wont be removed unless it grows. So strongly thinking about tattooing our wedding date. I honestly hate the feel of rings regardless, but now i dont feel so bad for not wearing the symbol of our vows.

  • Patsy Chacon

    I agree with wearing weddings rings as a sign of commitment and reminder of vows taken. And I totally understand why at times men and women are unable to as well and in no means does that mean that they love each other any less than someone that has their ring tattooed or glued on. My husband and I have been married for 24 yrs. We wher high school sweet hearts and it seems our love grows more as the years go by. We made a commitment to each other even before we got married and even more importantly to GOD. We made a commitment that our lives would reflect Christ in everything we do and say. OUR relationship not perfect and at times not easy we would ALWAYS have God in the center and vowed to work it out. Yes, we both wear wedding rings but these material objects are not what keep our marriage strong and yes to some they may be reminders but what we focus on more than any earthly object to remind us of the commitment we made to each other its our LOVE for GOD and for other that are forever engraved in our hearts.

  • Kasey

    My husband quit wearing his on a daily basis. It was hit or miss with him. He always told me it was because it was loose that day, or he was working with tools etc. later my world shattered when I found out he was having a long term affair.

    The ring is important and has such an important meaning.

  • Ivelisse Guerra

    I wear mines because I am deeply in love with my husband and I want it to be known…

  • a ring does not change our love or feelings for each other. we have been married for forty years. the money it cost to purchase a band of gold went farther in paying rent for our first home as a couple. we decided over the years that we dont need a peice of medal to remind of our vows to one another we only need look to our children and grandchildren as for public display to the rest of the world as a warning we are taken if u cant tell a stranger you alteady have a happy life then you are not happy and if others look at us and judge me as an immoral lose woman living in sin they are not answering to my god for me i am married by mams law (paper&all) and by gods law — he took sarah to his tent and lived with her in holy matromony acording to gods law i dont think abraham put a ring on it but he cared for sarah all her life!

  • Kathryn

    I believe that the concept of a ring doesn’t work on other people. As a matter of fact I believe for single guys and ladies it is more attractive wearing a ring cause it’s more tempting to do something wrong. No offense but we always deal with what is right and what is wrong all we have to do as a married couple is to trust our other half to not fall for something so easy. But I agree wearing a ring is showing is symbol that a person is in a committment. My husband doesn’t wear a ring that often bc it’s too big on him. He one day believes that he will gain a lot of weight lol but hasn’t gained that much in 3 years. Well goodluck to everyone’s marriages and I hope it’s a happy one. Keep God First in your marriage.

  • Julia

    My husband works around machinery that it his ring gets caught it could rip his finger off. So I told him from the start of our 16 year marriage so far. He has lost weight & now it doesn’t fit. So every time he does put it on it’s very special to me. I wear mine all the time.

  • Tom

    Agree 100% with his reasons. I am a carpenter and it is dangerous for me to wear any jewelry at all. I am engaged and my fiancée has a ring but we are both getting tattooed. Can’t EVER take that one off.

  • Julia

    I don’t wear mine often. I am an animal science researcher part time for a university and I also work part time at a vet clinic. Both things require a lot of use of my hands (in sometimes very icky environments with blood, or feed, or fecal matter). So I don’t take it to work. I try to wear it when I’m not at work because I know my hubby likes when I do… but sometimes, after a long day, I just end up going about household chores like cooking dinner and doing laundry and forget. I feel like my dedication to my marriage and family is best expressed through action.

    Of course, when we have kids and I stay at home, I’ll wear it most of the time. I just can’t now. It doesn’t make me any less committed. It doesn’t make me think of Justin any less. He knows that I love him 🙂

  • jessica

    I proposed to my boyfriend…i regret it…id be better off not thinking about why he doesn’t wear his ring. at first he was so excited about me giving him a ring, i was in the clouds…i wanted to make the next move because i was sure that he was meant for me and i heard him tell his friend that he was saving up for a ring. i don’t want a fancy ring that i would be afraid to loose…plus all that money he could invest in the house. he’s an ironworker and I knew he might not be able to wear it to work. he lost it the very next day, during a snowstorm wrestling match we had lol…and bought 2 rings in a weeks time to replace it…i was so excited because i told him not to worry about replacing it the memory of his reaction was dear to me…but he insisted he had to wear one. ok so…he wore it just fine for 6 months…call me crazy but it falls into place…he hires a girl at his job as a favor to an old friend…guess what he no longer wears the ring…i asked him on 2 separate occasion and was given conflicting excuses…i don’t trust him and i wish people would stop making excuses for men…like “oh men just don’t think like women” “they aren’t as sentimental” if you want a woman in your life learn to understand her even if it means nothing to you.

  • In some regions it is religious, Actions always speak louder than words and means much more than the symbol. How many people cheat while wearing the ring. Just my thoughts on it.

  • Dr.Stevens

    If it takes a ring to have someone to love you than he or she has a big problem with your marriage.you’re married is made in heaven not by a ring. If you can’t trust your spouse than who can you trust.If you live with someone and know his or her ways you will evenally know if he or she is sleeping with someone if not your married is blind. Dr.Stevens …Psychology.

  • Ryan Walley

    I never knew that there was a new trends of people not wearing ring!

  • Jim Lund

    Hi Betrayed… Saw your response. When looking up responses to what happened when men lost Thier wedding rings. I have lost about 30 lbs. I noticed at the end of the day today mine was missing. Gotta tell her. Not looking forward to that. Anyway my point is you gotta move on from this loser. I had a 1st wife that did the same thing. Now I have a wife I’ve been married to for 14 years. I love her and ring or no ring that won’t change that. What I’m saying is sometimes change is good. Good luck and sorry for your situation.

  • Jayne Kelly

    I have been married to my 2nd husband for 3 yrs now. I don’t wear a ring at all and my husband does wear one and does not take his off unless he really needs to. My husband understands why I chose not to wear one. I won’t care if he wore his or not. He has told me he is commited to me no matter what. I really didn’t wear one in my 1st marriage either and neither did he.

  • LifeAfterMarriage

    Two years ago my wife removed her wedding ring from her finger. We’d been married for over 20 years. She went back to school to study music, and she claimed that the ring was rubbing and causing her problems. At the time, I didn’t take it as a sign. However, she began to hang around with a much younger group of girls. I began to see her less, and her attitude began to change towards me. We still maintained a healthy love life in the bedroom, but I could tell that we were emotionally drifting. A year later, she was absolutely cold to me and very hostile to deal with. While we’d always had our fair share of arguments, the arguments of late began to escalate. Soon after her graduation, she told me that she wanted a divorce. By that time, she had abandoned all of our mutual friends and now maintained a core set of friends that I knew absolutely nothing about. Her need for privacy soared.

    A year later, I’m divorced and in a much better place. While it seems unfathomable that anyone could be happy living a single life after 20 years of marriage, I can honestly attest that this is true. I now have my own place, my own space, and I no longer have to ask permission to do anything. It actually feels pretty good. My household is completely calm, quite unlike my old household, and I have begun to date around. The maintenance payments do put a big damper in my finances, but I’m learning to budget around them, and I know that they aren’t forever. At this juncture, I don’t really even feel connected to her anymore. It’s finally good to have my own life back. For anyone going through anything traumatizing like this, my advice to you is to just hang in there. It takes a little while, but life does get better again. Embrace these changes. Life is like a good book, not a fairytale, so learn from the ebbs and flows that real life deals you. Learn from your previous mistakes and carry on. After all, you have the rest of your amazing life to live.


  • amber

    I wear my ring daily I take it off only to sleep because of the small diamonds my husband wears his ring everyday everynight to shower to cook he is a cook in a restaurant the ring to me as a symbol of our love and our vows

  • merafe danar-mainit

    For me its really important dat im going to wear my wedding ring because its remind me of my unconditional love of my partner and it remind me also how amazing God power to unite two different people.

  • Dorothy

    My husband of 14 years can’t wear one because of his job. He has one & on days he is not working he sometimes puts it on. My skin has a reaction to mine & ends up cracking & bleeding so I don’t put mine on. Neither one of us feel like the rings define us or our marriage so we don’t stress having to wear them. God knows our vows & I don’t really care about the opinions of others. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves if rings are important or not but we must be careful we don’t make them idols. Honor the vows made before God than a piece of metal on your finger that you can’t take with you anyways.

  • Stacey

    I always wear me wedding rings the only time I take it off is making cookies and taking a shower and I don’t even like to take it off then it shows people that im married and happy and it shows my husband that I love him and its shows our love and my husband never takes his off ever and that makes me very proud that he loves me and the ring and shows it off and people know he’s taken

  • Me

    My husband forgot his wedding ring (and mine) in our wedding day.

    We got married with my engagement ring and a cheap ring for him.

    I always wore my rings, but my husband would not wear them because he “doesn’t feel comfortable” with any ring, chain, watch, etc…

    After being married for some years, my husband lost his wedding ring. I know he has absolutely no intentions to buy another. And even if he did… he would never wear it.

    After all that, my rings lost their meaning for me. I do not wear them very often anymore.

    I used to see our wedding rings as the “material proof of our love”… and it just brought me suffering because I married someone who did not share the same idea.

    I love my husband and we are very happy together… I just try not to think or talk about the rings anymore… it hurts me A LOT.

  • Kurt

    The unbroken circle THE RING.

  • Crystal

    I agree with is all

  • Sue

    My husband had his wedding band tattooed. Since he had to take off any jewlery worn at his job, he ended up loosing his wedding band twice. Therefore, the last time instead of replacing the wedding band again I suggested he just get it tattooed, which he did!

  • Tmkreliant

    You’re still married whether the ring is on or off. I think too much emphasis is placed on this ring. Some women go after men with wedding rings on cause they figure he’s a decent man because he’s married. The ring stops no one from affairs. My husband and I have been happily married for almost 15 yrs and we have never worn wedding bands. People know we’re married and if they don’t at first, they quickly find out. Rings are overrated and a waste of money.

  • misty

    Wedding rings are not necessary and are nothing more than modern day fashion fad started by the diamond industry. Before that started ,people were wed and did not obsess over who wears their ring or not. Add to that the religious fenatics that use the ring to show that you are someones property(hence the people on here filled with anger becaus their spouse lost their ring ,they are really just mad because they lost that visual tag)i don’t require my husband to were his(he does not like jewelry)and i do not wear my wedding band. Though i wear a celtic ring that sybolizes frienship,love and loyalty. We have been together 14 yrs,married for 7. Having a ring or not having a ring plays absolutely no role what so ever in having a good strong marriage. When i meet new people i simply make it known that im married.

  • Meka Isom

    I am not married but I do value those concepts deeply. It is tough being single and trying to date when you cant tel the married from the single. I believe if you choose to be married you should choose to show that to the world. It is a great and amazing thing, marriage. Thank you. I will share this

  • Jen S

    My husband cannot wear jewelry at work. It has never bothered me because I figure either you are married in your heart or you are not. A ring, or lack there of, has never prevented a person (male or female) from stepping outside their marriage. Marriage is work. Working on love, respect and a mutual understanding of what each person expects in a marriage is more important than the ring.

  • Thalia

    My husband and I exchanged rings on our wedding day. My husband told me to get him a weekend because he was not able to wear his due to many reasons. I went out and bought a fairly expensive one and he never wore it after our honeymoon. He recently passed away after almost 33 years of marriage. There was never any doubt that he loved me and cherished our marriage vows. When our oldest daughter got married, he gave his ring to her to give to her new husband and he wears it every day.

  • Judy

    Sometimes we put emphasis on the wrong things, when my husband and I got married we were so broke we couldn’t afford to buy rings. Did we care? No, did that change the feelings and attitudes to each other? No. It wasn’t until our 3rd anniversary he bought me a “engagement ring” with a fake stone for a couple of hundred of dollars and I loved it, on our 5th anniversary we got our wedding bands with small, but real diamonds. Now we could afford something bigger, and it has been suggested I could change that fake stone for something real, but I wouldn’t change a thing about that engagement ring! It tells the story of where we come from and how far we have walked together! All those years that we went without a wedding ring didn’t change the love, respect or honor we feel about each other. Our vows are not attached to the metal of the rings, but the love that God has give us for each other.

  • Mrs. Patterson

    My husband and I never had rings a set of tangible rings since we been married. Once we were married, we went and got a tattoo that I created of matching wedding bands. It has the date that we got married, an infinite symbol because our love is infinite, a single line in remembrance that we started single and then there are two circles above the infinite symbol and below our single line, which represents our union together, that no man can separate our union as one. Two hearts, one love, infinite.

  • Donna Falvo

    I have been happily married for almost 16 years. My rings were so very special to me. My husband fell and broke his back just before we were to get engaged. Our jeweler brought stones to his apartment for his to pick out. I couldn’t believe he had a ring, let alone the ring I loved when he asked me to be his wife! Just last month, I was chaperoning a middle school trip to the Creation Museum and lost my rings. I mothered everyone except myself. Every kid came home with everything they took…but alas, I forgot to collect my own self together! lol Rings are significant. I feel unfinished without them. I feel like I left a piece of my heart somewhere. If you are blessed enough to have found the one that God has for you, I say wear those rings! I miss looking at them and thinking about my spouse. Now, I see my empty fingers and am sad. Sigh…But, a 6th grader met Jesus on that trip. So rings are a small price to pay!

  • Dez

    My husband has a ceramic ring that is non conductive. He’s not an electrician but he does work with power tools and it’s reassuring to both of us that he can wear his ring without increasing his odds of electrocution!

  • tiffhart

    My husband wore tungsten because you can easily break it to get it off

  • Kev

    I don’t really agree with your points, but I don’t necessarily believe you are wrong. My wife and I don’t wear wedding rings any more. We realized long ago that a ring doesn’t stop anyone from hitting on you nor does it stop a person from cheating on his/her spouse. Relying on a ring for that is superficial. I wear my marriage in my heart in public and it goes with me wherever I am at. I don’t need a ring to show that I value my wife. The way I show how I value my wife is how I carry myself every day and how I treat her in public and in private. Actions of love beats any piece of jewelry, any day. Displaying it on my heart does more for the sanctity of my marriage than on any finger. Please note that I do not feel that this is for everyone to do, but this is how my wife and I approach this.

  • Kev


  • Damien Wesley

    I agree with this 100%. I never take my ring off. It constantly reminds me that’s it’s our life, our future, our love for one another, and the family we created. Been together almost 8 years strong. And still got more to come.

  • April

    I lost my wedding ring and was very upset about it and the reaction my husband was going go have. I was correct in thinking he would be irrate. My ring was lost due to the fact that I had lost weight and it was too big. So to calm my husband down I also bought a new one. After leaving the store and arriving home I cried. I understand how you feel about it not being the same. Please don’t be so hard on your husband. It could honestly be something as simple as how I lost mine. If you trust and love him as he should you you have nothing to worry about.

  • phyllis

    hi angie

    i do feel that wearing a wedding ring is so important it make you feel so secure, lots of men want me and to me a wedding ring scare them away and they will not take a try to come near me, even when me and my partner go to dance i wear my ring brag bout it.

  • phyllis

    Hi Mary

    I think when one gets married, you should treasure your ring and take good care of it. Once you loose your ring that shows me that you dont care about the one that bought it for you. that’s why a ring is a symbol of the love that you have for one another so look after it.

  • phyllis


    This is so true, a ring has no end and no beginning. so I dont believe in renewing of vows, do it the first time and mean all that you say the day of your wedding. So the ring is a circle that you should never break cherish your ring and your marriage will last forever and a life time.

  • Carol

    My husband doesn’t wear his because he works outdoors and is afraid of losing it. I wear mine everyday all the time. I never used to because I didn’t think I was allowed to at work but this year they said that is about the only type of jewelry we can wear so now if I take it off for like cooking or something I almost feel naked.

  • GoodDad

    If my wife doesn’t know I’m committed to treat her properly by the way I care for her, no band of metal will convey that. Poor marriage, great ring set – what’s the value? Great marriage – who cares about rings?

  • If it takes a piece of jewelry to remind you that you have a commitment to someone other than yourself… I think that the jewelry should not be blamed. My husband will never ever wear a ring… He just won’t. So he has an Armano Watch with an inscription that, lord help the human who didn’t want the arm to go with that watch! It’s his most prized possession (except for me!) … I wear a wedding ring that would I fear, offend most people’s sensibilities.. My husband could make Sons of Anarchy look like kindergartner’s … so my rings were probably someone else’s prize possessions before they worked their way into my grubby yet adorable hands many years ago. Some girl dropped a ziploc baggie of mismatched jewelry on the coffee table and my husband was poking through the mess and came up with my current rings on his finger.. He looked them over, showed them to me, said “what do you think?” I said oohhh SHINY! he had them appraised the next day and gave them to me on our first anniversary we still aren’t married … But that is of NO CONCERN we are as married a pair of humans as you could hope for. He is my best and brightest and shiniest possession and nothing makes me happier than to see him happy. I’m pretty sure a ring won’t make him or I any more loyal to one another than we already are. My hubby is EXTREMELY Attractive .. and women in their 20’s and 30’s are CONSTANTLY hitting on him with me STANDING THERE. He always nods, pretends like he is listening to them as he slowly ever so slowly maneuvers himself away so that without them even realizing it they are standing next to me and he’s probably across the room somewhere. My favorite thing to say when they do the “look you up and look you down thing that young girls do is say”.. you are asking yourself how an old chubby broad keeps a guy who looks like that aren’t you? They always say YES I WAS! I laugh and laugh and laugh and say it’s not the size of YOUR BUTT that keeps them interested it’s the size of YOUR BRAIN. Go read a book so you can have an intelligent conversation .. your BEHIND and BOOBS are only going to work as long as they are young and perky… Young and perky boobs will eventually be NOT YOUNG AND PERKY and guess what sweet cheeks… My brain still beats your BEHIND and BOOBS ANY DAY!. HENCE WHY he is wayyy over there and you are stuck here with me… That wasn’t very smart.. I have LOTS of anger and frustrations for girls like you.. so stick close sweet pea.. I’m not even close to done yet. 🙂 I’ll let you know when you can go. You will absolutely know you have been “DISSMISSED”. 🙂

  • Wear your rings for YOU not because someone else convince’s you to wear them. They are YOUR RINGS and YOU are the final decision maker. I love jewelry if I had my “druthers” I’d have a different ring for every day of the month.. all sized to fit my “wedding finger”… So maybe I’m with the lady above who said “maybe I’m missing the sentimental gene?” I love jewelry. Especially big shiny in your face jewelry and I always always always have a ring on my “wedding finger”.. not that I’m afraid of guys hitting on me… I wouldn’t notice if they did they would have to be holding up a sign.. My husband says that his favorite thing about me is my absolutely obliviousness to what’s happening around me. He worries in case of Zombie Apocolypse I won’t notice and get lost or something. Every day he texts me and says “where are you right now? What are your exact coordinates?” and I gps myself and tell him where I am and where I’m headed next so that in case of an emergency he has PROMISED he won’t stop at the gym and get a young hottie he will come straight to my coordinates and find me. And then well look out zombie’s … 🙂

  • I love everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this subject. It has been fascinating to see all the common ideas and different theories. I don’t normally contribute but tonight … well my fingers did the talking my brain is over on the sofa wondering if I walk by my hubby if I’m fast enough to run a fingernail up the bottom of his foot (the MOST HATED THING ON THE PLANET is fingernails on his bare foot) without getting a butt punch right when my foot is off the ground so that “stop drop and roll” is the only option available. My hubby is so much fun! I have $5.00 that says he is watching Archer on Netflix Right now on the big tv and if I want to watch anything I get the little tv.. YAY ME!!!! I practically need reading glasses for the little tv my smart phone is almost bigger! LOL Actually if he hears me head up the stairs or hears that I turned off the printer he’ll know I’m coming out of the office and before I get to the top of the stairs HANNIBAL will be replacing Archer when I get to this “TV WATCHING Room.. never ever referred to as a MAN CAVE.. egads!” .. Even though I am pretty sure that everyone agrees that it is indeed a MAN CAVE. Nothing but wall to wall HD TV and gaming systems with a pair of recliners (his to the left and mine to the right) and Don’t sit in my chair! JK JK JK He can sit in mine I just can’t sit in his .. he says it makes his butt print crooked. Whatever that means…. I am pretty sure my butt won’t make his cushion CROOKED it’s a pretty evenly cushioned behind if I do say so myself. It could probably be significantly smaller but I don’t have time for that. And if he has complaints about my behind I’m sure he will NEVER EVER say a word.. So it’s just my opinion on my behind that I need to worry about. He says I’m PERFECTION WALKING… I think he is full of ***T. I have time for him and time to WORK with not alot left over in between… :).

  • Leny

    My husband fixes CNC machines and doesn’t wear his wedding ring either. He said it might get caught up in the machines. He wears a necklace and uses the wedding ring as a pendant.

  • Elizabeth

    My husband works machines and so we got him a tungsten wedding band, looks like it did the day we got married!

  • Tracy Damron-Roelle

    well said, Kev. My husband doesn’t wear one because he’s an electrician. He’s retired now, but after 18 years, we have to agree. It doesn’t make us married. I wear mine off and on depending on my arthritis, any swelling etc.. because it freaks me out to think about it getting stuck. Not because it’s my wedding band but because I don’t want anything stuck on my finger! lol
    His words, actions, mannerisms, the way he makes me always feel safe – nothing material could measure up to that.

  • AJ

    I am a Christian, not a religious fanatic. But I wear my ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to my husband . An outward to show the world that I am married, to not allow my marriage to be a stumbling block for someone else. You’re correct that a ring doesn’t play into a “good strong marriage.”

    As far as rings go, you’re a tad off…here’s a blurb, just one : Circa 2800 BC: Egyptians are buried wearing rings made of a single silver or gold wire on the third finger of their left hands, believed to be connected directly to the heart by the vena amoris.

  • Bryan Hann

    On the other hand, some people just don’t like rings.

  • Donnel Pope

    I knew when my husband now ex on 5/8/2015. I knew when he would not ware his ring anymore that there was something going on cause he knew how important the rings were to me and our love together he keep saying his hands were swollen and it didnt fit anymore it wasnt only the ring he would lock the door to his office we he had his guy friends over for hours he would rush in the house and always head to the shower. Never kissed anymore and he would go months without any sex. So i never wanted to get rid of my beautiful ring but now it just reminds me of the worst time of my life that was suppost to be my happy ending.

  • if you’re really in love with your second half, you don’t need extra reasons to wear your wedding ring;)

  • Myra Esoteric

    Yeah in my culture we don’t really wear wedding rings or change last names, still committed though

  • Alexis Ingram

    What if your spouse takes it off during fights? *.-

  • SheepGirl

    I’m impressed with the number of comments on this subject. That tells me right there that wedding rings still have cultural meaning and value. My husband can’t wear a ring for work reasons but put a lot of thought and money into selecting mine (without any input from me). 21 years later, I wear it every day and am still impressed with his selection.

  • Ann

    Wedding rings are a symbol of a covenant you have made with your spouse. In the OT Israelites wore many symbols to show others and to remember themselves of the covenants they made with God. We should wear wedding rings out of respect for the covenant we made before God to our spouse.

  • Sneha Paul

    The circle of the wedding Ring is also a symbol of eternity. The circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity. Traditionally, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the vein in this finger was believed to lead directly to the wearer’s heart. for more about kerala wedding culture i would recommended you cochin weddings planner