3 Things to Do When You’re Mad at Your Spouse

3 Things to Do When You’re Mad at Your Spouse November 13, 2014
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  • Jason

    I love reading these even if I’m not married or have a girlfriend

  • I read the article and took notes, just so I can go back and read these tips again if need be. We have been married almost 20 years, and still have trouble communicating sometimes. So, thank you. I always enjoy and learn something new, or that I had forgotten.

  • Staci Elms

    As a new wife I have learned a lot from your articles. This one is probably the biggest article for me. I tend to get upset quite a bit with my husband. Honestly, I don’t think it’s because of anything he does but because I have control issues. Anyway, this was a great article to read and one I have learned from. Thank you for all of your articles. They help me a lot.

  • dorcas nyiva

    am not married yet have been in a relationship in almost two years, am praying for that moment,, thanks alot for the good advice.

    kindly regards Dorcas

  • Ashley

    This is great advice, and I do take it to heart. My question is, what do you do when the problem is a reoccurring one. I don’t want to pull up the past but when my spouse is not learning from a mistake, I’m lost on how to react. I feel like most of our problems are reoccurring ones that I have expressed my feelings on before. And some problems are ones that cannot be ignored, dealing with finances or other topics that equally affect me.

  • Nelian Glass

    We have been practicing this method since day one! Makes life better, beautiful and blissful! We are able to do this because of our relationship with God, not our own 🙂

  • Ann

    I am currently separated from my husband and have filed for legal separation. He says he wants a divorce, but have yet to file, so I filed for legal separation. We have been together for 19 yrs & married for 8 (15 yr old son). I would love to repair our marriage but he say there is nothing we have to talk about. Now our home is in foreclosure, because he stopped paying the mortgage, now he has rented an apartment. I NEED to get on with my life with or without him. I want to go to counseling by myself to get pass this hurt. This is our 2nd marriage. Where do I begin.

  • Kay

    My advice, (opinion based on experience) is to let it go. If you aren’t going to divorce over an issue (and for me that has never been on the table), then make your feelings known about the issue, then leave it. You may very well suffer consequences of some behavior or decision, but that is life. Do all you can to keep contention out of your marriage. Be graceful and forgiving, and realize that pushing at an issue puts a wedge between you.

    I have also realized that when sexual communication is good, all other forms vastly improve. Make a good sex life the foundation of your marriage.

  • Terry Ann Hensley

    Your book has taught me quite a bit about what I had always been missing. I now understand how to be a good wife so that my husband can be a good husband. It is not always easy but if you keep your eyes on God first and keep your spouse second your marriage will flourish. I truly enjoy reading the comments, it reminds me that we are all human and searching.