4 basic needs of every man

4 basic needs of every man May 25, 2015


1. To feel respected.

Respect is a form of currency to men. It’s a commodity we treasure and one we desperately need for us to be at our best. Whether in our relationships or our workplaces, our perceived level of respect will usually dictate our levels of happiness and contentment.

2. To feel a sense of ownership.

Every man wants to feel that he’s staking a claim on his own future and that his work isn’t just furthering someone else’s agenda. Men derive a deep sense of pride and purpose from those areas where they feel a sense of ownership. He want to know he’s creating a legacy and he has the power to shape that legacy.

3. To feel useful and/or productive.

A lazy man is usually a very unhappy and disillusioned man. Men are hardwired with a need to be productive and to see the fruit of their labors in a measurable and tangible way. A man needs to know that his presence is serving a productive function.

4. A place to use the bathroom.

I mean, seriously, when a guy’s gotta go, he’s got to go!

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  • Doug Johnson

    Use the sink next time. Then they’ll make a men’s room.