4 Things Every Military Marriage Needs

4 Things Every Military Marriage Needs June 14, 2015

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3. Surround yourself with a strong support system

Serving in the military most often means leaving behind the support of family relationships. It’s vital to the health of a military marriage to have other folks in your circle with whom you can find fellowship. These friends or mentors can offer help in a crisis and give encouragement to us when times are difficult. Our support systems may come from neighbors, a church family, para-military groups or auxiliaries, or maybe even others in our unit. A strong support system means that we are never alone. Having a network of other people who know us, love us, and even advocate for us can help to anchor our marriages.

4. Have faith in something bigger than yourselves

Most of us serving in the military support the mission of the United States and believe in the power of patriotism, honor, and duty. That covering makes us feel part of something with purpose and aim. Likewise, having our lives centered in faith in God can also help to give our marriages hope in Someone greater than ourselves. When military life throws us a difficult hurdle, our faith will help to center and sustain us. It can help to remind us that God’s providence and love for us will remain steady amidst a life of constantly changing rhythms.


Have you ever wondered if you were cut out for life as a military spouse? Maybe, like me, you have struggled to make sense of the unique challenges life as a dependent demands. Maybe, like me, you have felt alone or hopeless when navigating these difficult transitions.

1I am here to say that you are not alone and there is hope! I have written Mission Ready Marriage as a memoir and testimony of God’s faithfulness during my early years as a current active duty Army wife. It’s a tool for meaningful conversations with other military spouses enabling us to open the door to true vulnerability, authenticity, and what it’s really like to live our lives in submission to God, our spouses, and even the military.

Claire writes at where she shares everyday stories about her military marriage, motherhood, her favorite books and lessons in faith.

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