7 Questions to ask before you say, “I do.”

7 Questions to ask before you say, “I do.” September 17, 2014
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  • Mary

    Great questions… Simple & Great…! Thank you…

  • Jessica

    Great things to think about. They are so true. Laughing constantly is my favorite thing about our marriage.

  • Penny

    thanks for enlightening me with the truth. God bless you

  • Ashey

    I love these all. But I agree that living with someone before marriage leaves you better prepared and lets you know who that person is. My first husband seemed perfect before we were married and we lived together then I didnt even know who he was. He was controling abusive and unfaithful which was easier for him to hide until we lived in the same place. My husband now and I lived together before we were married which allowed me to see exactly how he was and we were able to see if we could make an amazing life together. Been married for 3 amazing years and have a wonderful amazing 2 year old son. My husband has made all my dreams come true and I his.

  • 19kimmy79

    …and if you didn’t have this encouragement when you married 14yrs and five kids ago, and have painfully realized over the last four years just how awful a decision it was to chose this person for several of the reasons stated in this list?