7 reasons why marriage still matters.

7 reasons why marriage still matters. February 28, 2014

As the founder of the Facebook Marriage Page and as a Pastor, I’m an advocate for stronger marriages, but I’m seeing an alarming trend of people who look at the whole idea of marriage and say, “What’s the point?”

More than ever before, people are avoiding, redefining and marginalizing marriage. Some of the doubts are probably fueled from legitimate reasons like astronomical divorce rates, the social acceptance of couples’ co-habitation and a lack satisfaction among many long-time married couples, but the truth remains that marriage matters more than we could possibly comprehend. Below I’ll list just a few of the reasons why. I hope these insights help you rediscover the timeless beauty and significance of the gift of marriage.

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A few of the MANY reasons why marriage still matters:

1. There is no real love without real commitment.

Love, by it’s very nature, is not a “feeling” but a commitment, and marriage is the perfect expression of that commitment. Marriage is part of God’s “Master Plan” for healthy, happy families and it provides a foundation of commitment anchored by love which can weather the storms of life.

2. It actually makes you healthier (most of the time).

Statistics across cultures have found consistent trends that those in longterm marriages are more likely to live longer and have fewer health problems than unmarried couples and singles.

3. Marriage provides the foundation for a civil society.

Since the dawn of world civilizations, societies with a strong commitment to monogamous marriage have been the most successful people groups. When marriages are strong, families are strong. When families are strong, societies are strong.

4. Marriage provides security for the husband, the wife AND the children.

There is a security within the covenant of marriage which provides an element of protection (financial, physical, emotional and spiritual) for the entire family.

5. Marriage mirrors our relationship with our Creator.

The Bible teaches that the intimacy, unity and sacredness of the marriage bond reflects that type of relationship God wants to have with us. Specifically, this paints a picture of Christ and His church (people).

6. Marriage unites a community.

The wedding ceremony is a time-honored tradition which provides a consistent point of celebration uniting the broader community, but even beyond the wedding day celebration, marriage itself enriches and unites the entire community in unique ways.

7. Marriage makes love make sense.

Every love story ever written and every love song lyric ever sung have, at their core, expressed a beautiful longing which can’t be completely fulfilled or perfectly expressed outside of marriage. Sure, you could have sex without marriage, but sex is all it would be. Within the covenant of marriage, making love creates a physical and spiritual oneness between husband and wife.

Marriage is a gift only God could have created, and trying to give full expression to love without God’s gift of marriage is like trying to fill our lungs without oxygen. Marriage isn’t outdated and it never will be. Whether you’re single or married, I believe we should all respect the countless benefits and celebrate the timeless beauty of marriage.

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