7 truths to remember when life feels broken

7 truths to remember when life feels broken October 6, 2014

I was talking with a young man at church last week. He was a well-dressed, good-looking guy who seemed to have it all together, but I quickly learned that his well-groomed outer facade was masking the pain a broken heart. A few minutes into our conversation, he started crying and said, “I’m broken. My life feels broken.”

He went on to explain that his wife had recently left him, most of his adult life had imprisoned him in a desperate cycle of substance abuse and depression and only weeks before, he had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Through his tears he sobbed and said that he never thought life would turn out this way.

He wasn’t sure how or when he had veered so far off course, but now, he wasn’t sure how to begin a road to healing or if healing was even possible. He is a young man with many talents and blessings, but in that moment, he felt he had no real future. He felt hopeless. I reminded this young man of some timeless truths which gave him some new perspective.

If you’re going through a tough time right now, I don’t believe you are reading this by accident. I believe with all my heart that God has a plan and a purpose for this season of your life and I’m praying for you. Whether you’re facing struggles in your marriage, your health, your finances or any other part of your life, these seven truths below are for you! 

Jesus face art made with ripped torn pieces of paper

This past Sunday at church, we asked everyone to write down on a piece of paper all the areas of pain and heartbreak in their lives and then we tore the paper up to show that God can set us free from the pain of our past. A talented artist in our church named Karen Brotherton took all those scraps of paper and created this beautiful mosaic of Jesus’ face to remind us that God loves the brokenhearted and Christ’s power and presence in our lives can be beautifully displayed through our brokenness. 

For more on this, watch our popular, free video on “How to fix your life” by clicking here.

7 truths to remember when life feels broken (in no particular order):

1. You are loved.

You might feel alone and forgotten, but the God of the universe is with you and He loves you more than you can imagine. We often don’t see things clearly when we’re in pain, but never lose sight of this fact: You are loved.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love” Jeremiah 31:3

2. You are not defined by your failures.

Don’t believe the lie that your identity is wrapped up in your failures (or your successes for that matter). God made you and He is the only one who has a right to label you and He says you are a Masterpiece!

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10

3. This isn’t the end of your story.

Never mistake the end of a chapter with the end of the story. God has promised to work every detail of your life together in a beautiful way. He’s looking at your life with an eternal perspective, so He sees the big picture.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.Romans 8:28

4. Keep an attitude of gratitude.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we choose to respond. In those moments when I choose to stop complaining and instead give thanks to God for the good in my life, the parts that seem bad start to seem much less significant. Choose to keep a positive attitude and thankful heart regardless of what you’re going through.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

5. God’s plans for your life are even better than your own plans.

God’s plans are almost always different from our plans, but His plans are always perfect! If things in your life aren’t working out like you had hoped, it may be because God is trying to redirect you towards a much better plan. Have the patience to wait on His timing instead of forcing your own.

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Jeremiah 29:11

6. God will never leave your side.

You may feel like you’re going through this struggle all alone, but from the moment you ask Jesus to bring you into God’s family, He will be by your side to the end so never lose hope!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

7. Keep going.

Don’t quit. You’ll get through this. Take a minute to read this post I shared on “An unexpected message from God” that helped me through a time when I felt like quitting. I believe this “message” could help you too!

“…And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.” Hebrews 12:1-2

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  • bb

    My Marriage has taken a hit in the infidelity column and I do want to give up on this marriage. . But deep in my heart I know God has a plan. How do I get passed these feelings of hurt and questioning of where did I go wrong.

  • Jamie Bishop

    Thank you for this. I’m a mom and wife who is struggling with fear and not understanding the way in which our World is turning out. My biggest regret would be to miss out on life because of this fear.

  • My husband and I are going through a lot of things right now we feel very lost and broken. He’s been hurt on the job and our finances aren’t what they used to be with bills and rent we are struggling to get by, We thought we found our dream home and it’s turned into a nightmare. We just really need prayer to get through this time in our life and to get close to the lord once more.

  • kristal

    Please pray for me. I feel so a lone and so scared.

  • William

    My wife and I are seperated and she wants a divorce. Not because of adultery or anything like that she said because I work to much and never made her feel like number one. Please pray for us! I know God is able!

  • Jena S

    please pray for me, my husband, and my marriage. I’m starting SLA counseling and treatment, which is scary and unnerving. I have faith that the other side will be an even better gift than I imagine, but the though of trudging through the mud to get there can be daunting.

  • Jennifer

    my husband relapsed to heroine and we recently remarried this past August. God is doing an amazing work but it still doesn’t hurt for mOre prayers. That he will give his heart back to the Lord and continue in victory.

  • Teresa Sadler

    I have a dear dear friend that needed to read this and it truly touched both of our lives. Please pray for her and our close family members. Thank You for the inspiration.

  • Erin

    Needed this today. My life is so broken. My marriage of 10 years is failing. I am heart broken that I can’t fix the addiction and infidelity issues. I am sad that my 4 little children will suffer the consequences of others choices. I am sad to no longer have my life long partner to grow old with.

    Life wasn’t supposed to be this way. I can’t imagine the possibility that it can be put back together.

  • arnold vargas

    I ask for prayer i need a miracle to save my marriage please pray for me

  • Mel

    I am currently struggling with health issues. I have daily headaches/migraines. Recently, I traveled 800 miles to go to a specialist and I’m still suffering. The financial stress, daily pain, and guilt are suffocating me. I have two young boys and an amazing husband that I so badly want to be “present” for. I still have my faith in God and I do believe His time is always right and perfect. I need strength, courage and wisdom. Thank you and God bless.

  • Russell Grafe

    Going threw a seperation and possible divorce from my beautiful wife of 6 yrs…she left me to go to michigan to go get her diploma and record cleaned while up there she was cheating on me with 42 yr old…going threw a hard time due to still loving her with all my heart…and shes having no regrets..please pray for me

  • Shannon hidalgo

    My husband left me for the 5th time and I feel my life is falling apart. Things Are just not going right …

  • Emily

    my marriage is falling apart. I’ve been fighting for over a year to save it but my husband had an affair and keeps falling back to the other woman in weakness. He needs to get right with God first and listen to His voice and not satans and his own. Pray for our two young boys too please.

  • barbi

    My Marriage has taken a hit in the infidelity column even though it didn’t get physical it was cheating on the Internet and phone calls but none the less words and pictures were exchanged and still hurts deeply. At times I do want to give up on this marriage, I know divorce shouldn’t be a factor. . But deep in my heart I know God has a plan. How do I get passed these feelings of hurt and questioning of where did I go wrong, even though it wasn’t my fault.

  • Leann Hartness

    My husband and I have been trying to fix our marriage for the last 8 months. It’s like we take 5 steps forward and 2 steps back. We struggle daily. I am completely committed to making things work but sometimes I wonder about him. Learning to trust him again after he completely betrayed me is very hard!!! I have prayed more in the last 8 months then I have my whole life. We will be married 20yrs in February but I am afraid we won’t make it. I don’t believe in divorce and I love my husband but there are so many times I have just wanted to give up.

  • Kevin

    Wife begged me to go get checked for bipolar and I was too proud to ask for help until she isn’t sure if our marriage can be saved.I’ll do WHATEVER I can to hold onto her.She is the WORLD to me.

  • Marti Herndon

    Please add my to your prayer list.

  • My husband moved out Saturday, he wants a divorce. He says he’s not happy and he thinks we are to far apart to fix things. But I know god can restore our marriage!

  • Deborah Pierotti

    Asking for prayers for my marriage and my family. I have lost everything, my husband, my business, the kids step father, our extended families. This is the hardest thing in my life, asking for prayers that his heart softens and he comes home. Our break up was not the result of any affairs on either part, just bad attitudes. Really working with God on mine and praying everyday for his, and for his heart to soften….. Thank you so very much

  • Wow….you are so sensitive and on target with the needs of people…it is amazing…thank you!!

  • Julie

    Dave, I am so thankful for your inspiring words. I am going to post them, so I can keep my focus on the lord and what HE wants from me. I get so caught up in what “I want”. Very encouraging! Thank you, you were sent to help us all, with your words. What a gift!!

  • pleasw pray for me my husband if 8 years said he doesn’t love me anymore out of the blue so shocked and devastated I love him so much and don’t understand I am an emotional wreck I pray every day and go to church but this pain won’t go away all I want is to be with my husband I feel so alone

  • lori

    I really enjoyed this and would appreciate prayer for what I am going through right now. Thanks!

  • Amber

    My husband and I live 2 separate lives in the same house and I know he is about to leave me. This cycle has happened more times than I can count only this time there is a 1 year old little girl involved. I thank God every day for her because she is my miracle he gave me when doctors told me I wouldn’t have children. But it doesn’t make any of this easier. I feel so alone and I know this time I can’t let him come back because he can just show up in and out of her life every 6 months when he is tired of being alone.

  • Brian Pinson

    I am having issues in my marriage, family, and feeling lonely and disappointed with myself not living up to my own life expectations…I want God in my life and put him first and foremost in all I do.

  • How fitting that I come across this article during one of the lowest moments in my life. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Mary Jo

    My husband after 26 led me for another woman but we have a disabled son and I take care of him 24/7 no help I was told I was worthless and not beautiful some days I want to give up and feel nothing good will ever happen

  • Dontress Chinn

    I ask for your prayers as I seek restoration of my marriage.

  • Jacqueline Replogle

    My marriage is desperately struggling, and has been for the last couple of years. I have sought help. He was a strong Christian when we married 8 years ago, yet some unbelievable issues regarding my adult stepchildren not having boundaries (his 24 year old daughter mostly) has come between us. I realize I made plenty of mistakes along the way, never knowing the real issues due to communication breakdown, secrets and cover ups for his daughter. He has continually blamed me for everything. My husband and I are currently separated due to the fact that I had to find some peace for my broken heart. I’m so lost, he won’t communicate with me. I feel as though I’m hanging by a thread waiting to hear the words from him that we will work it out or he is filing for divorce. I have no where to turn. I also have some serious health issues that seemed to get worse at about the time our marriage got worse. I need prayers, spiritual guidance, I’m trying, but feel as though I’m failing on my own.

  • blanda s. penn

    Please pray for my marriage, I too feel broken. I feel my husband and my situation will never change. We argue over finances all the time. I’m in charge of paying the bills, which are budgeted real tight right now cause I’m a SHM but my husband dictates to me on things to buy. I feel like he expects me to pull rabbits out of a hat when there is no present magic!

  • sheryl halcomb

    Love it

  • SCP

    It’s such a long story that I don’t feel comfortable putting in this comment, but after being in an extremely happy relationship for 4 years, unexpected circumstances plunged us into marriage in 2012. Since that time, our relationship has struggled tremendously. My first husband died 8 years ago and I thought I could never be that heartbroken again, but here I am feeling crushed and that I’ve lost my best friend all over again. I feel very lost, alone and that there is no hope. I know that God can take care of all things, but I feel like my prayers are bouncing off the walls.

  • Patricia Perkins

    I just read your story of encouragement and the testimony and I am SO BLESSED! I too, have been going through a season in my life as never before. At times I have felt hopeless and rock bottom. I am 61 years old, so age is no factor in any season of struggle. Please pray for me in the area of my job and finances. I would like to retire within the next few years or sooner, but my debt will hinder that. I pray my employer would show me mercy and favor. I return to work on Friday from a month long FMLA time off from work. Thank you so much and God Bless you.

  • dave willis

    Mary Jo, I am so sorry for what you’re going through. I’m praying for you and your son. God will carry you through this. Don’t lose hope.

  • dave willis

    So many have left comments asking for prayer and I’m honored to be praying for all of you. Thank you for taking the time to read and share these words. Remember that God is with you, He is for you and He will never leave you!

  • courtney

    We adooted 4 children, have one biological child, and one on the way. The oldest adopted child ran away saturday, and cps was called. Because we use physical, biblical correction methods there were allegations of abuse. While we feel they are trying to expediate the process and move our case along because they don’t really believe abuse has happened, one of the cps workers is against many decisions we have made (homeschooling, large family, etc), and how she might skew her report worries. We have the support of our social worker and church family, but will not know a verdict until friday or saturday. The wait is killing us, and we’ve never been so terrified in our lives.

  • Lydia

    This article was a help to me! Please pray for my husband and I as well as our 4 children. We have gone through some terrible battles this past year and came very close to a divorce. It has not been easy but we are trying to pick up what is left and rebuild our marriage. Our children have suffered most in all of it and they especially need God’s help. We need wisdom so that God can work in their hearts and use what has happened for their good and His glory. I pray God will do a great miracle and help us renew the vows we made to each other so God can bless us. I appreciate your prayers!!

  • Erich Springinsguth

    im going through the exact same thing. This really helped me

  • R

    oh my…so many comments about broken marriages. For those considering marriage, how is it possible not to be mired in hesitation fear? How can anyone be comfortable entrusting safety and wellbeing to another…

  • js

    I’m going through almost the same thing. We are not separated but I feel your pain as it is much like mine. I feel lost and hopeless. I don’t know what to do anymore. I will pray for you. Take care

  • Cindy

    I will pray for you

  • Cindy

    I will pray for you

    And stand for your marriage

    God is standing next to you

  • angela

    I’m a struggling single just trying to make ends meet..I have suffered substance abuse and homelessness been in jail for domestic batter but today I can rejoice and say I have overcome every obstacle thrown my way I have a house a job and car and im thankful the lord as removed the tast of alcohol and my substance out of my mouth and brain im strong willed and i never stopped until i reached where i am today but im still climbing to the top and fighting everyday but I just ask that u keep me in your prays for god to continue to give me the strength to fight

  • Beth Funk

    I am a new Director of a small Pregnancy Center in Cave Junction, OR. We are struggling financially. I honestly don’t know how to correct the problems the center has, much less be the Director. God called me to this ministry, but there are days I want to give up & walk away.

  • Marcianna Bates

    Thank you for this!! I thank the Lord for all that I have. He has blessed me with a wonderful daughter. However, my finances has been better than what they are. We are down to one income due to me being home with our daughter. At times it’s been rough. Please pray that things turn around for us. Thank you!

  • Mary Beth Thomas

    We have many issues, we are a mindle aged engaged couple combining our families. I have 4 children, ages 19, 16, 10 & 10 and he has 2 that are 17 and 14. This is My second marriage, his third.

    We are happily living with both our mother’s and my four children and we see his youngest daughter

    almost every weekend.

    However, he has been. out of work for almost a year ( due to severe depression and anxiety and our mutual decision) but it has led to some financial problems, not his fault, but mostly with falling behind on child support.

    My middle daughter is adopted and is bipolar, ADHD, has RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) and Schizoaffective Disorder, and some other diagnosis depending on which Dr. we talk to. She has been in & out of facilities and hospitals and we have as many services in place for her as possible. The problem is that she has become more and more both verbally and physically aggressive. We have made the difficult decision to seek alternate placement for her. We are no longer safe having her in our home. Most people don’t understand what we are living with and it is seriously affecting all of us.

    My oldest daughter needs surgery on her back because “T” kicked her while she was walking down the stairs and caused a herniated disk that is pressing on the nerve root.

    I just please ask for prayers for guidance and healing during this difficult time. Amen

  • Jennifer

    Praying for you dear <3

  • Terri

    I’m a Christian woman & was in an abusive relationship w/ a man who wasn’t a Christian. God showed me red flags in the beginning, but I ignored them & pursued the relationship. Which I DEEPLY REGRET now. He broke up w/ me via text about 6 months ago. After doing some research, I’ve discovered that he is a narcissistic sociopath. He played mind games w/ me & kept me on a constant emotional roller coaster. It’s so sick & toxic, but now that we’re no longer together, I feel like I’m trapped in a stronghold w/ him. Emotionally & mentally. I pray a LOT… every day. I read the Bible & say verses out loud every day. I rebuke satan & demand that he leave me alone. BUT I’m not getting any relief. I think about suicide a lot. Sometimes I feel like that’s the only way I’ll ever be free from the sick grasp of the insane man I was involved with. I know that’s a lie from the evil one, but there are days when I just get so worn out & tired of fighting. I feel so broken. I don’t trust anyone except for my Mom now. I’m starting to see a therapist on Tues who is a part of a non-traditional Christian counseling program. Please pray for me. It’s obvious that satan wants to destroy me… for he comes to “kill, steal & destroy”. I don’t have much hope left in me at all anymore, & I don’t know how much longer I can endure this pain.

  • dave willis

    Terri, I’m praying for you! Don’t lose hope. God is with you and He is for you. He will carry you through this storm. Trust Him and don’t give up.

  • Amy

    Thank you for this post! I am going through some legal issues right now and in doing so have come to realize that my son’s father, whom I always believed to be a basically good man, has become overwhelmingly mean, full of lies and quite devious.. Please pray for me if you would! Thank you!

  • Crystal

    My husband I are struggling from past mistakes. I feel like our marriage may be falling apart. I have had issues of losing my faith. Please pray for us to find our way again.

  • Lynn

    My marriage also. He cheated. Says he wants it work it out. Doesn’t communicate well. Please pray for us.

  • Karen

    My husband, when he gets mad likes to call me names and back out of commitments he had made with me. He tends to destroy things in our home and I feel like I just want to quit. Please pray that God hellos send me in the right direction. I am lost.

  • Gillian

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband and father of our five children left one morning almost six months ago. He just kissed me and said see you later and went to live with another woman. No warning. He has now been having an affair with her for two years. I love him and im standing in the gap for him. I know God will restore. Please pray for his repentance and that we get our suddenly. Thank you.

  • Dawn

    I will not go into my situation.. But i will say in a matter of moments beyond my control my whole life was ripped away from me.. I lost my bf (he is still alive) , my home and everything i own.. I need desperate prayers that i can find the courage to rebuild my life and that some how me and my ex bf can work on things.. We were together 5yrs. I am lost and confused along with being devastated by what he did.. Thank you and god bless

  • Maggs

    Thank you for sharing this. Please pray for my husband and I. We want so desperately to start a family but have been told it’s near impossible to conceive the conventional way, and that we will need in vitro if we want to have a child. IVF comes with a heavy financial burden which I’m just not sure we can handle. We want nothing more than to have a family together. Feeling hopeless. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Mary Lee

    I need prayers my marriage of 12 years is slowly breaking down, we both are tired of trying, we both had tried so hard to keep it and is only going worst. We have 4 beautiful kids and they deserve a family but I just want to give up on it. My husband and I need so much of a miracle. I believe only a miracle from God can save us. We have faith and that is what kept us trying to save our marriage for the last 2 years, but no we are just exhausted and not seeing any results.

  • velvet

    My husband has filed for divorce. He is now seeing a girl 12 years younger than him. I am only surviving right now because of my dependence on God. He reinforces me with stregnth to get through each day. But I am heartbroken. I feel like the rug has pulled out from underneath me and my dreams for a family have been shattered. In spite of all the lies, cheating, and manipulation that’s happened in the last year I still love him and pray for his salvation and healing. I love him unconditionally but I’m now ready to let him go. I’ve fought for so long with prayer and changing myself. I even lost myself in my marriage and in him. I am hurting more than I have ever hurt in my life and I’ve had a lot of hurt in my life.

  • Mary Lee

    Mary Jo, Look at the mirror, look at yourself with love and you will see how beautiful you are. I will pray for you and your son. You are not alone..

  • Mimi Bridges

    Please pray for my broken heart to be healed..

  • Amanda

    This really helps me right now cuz I’ve been praying hard for my marriage. Sometimes it seems like he’s never gonna come around. I just keep praying he softens his heart to Jesus and love HIM so in doing so he can learn to love me as his wife.

  • Cristina

    Please pray for my husband and me. Right now my whole world has been turned upside down by my husbands affair. It has been a year since I found out, I was four months pregnant with our fifth child when I caught them together at a restaurant they both denied that they were lovers but I had found pictures of them together and him taking her with him when he was out of town on business. Everything that I loved and cherished about our marriage was gone in a matter of a second. He took everything away from me. I was going without things I need because we never had money and I found out he spent over $3000 on her. We separated for awhile and he promised he was done with her but the damage is done. I am having the hardest time forgiving him completely. I know I still love him very much, and I can not just give up 16 1/2 years but I can not trust him and I have lost all respect for him as a man and as my husband. How could this man do this to me after I was the only one that ever believed in him and was always there for him. When I see him now I just want to cry because I see the man I fell so in love with but I also see the horrible monster who broke our marriage apart and broke up our family and broken my heart into a million pieces.

    I don’t believe in divorce but I don’t know how much more I can take of this. How does anyone ever truly get over being cheated on.

    Please pray for me and my marriage. I really want to save my marriage.

  • J

    I have prayed for you all. I went through this 11 months ago.

    I came home from a trip and my wife seemed distant and said she didn’t feel close any more. Later in the week she admitted that she had been confiding in a coworker and had developed feelings for him but there was no physical relationship. Despite that, we agreed to work on our 19+ year marriage (for us and our two wonderful children) over the Christmas holidays. We sought counseling at our church and spent lots of time talking. My only request was that she have no contact with the coworker while we worked on things. Didn’t happen, they communicated…lots! She left before Christmas and took the kids with her. I found out Christmas Day she filed for divorce.

    I know the loneliness you all are going through but I can attest that God never left my side. I too felt the hurt and witnessed it in the kids but God was there for that too. I prayed daily for the strength, courage, knowledge, and ability to get through the dark days ahead and my prayers were answered. It’s not an immediate solution, it takes time so be patient and have faith God is with you and will carry you to brighter days. It doesn’t hurt to get a family attorney to help you with the legal stuff and find a family counselor too.

    Fast-forward, my wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in July and are fighting…for each other, our marriage, our kids, and our family. It’s not easy but it’s worth it! God bless you all.

  • Stormie

    Please pray for my husband to get back to God and to be convicted and have that relationship with him again, and for my relationship with God to strengthen and for me to trust him and have faith that he will restore my marriage, and please pray for my kids as they have to go through this with their dad being gone, and pray for me as well to get through this while I wait for God to do it! Thank you

  • Vanessa Vargas

    Hello I am a mother of 3 girls, Alyssa age 17, Angelica age 15, Celenia age 9 and a son named Michael age 14. My life has been a constant struggle, I use to drink everyday and also used cocaine almost on a daily basis. I have been clean for about 4 months and everything has been going wrong. I thought I was doing the right thing but I can’t seem to better my life or even myself, please help. Thank you

  • Christie

    i will pray for you. Please do get checked and get help for both of you. I am the wife of a husband with anger issues possible bipolar too. He agrees to take cymbalta and it helps so much. Each and every time he misses the meds he hurts me. Please get help and pray for us too.

  • Casey

    i am in the same situation 19yrs and he isn’t sure he loves me anymore. Said he hasn’t felt it in a few years. I don’t believe divorse is an option I made vows and for better or worse and this is worse than anything! I pray for you and ask the same questions daily how do I go on? How do we fix this? 🙁

  • Becca

    Sorry but I don’t believe God’s plan is always the best. What can explain the greatness of my mom dying from stomach cancer at age 50, before becoming a grandma and without us giving her a proper goodbye? What about Brittany Maynard, another young cancer victim?? And why are assholes always getting away with mean stuff to me, AND the government taking THEIR side?? Sorry but I just don’t see it.

  • Corrina

    I Truly Believed I Was On Gods Path For My Life And It All Just Fell Apart And I Feel Lost And Unsure Of What To Believe And Where To Go From Here….

  • KG

    My marriage is falling apart and he wants a divorce. I have been begging and pleading with him to give us a chance. We have 5 children altogether and 2 have already been through the pain of divorce. I’ve realized my wrongdoings and want so badly to have a chance to show him that we just fell into a bad place. I am hanging by a shred trying to hold it together for the kids.

  • Amanda


    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this! Today and for the last little while i have felt lost and

    Travelling on a carosel that refuses to stop. In my career i am a nurse and i take care of people all day 4 days on 4 days off and then go home

    To take care of my husband and daughter. Sometimes i cannot find where work ends and home begins because they constantly seem to intersect. I consider myself

    To be a rational human being but lately i have found mysrlf

    Asking why i keep going? I know in those moments that GOD is driving…. Today was a test of faith that i seem to continue to fail miserably!!! My husband works out of town and when he is home for the short amount of time he wants to pack 4 weeks if

    Together into 2 or 3 days and usually once my work night shifts are complete. So i am forced to respond, act and behave as though i have gotten a full nights sleep and not been awake for the last 16, caring for my patients, and even before that begins taking care of our three and a half year old daughter. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always like this, it just feels like lately the whole world is dumping on me. I am at a point of trying to fugure out if something needs to change or if i just need to recharge…. Sorry for the long comment, but thank you for this… Many blessings

  • Amanda

    Loss of my mom last November 19th,been almost a year,my older 2 daughter’s aren’t speaking to me,their both In very abusive relationships,my grannies are begin kept from me too.. Betrayed by church friends who helped our daughter elope. Just numerous things that make me wanna just quit and give up. Also am having some serious health issues on top of everything.Feels like there’s just no more hope left I’m so tired of the storms.

  • Regine Rabel

    please pray for my son he is homeless right I can’t help him anymore I run out of money to help him. My marriage is not doing to good my husband ask me for a divorce because I’m helping my son my son is 22 years old he has been making the wrong choices since he turn 18 years old. I just can’t do it anymore Please Lord keep him safe his name is Gregory Chickel thanks for the prayers God Bless.

  • I don’t know what to do anymore. My husband abandoned me 4 months ago for a prostitute, drug addict an alcoholic that he had been having a affair with for over two years. I stayed in the house after he left for 3 weeks praying that God would open his eyes and heart. The day I moved out he moved her in the next day. They have been living there ever since. He won’t even acknowledge my existence. I am broken and I want to just give up. My life is shattered and I have no sense of value or worth any longer. I am asking for your prayers please.

  • jennifer sweet

    I needed to hear this today really really bad. Thanks for posting.

  • dave willis

    Praying for you, Becca…
    “Be still before the Lord
    and wait patiently for him;
    do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
    when they carry out their wicked schemes.” Psalm 37:7

  • kay

    Please pray for my marriage. We are going through a difficult time, and prayers are needed. Thank you.

  • Tiffany

    My husband and I have been trying to fix our marriage for the last 8 months. It’s like we take 5 steps forward and 2 steps back. We struggle daily. I am completely committed to making things work but sometimes I wonder about him. I know he loves me. I have prayed more in the last 8 months then I have my whole life. We will be married 14 yrs in January, Im doing everything in my power to keep our marriage whole. I don’t believe in divorce and I love my husband so much.

  • Jessica

    I have a 9month old son and his father and I recently got married. We have taken a turn for the worst. My husband has always struggled with drugs as he grew up with a family who didn’t see anything wrong with it. We thought we had gotten past it when he stopped and got a good job and things turned around until recently when he’s been lying about it to me because he knows it upsets me. I’m wondering if we got married too soon and I’m going thru postpartum depression so I’m struggling to imagine my life without my husband. I’m not sure where to go from here….

  • Anne

    My Husband do not agree how to handle or help our adult Son going through personal challenges. The relationship with our Son is fractured. The primary communication we had with him was through his girlfriend/fiance’. When we together it was never just the three of us. This has gone on for well over 8 yrs. since their relationship ” on a break” I have realized these factors. My husband likes to sugar coat everything , always has I have had to be the one to maintains order and discipline. I feel I get no support. He does not want to have the “tough” conversations and or to get to the ” meaningful” ones. I am hurt. I am trying to rebuild what’s left of the of the primary relationship. I feel alone not sure what to do next to move forward. Please help.

  • My husband has left me and living with a girl 24 years you her than him. He is still married to me but living with her and her 6 year old son. I feel like life just sucker punched me in the face. I have bad health, no job, he spent my entire savings and now he leaves me. I have felt often of just giving up. My hopeless feelings over power me sometimes. I love The Lord with all my heart. But I am struggling with this pain. He just keeps me upset my saying one day he is coming home then another day he isn’t. I am so hurt beyond words. How do you ever get past this brokenness?

  • Brandi

    Just like many of the above prayers my life too has taken a big turn that I never expected I have been battling infidelity on my husbands part for 10years now (we’ve been together 25 yrs) this week he has decided to move out until he can fix himself leaving me alone for the first time ever in my life. We both want our marriage and we want to live the rest of our Ives together but he can’t fix his problem being here with me and continuing to hurt me so we have decided to take a break for now. It’s killing me but I pray for God’s grace to help me get thru this and I need prayers for my husband he doesn’t want to be like this but he can’t stop. Please pray for him and myself we need God’s interference more now than ever.

  • Mary

    Kristal, I’m praying for you. I’ve felt alone and scared too. You are not alone. Ask Jesus to hold you. He loves you more than you know.

  • Evelyn V

    very confused and heartbroken. Feeling lost s scared. Need some clarity snd direction. I just dont understand whats going on.

  • Pam Evans

    I have a beautiful grandson named Christian. He has autism and is nine years old. My husband and I have been in his life since the day he was born. He loves us just as much as we love him. Christians Dad and our daughter are divorced and he has remarried. The Dad and his new wife are keeping Christian away from us and it is killing us and our grandson. No reason for it except jealousy and spite. We have helped the Dad and his new wife with both money and anything they ask. Our grandson and his progression in life is our main concern and we love him deeply. Please pray for us to touch the Dad’s heart and his wife’s and let them see how important it is that our grandson always be in our life. And pray for my grandson that he might have a wonderful and fulfilling life.

  • Laura

    Darkness surrounds me and it’s suffocating. I want to find the light again…

  • KS

    Please keep me and my family in your prayers. I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby and 2 weeks later my husband decided to check out. I’m praying that he comes back home soon and that a little time will help heal his wounds.

  • Cathy G Baker-Phelps

    My marriage is on the verge of ending. I do love my husband but i feel totally destroyed by the things he has done. He wants to seek marriage counseling but it hard to find a christian counselor where we live. He apologizes for everything yet shows no real remorse. I have prayed for the past 2 years for my marriage. Things only seem to be getting worse. I feel so worthless and not good enough. I feel so humilated to have kept forgiving him only for him to continue texting and talking to the woman he cheated with. I really feel that I am alone. I have chosen to forgive him and try to repair my marriage but I cant even do that right. I need some guidance and feel like i am not even worth that. Don’t know what to do.

  • danielle

    a couple of days ago i was in the apartment by myself , and im not sure what happened , but i somehow hit my head , a couple hours later my husband gets off work and comes in to see me on the ground

    what is scary is i woke up and i had no clue where i was or who he was , it has been a rough couple of days , i still do not remember anything and i basically live with a stranger

    it is one of the scariest things ever

    we are trying to “date” again , get to know each other but i often forget his name , and its just a scary place in my life right now

  • Lulu

    My husband of 16 years walked out on me in October of 2013, because he said he has been miserable with me for years. Our adult children have watched me cry over him and our marriage for over a year now and they want nothing to do with him because of him leaving the way he did. I have tried to get him to go to counseling and talk to me so we can work things out and save our marriage but he won’t and he just ignores me. He filed for divorce back in September and we are now fighting things out in court, but what I don’t understand is why when he is around me he tries to talk to me like he has always talked to me, like we aren’t going through a divorce. This is so hard on me. I don’t want this divorce and I pray every night for Gods will to be done in my marriage.

  • C.M

    I cheated on my wife of 8 years during a trip abroad while drinking. i love her very much and i am deeply sorry for hurting her. i told her what i did but i fear its too late. i know things will never be the same again, i hate myself and the fact that i am so weak. If i could go back in time i would not have done what i did. I have let down my 2 beautiful daughters and a caring wife. My life is over.

  • Lonely Wife

    Please pray for me & my husband. Our 15 yr marriage is falling apart & I believe it’s because of drugs & infidelity. I’m so lonely in my marriage. I want us to be happy & in love again!

  • Sandy

    I need a closer walk with the Lord. I have many problems but I know they can all be solved by building a stronger relationship with Jesus. Please pray for me and my family

  • Gwen

    My sons salvation

  • Rizza

    Pls pray for me. Im going through a huge financial crisis, love life and faith…

  • Steven

    Need prayers for my wife and marriage. We’ve been separated for over a year now and does not want to work on reconciliation and has said she wants a divorce several times. I’ve found resources to get myself on the right track, but only prayer and God can do anything for her and our marriage. Thank you.

  • SMP

    hi. please pray for my husband and I. He left suddenly . Literally. Thank you.

  • MLG

    My husband no longer loves me. He wants a divorce and I’ve been fighting to keep my marriage together. It’s been almost 6 months and he is still adamant about the divorce. We have 3 children together and my heart breaks for them. I pray that God will change his heart. We have been married almost 12 years and I have loved him half my life. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  • Dan ramsey

    My wife has left me and she says there is no hope of reconciliation. Because all the hurt I have caused her she says there is no love left. Right now I feel devistated crushed confused. I don’t know what to do I just want my wife back.

  • Dan ramsey

    I’m praying for you and your marriage. Please pray for me as well

  • Jessica Martin

    Please pray for my marriage! And most of all my husbands salvation! My husband walked out the door a year ago begging me to not give up on him he said he was going through so much he is currently living with the lady he was having an affair with at the time! I pray for him continually in every aspect of his life! Thank you!

  • Kelley

    My marriage is faltering due to love not being there for my wife. I pray everyday that God will show me the path he has intended for me. I will not give up on my marriage. I truly love this woman. With that being said, it is time for me to check my faith. Faith, that is what it is all about.

  • Ana

    My marriage is in a stand still. My husband feels disconnected from me…he has some form of ptsd that I believe is some parts of the issue. I feel like I’m slowly losing him. I’m heart broken cause we have a 8 month old that doesn’t see him much. I would love some prayers that God can heal his issues and heal my marriage and put us on a path together to raise our little one.

  • Raul

    Please pray for me and my family. My marriage took a hit that isn’t looking promising. I don’t want to be separated from my family. I love my wife and kids. I have made too many mistakes and trying to make right by God.

  • Crystal

    My husband of 9 1/2 years was unfaithful with a co worker of his. We have been together for over 16 years and have 2 kids. We decided we would try to make things work and go to therapy. After about a month he gave up. He said he didnt want this life with me anymore and wanted to be with other people. Im broken. I feel lost. He’s so cold with me now. Wanting to file for divorce etc. Im not ready to give up but feel like i need to let go. He’s made his choice and doesnt want me.

  • Teresa

    Ever since I lost my son and only child to cancer I feel like life isn’t worth living. I married several years ago and hes a good man but at times we have our problems, right now we are in such financial hardship. Add to that some serious health issues for both of us and it gets to be more than I can handle. I’m not suicidal yet at the same time I think it would not bother me if I just didn’t wake up. I think that way I could be reunited with my son. I miss him so much and constantly think of the horrible way he died. I want to be able to live and enjoy life again. Please pray for us that things get better. Thank you.

  • George

    Not far from filing for divorce. The struggle is real. Please pray for me and my family.

  • Karen

    I could use some prayer. My husband of 3 yrs has decided to leave me. He says he’s been trying to make it work for 3 yrs and it just isnt. He used to be on fire for God, but now refuses to even go to church. We’ve even helped friends who were on the brink of divorce to stay together and now all the things he told them about marriage and not giving up etc he isn’t even doing himself. I don’t understand and am so heartbroken. I married him for life no matter what, no matter what life brings, with no conditions. I thought he did too, but now it’s like just because he’s not happy he’s willing to just walk away, refusing to get help from a 3rd party. I know I can’t change his mind, only God can work on his heart. I’m believing, and declaring that God will heal amd restore our marriage!

  • Charity

    Pls pray for I have Marriage problems, financial problems, and self worth issues!

  • i would like prayer for my marriage. My husband of 15 years recently had an affair. We are trying to take all the steps to get through this but I feel with every breath I take that the enemy is attacking my marriage.

  • I’m so very depressed and nothing I do seems to help,,I pray and I know God is able and he don’t want me to feel this way,,I truley want to die it hurts so bad..all my family wants nothing to do with me, the holidays are so depressing I have kids and grandkids but,they’re all to busy..I feel so alone and need help,,please pray for me,,

  • DALE

    I was laid off from a new job last month,I have never been without a job and the bills are starting to pile up.I have had 3 job interviews out of the hundreds of apps I have put in.I pray that I find something SOON or we may lose everything.

  • Anthony Bonello

    My marriage and finances are falling apart due to my mental illness. I am seeing a doctor. I pray the lord will give me strength and durability.

  • Erin Boyd

    My husband of 24 years told me today he is not open to the possibility of reconciling our marriage. We have been struggling for awhile and I believe we should stay married and that that is what God wants for us. I plan to continue to love him and be the wife I feel God calls me to be, I just pray that God works his way into my husband’s heart and my husband chooses to reinvest in our marriage.

  • Paul

    Wow – so much suffering is going on today. As is evident from so many of these comments, and indeed in my own situation as well, so much pain can be caused by struggling marriages. I wonder – why is it so difficult for love to endure, for people to be true to their promises and to remain faithful? Like many others here, I’m a victim of infidelity by my wife, the mother of my five children. I am trying to hold together what little remains, but it seems so hopeless now, and has for so long. I will pray for everyone here, and ask your prayers for my wife and I also.

  • Nathan

    My marriage has gone through a lot I made my wife lose her job cause of jealously we lost our house stuck living with our mother in law I have been wanting of some attention and communication from my wife and have not received it so I turned to emotional infedikuty please pray f

  • Nathan

    My marriage has gone through a lot I made my wife lose her job cause of jealously we lost our house stuck living with our mother in law I have been wanting of some attention and communication from my wife and have not received it so I turned to emotional infedikuty please pray for me as she contemplates divorce I’ve been wanting more chances please pray I love my wife and kids I was raised without parents and I really need my family I have no immediate family to help me

  • Robin

    My family and I are going through many issues. From financial -repossession of vehicle; behimd on bills, to marriage- audultry, ptsd, alcohol abuse, to our childrens health-all medical. Ive come to a realization to be thankful for what we have. Some things are not meant to be. It does open doors for other things, yet i need to give it to jesus and be patient.

  • Dianna

    Thank you for this post. I am struggling with a serious and painful situation, and I am simply asking (or accepting the offer) for prayers. Thank you

  • Cindy

    i too feel alone after some bad decisions have cost me a relationship with the man I loved. Personal decisions have me on the right track, albeit alone, and I know it is all for the best of my life getting back on track.

  • jessica

    Prayers please..I ve lost both my parents within a 20 mont period and my husband is not an emotional person and doesnt show affection. I need him now by I am scared to tell him how alone I truly feel. I have never felt so alone. I keep a smile on my face because I dont want me chikdren to see me broken but in fact I am broken. I am tired of crying and hurting and feeling alone. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with my husband and children yet I dont understand why He has taken so much. I know it is not up to me to question but I dont understand. Please pray.

  • Lisa

    Please pray for me I am going through a rough time and a spiritual battle in my life.

  • Amy

    I feel so alone right now.

    My sister went into a detox center the day before thanksgiving. And this is nothing new. My family has been going through this cycle with her for years.

    Recently she became sober. Won joint custody of her 2 children back. Had a great job and home. And threw it all away, AGAIN, For drugs.

    The most terrible part of the whole situation is her children. Who she has let down over and over again. Her daughter is now 14, very intelligent, but totally blind since birth.

    That is relevant here, because my niece sure could of used a good mom around. My brother is also an addict.

    About 1 1/2 ago he was found almost dead in his car by police with heroin. He was sent to jail. Then had nowhere to go.

    Me and my husband found his Christian organization in New Orleans called the mission. I did not realize it was a homeless shelter.

    And it was hard to accept that I had a brother in a homeless shelter. But during the time he was there, it was like I had my brother back. And he was closer to God than ever!

    But, he started wanting to leave. So I mistakenly gave him another chance to move in with me my husband and 3 boys.

    But he was told to leave after I found him high in his room one night.

    I knew something had been going on. But I finally got my proof.

    He was smoking mojo, the synthetic weed. Which is very dangerous. My husband and I are both RN.

    I can’t even describe what it’s like to see your brother so messed up like that.

    And In my home where my children are.

    Me and my mom are at odds over this now. Bc she got mad at me for making Marcus leave. She is in serious denial over her son. And just hurt from everything.

    So I just tell her I love her. And we haven’t spoken in few days.

    We didn’t even spend Thanksgiving together.

    All of this is so surreal to me, by the way. That #1) 2 serious iv drug user addicts as siblings.

    Struggling with what that means of me.

    I was always a good kid. Graduated high school with honors, went to college, earned bachelors degree in nursing. Married, work, go to church. Pretty average life.

    How does this happen?

    I love them so much. I know we are all the same. I do not think I’m better. It’s just the continued bad life choices they have made, led them to where they are.

    The fact I do not know where they even are right now. Is this pain in my soul. And it hurts so bad I cry out to God for help. To help us all.

    But I guess I too have made some bad decisions.

    My financial situation is bad.

    I made bad choices with money all in my twenties.

    My credit score is “very poor.” But what is shocking to me tonight. I have just learned that my husband was not telling me the truth when it came to his credit.

    I had admitted mine was horrible. And has to be fixed. Because we live on 5 acres and want to build.

    He was telling me “a year” “oh definitely by 2014.”

    Well time has passed. And then I learn the truth. His credit is horrible too.

    We will never build a house.

    This typing in this comment box is not allowing me to fully express my utter despair over the state of my life. It almost feels not real.

    My family has been torn apart by drugs, my sister is in detox again, but what happens next? My niece and nephews lives.

    Where is my brother going to go? He had the perfect opportunity with me, and he blew it so bad! Why?

    Why are me and my mom fighting?

    My dad passed away 3 1/2 years ago to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis at 53! I was with him when he passed.

    But I need him so bad still.

    My marriage is kind of falling apart to begin with.

    Now this new info about the truth of his credit and finances.

    I dont want to give up on my marriage. I want to honor God. Stay together for my boys. And I do love him.

    But why the lies.

    Why is all this happening now. I don’t even know what to do!! Literally!

    Except pray. God is everything. Even though I’m not acting like it right now. Bc I’m giving into my pain and worry.

    But, what am I doing wrong? What does Hod want me to do right now!!

    I need a lot of prayer. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed and confused.

  • debi

    praying for you psalms 46:10 says to be still know that I am God….rest in that and brlieve you are loved and wanted by an unfailing God! Hugs to you!


  • FD

    Thank you for sharing. Encourages me. There is Hope.

  • Brenda Sanchez

    I came across this at a perfect time. I’ve been feeling down and so discouraged with my husband and our marriage…lately I’ve been wanting to just walk away.. I’ve prayed to God for some guidance..and I know this was not a coincidence.. I know my prayers have not been in vain. Please pray for my husband, for myself and our marriage. Thank you..and God bless.

  • Kimmy

    I found myself drawn to this article because I am fighting depression….separated, my mother isis dying and I lost my job all this year. However, I found myself reading the many posts and wanting to pray for these people. So many broken relationships. Help us all Lord…we need YOU!

  • Port

    my mother passed away and both of my brothers went to jail all in one year,.. Talk about a hard time!!!

  • nancy

    Hi my name is Nancy and I’m going through some family issues, financial issues as well, reading this made me realize I can’t quit and keep on going, ur words meant a lot to me


  • Sheri

    When I was a little girl I can remember how bad I couldn’t wait to grow up and become a mom with lots of kids. But now I can’t remember what it feels like to be happy or to be loved. I’m 35 and my life has always been and still is a constant struggle. Since a teenager I’ve dealt with addictions, depression, lots of abuse as a kid growing up and then every adult relationship I’ve been in was abusive relationships. I was married to a guy but it was a miserable marriage. I filed for divorce after two years of marriage for many awful reasons. At age 28 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. I’m now healthy and cancer free. I want to be a mother more then anything in this world. Before the cancer, I had been pregnant twice and both of those pregnancies ended by miscarriage. In hopes of having kids, my husband and I decided to leave one of my ovaries and we tried everything medically possible including both traditional and gestational surrogacy and after 2 years of trying with over 15 unsuccessful attempts and spending over $200,000.00 my doctors advised us that we needed to look at using both egg and sperm donors or adoption. Upon hearing this my husband told me that he didn’t want any child that wasn’t biologically his and this was when my world crashed down once again and we divorced. I’m financially struggling at the moment from all the money I already spent trying to have a baby. And it turns out that for the past 4 years that I’ve been looking for a baby to adopt, nobody wants to choose a single woman, (despite the fact that I can offer a child a wonderful stable happy life), to adopt their baby. And the places that say they “guarantee” that they can find a baby for a single divorced woman like myself are simply out of my budget. This isn’t fair! I’ve overcame so many negative things in order to have the chance to be a mom. First, I don’t understand why I had uterine cancer which killed any chance of carrying/having a baby and secondly I’m now being denied the chance to be a mom to a child in need of a loving home simply because I can’t afford the cost of the adoption process? I have already spent close to a half a million dollars in the past 6 years and it all went to anything and everything to do with any possible way of me becoming a mom. I was even scammed out of $10,000 by a woman that had me believing that I was going to adopt the baby that she was supposedly pregnant with only to find out it was all a lie from the ultrasound pictures to the sound of the baby heartbeat and even fake legal documents. I’m trying to stay strong but I’m dying inside. What am I supposed to do? I refuse to give up trying to be a mom but at the same time I can’t get any adoption agency to help me because I don’t have the funds that they require to just let me apply. I just feel so lost. Please pray for me.

  • Devastated Wife

    I have recently found out my husband has been having an affair for the past two years. On the day I found the evidence of the affair he gave me divorce papers. We have two children and I am devastated and completely heartbroken by this. We have been together for 12 years and I don’t just want to give up on our marriage even though he says he isn’t in love with me anymore. He is still seeing this woman and has a very nasty attitude towards me, but he says he still desires me sexually. I have been praying and praying for God to make peace and restore my marriage, but at this point with his nasty attitude and the fact that he is still seeing her I just want to give up. Is it possible at this point for him to change and for our marriage to be restored?? Prayers are greatly appreciated.

  • Valya

    im broken. Deeply broken. I’m in a relationship with a man that is 32 years older than I am. I am 23. As a child I was sexually molested and raped multiple times. When I was adopted by an American family I came to know God. But my faith fell as I came into this relationship. I’ve been crying to God to help. To help me figure out my life. I know God has a purpose, has a plan but I don’t seem to know what he wants with it. I need prayer in letting my heart heal and to get out of this abusivd relationship

  • Confused

    I left the father of my child and moved home with my father. I’m out of work, have bills to pay and am the sole provider of my son. He is a good father, but not a good partner. He has a lot of demons, anger and baggage. We had a home together and a life and now that’s all over. There is so much I need to deal with, selling our home, collecting our belongings and at 35, I feel like I am being forced to start over. I’m angry at him for forcing us to leave by making it not safe in our home but am scared that he won’t get the help he needs to be a father to our child. I have faith, but don’t understand why this had to happen for him to realize what he had and had lost. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel like I can’t move on with our life though I know I have to for my son. I’m scared to put my faith in anyone but myself as I have always been let down. I feel alone and I miss the happiness I once had in my life.

  • Elisanna

    Thank you so much for this reminder. My heartaches so much as I am so unhappy with my life and marriage of 4 years. I am negative all the time and feel so lost. I love my family but we have so many struggles. I just don’t know what to

    Do anymore.

  • odetta

    Please pray for my marriage. I think my husband might have borderline personality disorder. We have no relationship. He completely ignores me. There has never really been a marriage. Kids are hurting, especially my elder son from my previous marriage. I am desperately lonely. Please pray for us.

  • Aimee

    Please pray for me. Depression is hitting hard and not helping with my marriage and my family. Finances are tough. Marriage is rough. Just need lots of prayers. Thank you.

  • juan

    I need prayer. I’m the only one fighting for our marriage. I hurt my wife and I want her to forgive me so that she may be healed from all the pain that I caused. It’s been almost two years and I’m tired of fighting. I pray and I pray and there is no change in her heart. Please pray for my wife Susy.

  • Rachael

    I am struggling with my health and trusting God during my difficulties. I have a chronic condition which affects my central nervous system, and I am experiencing hormonal imbalance. The imbalance has taken such a toll on my emotions. I am not myself – I have to battle rage and depression on a daily basis. I am currently praying over a medication and whether or not I should take it (I struggle with a fear of medicines as I have had some bad reactions). My husband has been so great, but I can see the toll my health has taken on the us. Please pray for full surrender and trust! I am battled the chain of doubt and sorrow. Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    Please pray for my marriage. I had an affair. We’ve been married for 18yrs, and have children. I’m having trouble truly believing I’m forgiven. My husband was never a Godly man, it has always been just the kids and I going to church. He would go to church, but as far as further involvement in church , usually it was just me. Now my husband is having a relationship with God, praying often, and even praying with me! He has felt the Holy Spirit, told me God said to forgive me, and gave him peace about it. Why am I scared to death? I’m getting the Godly man I’ve always wanted and I’m scared that when the newness of his Christianity wears off, he will return back to his old ways. I know I have to trust that God is in control, has a better plan for us. But I’m struggling !

  • Angela Erhart

    Please pray for my husband and I as we are struggling to get pregnant. We thought we were this week until my blood test came back negative. I also have issues with worrying all the time, fears of health and the world, being negative that bring me down completely and I feel so different than the fun optimistic person I used to be. I feel alone and scared. Desperately trying to have a baby. Been married for 2 years. We are in our early 30s. Husband is in the military, has been in for 15 years. We are stationed thousands of miles away from family and friends. Husband is deploying again soon next year for his 9th deployment. Hard to have trust at times. Feel so alone in this lifestyle. Desperately want to have a child and feel happy again and get these constant thoughts of fear out of my head. Praying to St. Gerard and Jesus to shine their light upon me and be by my side through this journey.

  • Sean Conner

    Please pray for my family. My wife has asked for a divorce and I am moving out. Although I never cheated, I certainly closed my heart during our 12 yrs. GOD has opened both eyes and heart. I ask for prayers of restoration of our marriage, as well as grace for our three sons.

  • Kathy Hummingbird

    Would like Prayer for My Health to get Better

  • Kristy

    My marriage is falling apart because of infidelity on my husband’s part. I wanted so bad to fix it but i am not even sure i could fix it. I don’t know what God is going to do. I feel like giving up but i know its just the devil trying to destroy me.

  • Brandi

    I am in the same position as both of u ladies my Husband of almost 20 yrs and I are now separated after many months of trying to fix our marriage after infidelity issues. I too do not believe in divorce and he has been my world since I was 16 yrs old and my best friend and I feel like I have lost everything. We both want our marriage but he needs help I pray every day that God will find a way to get back into my husbands life and force satan out of it all I can do is work on myself and go back to who I was before all the bitterness and anger that I have inside me now. The only advise I can give u is to look up and have Faith in God that everything is happening the way God planned it. Do not give up on what u believe in and don not give up on urselves ☺️ u r loved and I will pray for both of you.

  • shawnee

    Can you add me to your prayer list? My husband is wanting to leave the marriage and is being verbally abusive to me over the phone. He’s in the military and is currently overseas in Germany. For almost 2 months I have been trying to better myself and be as strong as I can be for my 2 beautiful kids. He says that he hasn’t been happy and he’s willing to make the selfish choice to leave the marriage we’ve dealt with a reoccurrence in infidelity and abuse. I know ow God can heal our marriage I have faith that it can be saved but my husband doesn’t have any hope and really isn’t making an effort to get any help. I pray everyday and have seemed other family and friends for their prayers and support. I hope to dear God my marriage can be saved and we can overcome our difficult trials we face ahead. I don’t believe in divorce and my family is my top priority. I want to save it for the sake of my children and our own futures. Thank you.

  • tina crocker

    Marriage is failing. And he has left. I need prayers plz for restoration.

  • Trina

    im not going through a divorce or anything, but did recently get married. I wake up miserable every day and u know it tears my husband up. I have so much anger built up inside. In 2011, I lost custody of my baby girl to her dad who was never involved. Since then, I have built a relationship with her and have come a long way. The issue is her step mom. (Well her dad too)She volunteered for orders overseas (she is military) and they moved a year ago. They are trying to sabotage my relationship with my baby. It’s out of my hands. They basically blame me from losing her 4 years ago and the psychiatrist they make her see says that she is affected by me from the first 15 Mths of her life while I had her. It’s a bunch of crap if u ask me but it hurts. My daughter is barely 5. We have court soon and I’m worried that they will use what the doctor says from something that’s in the past. It’s hArd to let go of what I did.. All I want is my daughter:( I love her so much and I feel so incomplete without her. Plz pray for me. I need another miracle

  • Lee

    I could use a prayer or two.. I am feeling very discouraged, resentful and defeated. I’m not sure what direction God wants me to go in and I need strength, courage and know-how to go wherever He needs me to go… Thankyou for your prayers

  • Shelly Williamson

    please pray for me and my family. My husband of 23 years left 16 months ago. He has been struggling with alcohol and there is an ow. I am praying for Gods wisdom and strength but some days it’s so hard! Thank you for the encouraging message!

  • Christina

    Please pray that God will renew the love & vows in my marriage. That my husband will honor our marriage vows & appreciate our relationship. Also to help him realize that our marriage needs to be priority over his friends. Love and marriage takes a lot of hard work, time, & patience. We have invested years in our relationship & I know its not God’s will for divorce. . I am claiming victory over the enemy.

  • Thanks I needed the sign from the good lord. God is amazing. Plaza pray for me keep me strong. My wife has recently left me an feel the same as the young boy in story I’m also a young adult an been thru rough marriage. Thank you Jesus your truly a blessing!!

  • Heather

    I am dealing with a health scare right now…which is really tough.. Especially around the holidays. I am praising God for the good news I have received but still have several tests to get through and the wait is hard. It is making it hard for me to be the wife and mom I need to be… And I would definitely appreciate any prayers I can get. Thank you for these reminders!

  • Love

    Spent many years caring for my mother inlaw. In the end, none of her children showed gratitude or appreciation for what I sacrificed for their mother, not even my own husband. I have never experienced the grief of someone close to me dying. And though I was not close to my mother inlaw, my years of caring for her had a huge impact on our relationship as well as my life. Trying to put the pieces of my life back together. Trying to raise my 3 children to be good people in this world. Trying to stay above sinking waters financially. Trying to just make it to tomorrow. I know God is with me and has never left my side. Things that I was able to accomplish would never have happened without His divine love and power. I am just so weak and broken.

  • Rebecca

    I am angry at God. And disappointed in myself.

  • Rebecca

    I prayed for you

  • Unspoken prayer request please. A multitude of reasons. I love the Lord Jesus. This was very inspiring and my daughter found this and that is the joyful part. I raised my children in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I believe it was His way of saying He’s got them in His care and that His word never returns void. His promises are true. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

  • Been There

    I read all the comments on here and I’m praying for you all. I’ve been in some of your shoes and I was SO heartbroken I didn’t think I would ever get over it. My ex-husband got another woman pregnant. Too much to detail here, but I forgave him and wanted to make our marriage work. She had a miscarriage, and then I found out he had gotten her pregnant again. He wanted to be with her and eventually we divorced. I felt like such a failure and how could God forgive me for getting a divorce? I always said I didn’t believe in divorce yet here I was a divorced woman and I was the one who filed. Moving on – I’ve been happily married to a Christian man for many years now and I thank God every day. Don’t give up on God or think He’s not there for you. Sometimes you truly do have to go through many storms and much fog before you get through and it can seem like forever! And remember this, YOUR plans may not be God’s plans.

  • Araceli

    I going through a difficult time in my marriage. My husband and I have been separated for about four months. He decided it was enough of not appreciating him as a man, husband or father. I regret and accept that I did not value him. I have apologize and begged him to forgive me. This has devastated me and it been very difficult for me to go on. I still love my husband and we have seven year old son who needs him and loves his daddy. Please advice me. I don’t want a divorce, I want to save my marriage but not sur s if he does. I feel the anger and resentment has taken over him and doesn’t care what happens to us or his family. 🙁

  • Meaghan Hall

    I had decided a few years back that I didn’t want to have kids. But lately, I’ve been longing for a family. (I think) I still don’t plan on having kids myself, but perhaps gaining step children or adopting later on. At any rate, the Holy Spirit is stirring something inside me and it hit me hard today.

  • I want to believe these seven truths, but I’m having a hard time doing so. I had to leave school a couple of years ago due to lack of progress. I ran up a lot of student loan debt and I don’t know how we’re going to pay it back. My teenage son has autism and I’m worried about his future. And I am dealing with a number of health issues, both physical and mental. Sometimes I think that, while God loves me, he doesn’t like me very much.

  • Lindsey

    My 4yr old daughter relapsed with leukemia in Oct & we are currently inpatient. This year has been the worst year of my life. She was first diagnosed in January & our lives have been broken since. It seems to get harder & harder for us each day. Praying for a miracle.

  • Guest

    Please keep my family in your prayers, facing the Christmas season with very little cash is adding to the depression I already struggle with. I want so bad to trust God, but SO hard. I feel like a complete failure right now, as a wife, Mom, friend etc

  • Carole L. Kruckow Monasmith

    Please do pray for me, I am struggling through financial crisis and depression as well as health issues. Thank you for the inspiring post!

  • Nicole

    Yes, Please pray for my marriage and finances.

  • rosie a.

    please pray for me. i dont know how much more i can take before i give up on this life. i am so tired of feeling like im not good enough for anybody. im just tired.

  • Ashley

    Pls pray for my marriage and our finances. I’m also struggling again with depression.

  • kaci

    Please pray for me. I’m battling colon cancer at 32. My kids live with my ex husband. I have no job. I need so many things to change in my life for the better.

  • AngelGoddess942

    PLEASE pray for me n my Family DCS took my daughter 18 months ago I’ve done everything I have been asked I’ve passed every drug screen expect the 1st one. And I even went against my faith n divorced my husband to get her back. Now they r trying to take away my rights to her. She is my miracle baby! I’ve lost my happiness my family is destroyed. Out of everything in life that tried to it was the justice system that destroyed me they tore my soul apart. I did something one night and my daughter wasn’t even there. I made a mistake one night n They are telling me I can’t be a mom bc of it? I just want my life back I know that I got off of God’s path for me a little bit not intentionally sometimes we don’t notice when we r taking a step off track n that one step can take us off the road completely. I’m trying to put the pieces back together I’m praying for strength to fight for my daughter. I feel like I have no private life at all they cross boundaries they dig into parts of my life that has nothing to do with my daughter they tell me how to discipline her n it’s like if I’m not going to be the type of person n society that they want me to be n b with a guy that is acceptable 2 them! But then in court they make u swear on the BIBLE UNDER OATH RIGHT? k n 2 lie on the stand is a crime bc u swore on something Holy n so how could they tell me that I had to break a vow that I made in unto God? Sorry I ranted Please pray for my baby n my husband n to give me strength to get my daughter back n my Life on Track!!!

  • Cheyenne Haley

    Please pray for me. My fiance has started having a active additction. we both got sober together for our daughter and now he is taking off all night not answering his phone and saying t is all my fault

  • Michael Smith

    I just ask that you all pray for my fiancee and I as we have basically split at this time. We both come from bad past relationships which already makes the impossible possible but I love her deeply and I pray one day she actually sees that. That’s the agree and hurt from past is washed away and I’m the man she really said she wanted and not just there for the fun times. I’m hurting right now and I just need God to talk to me.

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  • Anabella Garrett

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  • Shannon Smith

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  • Victoria

    I have been married for a little over 7 years and this is the God’s honest truth, we have nver had sex! My husband is a wonderful man, but very “timid”, that is the only way I can describe it, I had a very healthy sex life before marriage and have never had to deal with a situtation likt this, he just cannot “do it”, he has been to a Doctor,I asked him to see a therapist and he did, he also is very, very intelligent, very high IQ, he is from France and is a lot younger than I am, he is the best person I have ever known, but this lack of sex life is for the birds, he never dated before me, he went to 2 top universities, but he is being screwed on his job, I was injured in a accident 6 years ago and cannot walk like I used to, I have been very , very depressed, this is not what I thought married life would be like, but this is just par for the course for my life, everything has been a tremedous struggle for me, I grew up poor, never had any help, not a good student in school, just eked by, life has always been a series of “second best” for me, I always had to “settle’, I am so tired of everything, I want more, I deserve more, I deserve to be happy but I am not, I don’t think he will EVER get a better job, we are just struggling to get by, I saty at home a lot because there is just really not a lot of money for me to do anything, I would love to take a pottery class or an art class, nope, can’t do it, every day is just a freaking struggle and I am very tired of it all………

  • Suri

    I am just tired of praying, life never get better for me. i dont know how long I have to wait, i just give up now. I am tired of feeling like a failure

  • Andrew

    I feel the same way. It’s been nearly 10 years for me and I see my prayers are not answered. Sure, I hear “God loves you.” But if it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck? Well, you know.

  • Andrew

    Perhaps like me, he cannot. Sad to the extreme. I enjoyed nothing more and simply cannot do it.

  • Laurie M.

    I went several years without a sex life with my husband due to his diabetes. I looked at it and felt like it was just a small part of our marriage (which it is.) I enjoyed being held and told how much he loves me more than the physical feeling of sex. My husband was killed in a car accident on his way to work January 19, 2015. I always thanked God for him only to have him ripped away from me. 17 years of being totally in love to all of the sudden lonliness, fear, anger, heartbreak, etc. At least yours is alive. Show some gratitude for that!

  • Laurie M.

    I miss my husband who was killed in an auto accident this past January. I thanked God for the gift of my beautiful husband frequently and always said to Him that if one of us goes please take me first because I couldn’t imagine my life without my one true love. My husband and I would have conversations about when we leave this world and I always said “God won’t take you before me, He wouldn’t be that cruel.” But, He did and I hate my life. I pray all the time to no avail. It has caused me now to question my faith and if there’s nothing after death, why not just end it now and escape all this brokeness, heartbreak and pain. My whole life has been horrible until my husband. Why is God punishing me like this. I truly feel like I can’t go on.

  • Suri

    Yes how sad it is right

  • Beloved

    I was doing a bit of research fellow or a friend and came across this blog. The author provided some great TRUTHS for those who are broken hearted and struggling.

    I went on to read the comments and felt lead to clarify something. I am a Believer and know that Jesus Christ IS my Lord and Savior. I know through reading His Word (The Bible) that any magic, witchcraft and spells, etc…are not of God, but the unseen world.

    Deuteronomy 18:10-12 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD; because of these same detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you.

    2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

    The act of witchcraft and spells are an abomination to God. Please turn from this and repent.

  • Beloved

    I’m so sorry about the tragic loss of your husband. I don’t want to even pretend to think I know what you must be going through because I don’t. I do know that our God is a loving God and is not punishing you. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world, so things like this don’t and might not ever make sense. I get stuck when I go through seasons of needing God more than ever, but am unable to feel His presence. I am then reminded that it’s not about feelings, but faith. He’s always by your side and loves you. Start meditating on scripture and let the Holy Spirit work in you!
    God Bless you, Laurie!

  • Margaret Vojta

    What about if you don’t believe in a god? I was adopted, was raised Catholic, went to church on Sundays, etc. But in the last 10 or so years, I feel that there is not a god. I feel that god is just something like santa clause or the tooth fairy. I guess it would be nice to believe that everything happens for a reason, that we will all go to “heaven” if we are good and believe. My 32-year old friend recently died of a brain aneurysm. She left two small children. People have said to me “she is with god in heaven.” or “it’s god’s plan”. I’m afraid I don’t believe that. In my own life, starting out as a product of rape and put in an orphange, then adopted at the age of 6 months by parents who never should have been allowed to have children, has left me feeling that i am cursed, that I will never find happiness, and that there is no such thing as god or karma. It seems like good people (people who have generous hearts and loving hearts) have to deal with bad things, and terrible people (people who worship money, are selfish, and mean) get rewarded in life. Can you give me some advice; some reason to not take two bottles of pills and end it all?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I can’t make you believe in God. That’s between you and him. But I can tell you that there’s still happiness in the world that makes it worth living in.

    I was born with autism. I spent my entire elementary school years being the butt of everyone’s jokes. I still am, if I’m entirely honest with myself, but people have become “smart” enough to do it behind my back. Sometimes it’s hard to be in public, to try and look people in the eye, to try to act like their idea of “normal”, but I do it anyway. The truth is, I don’t have a lot of friends and sometimes I feel lonely in a crowded room. I’ve had bad things happen to my friends, one of them lost his father in a car crash, one died of brain cancer, and one was shot by a suicidal friend of theirs before the shooter took his own life. The world doesn’t make any sense, which doesn’t sit well at all with my logical-literal thinking autistic brain. I’ve wondered several times why God hasn’t already started armageddon, as the world is screwed up enough.

    The truth is, there’s still beauty in the world. The rain falling down the window, the night sky downtown, snow falling down and covering the street, the sunset after a good day, the stars in the sky. Humans have that beauty too. Personalities, the fact that people willingly work together to make everything from grocery stores to hospitals are functional for the entire population to benefit. The human race is also there during tragedy too. The first thing all my neighbors did after they heard my friend was shot was organize dinners for her parents for two months. My friends’ parents turned their grief of losing their child to brain cancer into an opportunity to set up a charity in their daughter’s name and raise money for cancer research. My orchestra teacher made a big card, got the class to raise money for my friend’s family and made her best Asian cooking to share with him and his family. Terrible things happen in this world. But there are always those who are willing to rise up and help.

    Are there people in a better position to do so who don’t? Do they get rewards that they don’t deserve. Yes. But from what I’ve seen, the good and loving people always have a friend to fall back on. Even back in elementary school when I was bullied, I was blessed with teachers who would let me leave class when things got too noisy or when I was too upset, who tried to end the bullying around me, who tried their very best to be the friend that I had so, so, so much trouble finding. I had a librarian who let me hang out in the library every day before school and nurtured my love for reading. She also handed me the very first novel, and the only good novel, I have ever seen with an Autistic narrator, which changed my life forever and made me even more determined to pursue my dream of becoming an author(We’ll see how that goes. :’D) I even had several fellow students who would let me play four square with them and lava tag, even though the young me was so socially awkward that it was almost impossible. Based on your post, I think it’s safe to say that your friend does too. She’s lucky to have that, and so are her kids. I hope that someday, you can think of your friend and smile on the times you shared together, on the memories you made together. You’re not cursed. Life just reared its ugly head and it happened to hit you. And it hurts. There’s no shame in feeling pain. Just remember that there’s still hope and beauty left in the world.

    If you still feel that you’re unable to go on, there is no shame in asking for help, whether that be in the form of therapy or just talking to someone else. It’s okay. We’re all human, and we all hurt. I pray that this helped in some small way, even though it’s just words on a computer screen.

  • C Jasz

    Life is a lonely, sad way to nowhehere.

  • C Jasz

    God bless you Laurie, I will pray for you!

  • Mrs Betty Slover

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  • Margaret Vojta

    First of all, I’d like to tell you that I am the parent of an autistic son, aged 13. He’s the most amazing and wonderful little guy (but I might be a little prejudiced being his mom). Seriously, though, everyone tells me how awesome he is. I can understand where you are coming from. Just because i don’t believe in a “god” doesn’t mean I don’t see the beauty in our world. I appreciate it, I feel, more than a lot of people do. My occupation depends on my appreciation of the beauty of nature. People who are atheists or agnostics aren’t people who will stand out in a crowd usually. The only time people know how I feel is when the subject of religion comes up. There is a group, actually a church called The Church of Satan which, despite it’s name, consists of very interesting people. These people do NOT worship Satan or a devil, and don’t believe in a god. They, do however, do things for the environment, for people in general, for victims of abuse, etc. Just because you go to church does NOT make you or anyone else better. There are church-going people who cheat on their spouses or their taxes, people who have no morals at all, and just generally selfish and self-centered people who claim to be “Christians”. I don’t judge people by their label, but I have noticed that so-called “Christians” (which I could technically call myself as I was born into the Catholic religion) are not always the best people. I am a very giving and generous person. I do volunteer work, driving Alzheimer’s patients and sometimes their caregivers as well to their doctor’s appointments. I care about our planet and the environment. I give generously to animal shelters and wildlife organizations. I don’t steal, I try not to lie (unless it’s in the person’s best interest and sometimes not even then). I help people in need whenever I get a chance and will do anything for any organization against child and animal abuse (or abuse of any kind, for that matter). However, I do not think that I will go anywhere after I die. I choose to be cremated because it is better for the environment. If we keep burying people, we will have acres and acres of land dedicated to decomposed bodies, which I believe is ridiculous! When I die, I want people to celebrate my life, play some of my favorite music, and remember good times (instead of crying or being sad). I’m just trying to say that just because I don’t believe in a ‘god’ does not make me a bad person. I also understand where you’re coming from, because I used to feel the same way. As I’ve gotten older, though, I believe I’ve gotten wiser. Peace.

  • Margaret Vojta

    No; that’s your biological clock ticking. I hear it happens to most women at some point.

  • Margaret Vojta

    That was a wonderful post, truly. I’m not actually “suicidal”, but I really don’t think there is a magic man up in the sky (although I really, really wish there were). I have dabbled in different religions, even wiccan. To me, I think the purpose of life is to enjoy the beauty around us. To me, the creatures of the earth (the animals) are very important. I love all of earth’s creatures (the ones with four legs, that is — not insects). I am touched so deeply by animals; it almost seems I can see into their soul. On the other hand, I am extremely sensitive to others’ problems and feeling, sometimes becoming overwhelmed worrying about someone else. In the end, though, there are people here on earth that I would NEVER leave on purpose; people that make my life worth living; people who love me for myself. And, at the end of the day, I guess that’s all there is. I’m not a pessimist nor optimist, but more of a realist. I can understand why some people use faith as a type of crutch (but they would never call it that). They feel that, if there isn’t a God up there and if people don’t go to heaven when they die, that they could not live without the reality of what it really is. Dead is dead; no one goes anywhere. It is true that energy never dies, though, and I think of this to comfort me when I think of my friend being gone.