7 ways a husband needs respect from his wife.

7 ways a husband needs respect from his wife. December 12, 2014

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As I’ve interacted with couples from all over the world and researched the keys to happiness and fulfillment in marriage, one surprising discovery is that most husbands are absolutely desperate for the respect of their wives. For many men, the drive to be respected is even stronger than their drive for sex.

(Women also desire and deserve respect. Take a minute to read my post on 7 ways a wife needs respect from her husband)

This isn’t a new discovery. The Bible records a two thousand-year-old tidbit of marriage wisdom by stating, “So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” (Ephesians 5:33). There’s a great book by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs called “Love and Respect” which delves into the deeper meanings of love and respect in marriage.

I believe most women genuinely want to show respect to their husbands, but they don’t always know how to do it. What a wife may do to show respect and what a husband may need to feel respected are often two different things. To help bring more harmony to your marriage, I’ve outlined below the main ways a husband feels respected from his wife.

This is not a comprehensive list and all of these may not all apply to every marriage, but I’m strongly convinced these seven principles hold true for the vast majority of men. I’m so thankful to have a wife who shows me much more love and respect than I deserve! Thanks, Ashley.

(In no particular order):

A husband feels respected by his wife when…

1. She is content to live within the family’s financial means.

A husband has a deep desire to be a provider. In our modern society, the man is not usually the sole breadwinner, but he still wants to feel that his work is meeting the needs and desires of his wife. When a wife will life within the family’s financial means, she’s communicating respect to her husband by validating his hard work and his need to be a provider. She’s also removing financial stress from the marriage. (Husbands obviously need to live within the financial means of the family as well).

2. She prioritizes what happens in the bedroom.

When a man feels starved sexually, he will often feel both the physical frustration of unfilled desire and the emotional frustration of feeling undesirable to his wife. When the wife will initiate intimacy and also be receptive to his advances, he will feel more respected and fulfilled and he’ll also be more capable of fulfilling his wife’s needs.

For more on this, check out our new video series on sex and intimacy in marriage.


3. She builds him up with her words (both in public and in private).

A wife’s words have the power to shape her husband. A wife shows respect to her husband both by how she speaks to him and by how she speaks about him. In both public and private, a wife’s words can build up or tear down her husband. She’s affirming, not sarcastic. She’s warm, not cold. She’s his biggest encourager, not his biggest critic.

For more on this, check out this post on “How do I respect my husband when he makes so many mistakes?”

4. She laughs with him (not at him).

When there isn’t much laughter in the marriage, that’s usually a warning sign of deeper issues. Find opportunities to laugh together. Your husband desperately wants you to be happy. Most husbands can’t be happy unless they believe they’re making their wives happy. Also, laugh at his jokes. This one might seem silly, but you’d be amazed how important it is for most men to know his wife believes he has a great sense of humor.

dave willis healthy relationship comedy drama quote

5. She trusts his judgment.

I’m certainly not saying a wife should blindly agree to everything that husband wants. A marriage requires a lot of conversation, mutual submission, and sometimes even debate. What I am saying is that a man feels strongest when his wife affirms his strength. A man feels wisest when his wife affirms his wisdom. A man feels most respected when his wife respects his decisions.

6. She doesn’t mother him.

There’s a motherly instinct in most women and that instinct can sometimes be misdirected towards mothering a husband. When a wife attempts to change, discipline or correct a husband from the posture of a mother instead of a partner, the husband will feel emasculated and it will often cause a cycle of frustration for both the husband and the wife.

7. She has his back.

Above all, a husband needs to know his wife has his back. In all times, in all situations, let him know you love and respect him. Your love, your words, your actions and your respect have the power to bring out the best in him.

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  • Dragonfly

    This whole list should go both ways, shouldn’t it? I would hope for the same from my husband.

  • pennyhammack

    Concerning the first “should” it was my husband, not me, that was unwilling to live within his and ultimately our incomes. He was a good man and we had a good marriage but he always insisted that I work so he could spend what he liked without worrying about our finances. I remember crying one time because he wanted a pair of expensive boots that were beyond our means.

  • progressive and proud

    I assume “was my husband” indicated you divorced him. He obviously is a very self-centered, greedy person.

  • pennyhammack

    No, he died.

  • progressive and proud

    Lucky you.

  • DA from NC

    I was thinking the same thing when I read the article with two exceptions. I believe that due to our societal values, most men feel the burden of being the financial provider on a deeper level than many women and therefore #1 may apply on a deeper level for many men. And as our society has always given much more validity and consideration to the sexual needs, wants, and desires of men, I can imagine that #2 applies to more men than women.
    I have heard many times that “men need to feel respected and women need to feel cherished” but as a strong, educated, independent woman, I identify much more strongly with the need to feel respected.

  • Chokwadi

    What do u do when your husband doesn’t want to work for the family? I mean two years doing nothing but drink away any income he gets from small jobs. You never ask him about it but he makes it a point to disrespect you both publicly and privately.

  • Guilty

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been in two marriages, and I’ve seen this work both positively and negatively. The first time, by the end, I had no respect for him, and while that wasn’t the only problem, I’m sure my lack of respect contributed to the ruin of the marriage. I became both the husband and the wife, or a parent figure, because he couldn’t get things done and SOMEONE had to take charge – which I didn’t realize at the time really showed how little I respected him. Eventually I got sick of being his mommy – and being bored and lonely and unloved and unappreciated – and left. But I really think it could have been fixed if I had understood this love/respect thing. I think feminism is an awful thing for marriages, but women buy into it because their men, for whatever reason, start acting like children. My ex is remarried to a feminist.

    My wonderful second husband loves me, and I completely respect him. I read Love & Respect before we got married, and I do struggle to know how to show respect. It feels easy to say ‘I love you’ but awkward to say ‘I respect you’. After what I went through before, I much prefer what I’ve got now: a real man who I can respect. He does take care of me. We both work, but he earns more and it feels like he is the one really supporting our family. He takes charge and I follow his lead. This is so fulfilling in ways I cannot explain. After what I’ve been through, it is such a relief to be married to an adult, a real man who I CAN respect, and every time I feed his need for respect, he feeds my need for love.

  • Chokwadi

    I doubt u can ever “fix” a marriage where one party doesn’t want to act responsibly or “Grow up” so to speak. You can only do your best. I applaud you for taking charge of things. I’m in that position at the moment and I keep wondering if he can ever change and be that respectable man that he once was before his alcohol addiction took control. I still do respect him though but that is never reciprocated. I feel like I’m doing all the giving and getting nothing back. Its really hurtful.

  • pennyhammack

    My daughter was married to a man who insisted on separate everything – they even split the utility bills. But..he wouldn’t even let her buy new furniture because if she left him she might take it with her. She did leave him and made him buy out her half of the house. She is happily married to a new husband and they pool resources and agree on all but the most minor purchases.

  • pennyhammack

    Nobody’s clock got cleaned. She left him because he refused to have children after promising to do so before they married. I do not believe that sharing resources is a bad thing in a loving relationship. Separate resources only works if the salaries and responsibilities are equal. How do you allocate expenses when there are children involved? Split the cost of their shoes equally? And how does the child feel when you tell them they can’t have a new coat because Daddy can’t afford to pay his half right now.

  • texascherry

    I did all of these things, without fail, my husband agrees. Yet, he still cheated. I wonder why? We have been married almost 12 years. We may not survive this.

  • Viktor

    It’s not your fault, it’s his. Good Luck! I hope you find happiness.

  • Viktor

    Please listen to this advice, it’s perfect!

  • texascherry

    Thank you for your reply. I have asked my husband, who “can’t remember” anything he did with this other woman for 15 months. All he can come up with, is he “just wanted to f#ck with her. Did I let myself go? No. I am 5’9, 140 lbs, pretty and fit. The other woman weighs at least 300lbs, has a colostomy bag (due to anal cancer) and looks much like a female version of Shrek. I have been around the block and I know how to please a man. In fact, the ONLY time sex slowed down was when he was having the affair. He, not me, made excuses of being tired and back pain. He’s had a previous back injury and is 56, so I accepted his reasons. Now, this is what I have learned…this woman just happens to be the SAME woman he had an affair with on his first wife, 39 years ago. During this affair, they discussed how they should have been together all along, but circumstances always got in the way. I was clueless. I know he was
    happily married. Now, he says he didn’t mean anything he might have said to her (he can’t remember) and wants only to be with me. I’m sure I can’t live with this. It’s such a shame. What would make him do something like this?

  • texascherry

    Adding…I am also very available to my husband as I stay at home and do the paperwork for his business. The other woman is on disability. Also, years ago, when my husband was messing around with her as a teenager, he cheated on her often. He was a horrible alcoholic. He has been sober 28 years. He tells me she only saw him as a loser and he felt he had something to prove to her. What? That he was still a cheater? He actually told her, this time, that he was a good liver and wouldn’t get caught. How Nobel is that? I’ve got a big mess on my hands that I had no control over all because of two very selfish people.

  • texascherry

    Oh, and they BOTH say there was no sex this time…because of me. How nice.

  • disqus_ln0rd5Sq38

    Pastor Dave, how do I respect my husband when I found out he uses pornography and he promised that he did not do that before we got married (it turns out he has done it the whole time). He really lost face with me when I discovered. One of the reasons I loved him was because I thought he was an honest man, and a man who wouldn’t bring this evil into our life. I am available for frequent sex, I am fit, I dress well for him and I cook and clean for him and am affectionate toward him. I am heart broken I do not know what to do. I know how important respect is so I am just faking it until I make it, but my feelings in my heart are empty.

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  • Ahmad Davis

    Very simple and to the point list. I believe that showing respect to your spouse (husband or wife) is one the toughest challenges facing modern marriages. My wife and I were having a discussion the other night about this topic.

    A few things that we agreed upon were that honor is not earned, it is given as part of a person’s role and title. Secondly, trust is given to a degree but for the most part it is earned. Respect is a hybrid of the two, it should be given to a good degree because of role and title, but it must also be earned. The challenge for most people is knowing where the given and earned cross paths.

    I shared a little more of a comprehensive list of ways that husbands feel disrespected at
    http://www.mymarriageandmoney.com/husbands-speak-their-heart-77-ways-husbands-feels-disrespected/ if you would like to check it out.

  • Dione Richard Buss

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  • Justice PonZee

    Good article and very accurate. Take this very seriously.

  • lauren

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  • The Ghost

    My advice to all men is to stay single and go your own way. Modern women are all neurotic, selfish, self centred, delusional, irrational drama queens who love to be a ” VICTIM “. Why should any man get involved with a modern woman unless they want to be reamed financially, emotionally, face unjust “no fault’ divorce laws just because a woman loses her ‘tingles’ for you at the first bump in the road – and she will – then lie and say you abused her, then lose your house, pay her alimony and child support and lose contact with your own children.
    What does any modern woman bring to the table that would make any man want to enter into a relationship with her? All women nowadays think they are special snowflakes, princesses and a ‘prize’ for you, the male. Women love only themselves.
    They have no faults. Only men have faults.

    Why give up your freedom, your rights, your financial security to be with any woman. It seems everybody today is obsessed with sex. Sex is so very overrated. Women are exhibitionists trying to lure as many males as possible to make themselves feel “special”. Women think they can wrap any man around their little finger because of their much used vagina. Nature intended sex for procreation, not recreation, but women use it to gain resources and drama.
    If a man can control his sex desire, he can be free of all the drama that is called woman. Only a masochist would venture down the road women want you to travel.

  • The Ghost

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    Why would any sensible sane male want to get mixed up with a sex that deems you “worthless”, except for your money to buy them a house, and then give them children, and then divorce-rape you for child support for your own children you are not allowed ever to get to see them, let alone get custody of them, while she gets to take the house, cars and anything else you worked hard for and paid for, never ending alimony payments, and future payments that they are always trying to increase, and have the “privilege” to pay her own attorneys fees as well as your own. She gives you nothing back but the threat of jail if you lose your job and can’t keep up these extortionate payments, while you try to find a dump to live in.
    I don’t date and I avoid females because they are never short of insults about males and look down at us as being rapists, pedophiles, *** , pigs, abusive, useless and worthless.
    As a MGTOW, I can live in my mountain lakefront very cheap 1 bedroom shack without electricity except for a generator, with my German Shepherd and feel content and peaceful and live life on my own terms getting paid less money for doing little jobs, instead of working hard with long hours trying to please a woman who brings nothing but pure misery and constant complaining, nagging and disrespect to the table.

    No matter how hard a man tries to make a woman happy, they always want more and more.

    Feminists say there is a “War On Women” but the real War Is On Normal Men

  • The Ghost

    All young men should get a trade, go buy a shack in a remote area, on the coast, or the mountains near a lake and be as self-sufficient as possible. It is the only way a man can find peace, happiness and quiet. Read everything about the Red Pill, and MGTOW.
    Society today is hateful towards the majority of males. Stay away from all females for your own peace of mind. NEVER EVER MARRY!!!

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