A prayer for my marriage

A prayer for my marriage October 8, 2015

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I believe in the power of prayer. One of the simplest ways you can invest into your marriage is by praying with and for your spouse. God uses our prayers to change our circumstances and He also uses prayers to change our perspectives. I’d encourage you to prayer this prayer below (or your own version of it) DAILY. There’s nothing at all “magical” about these words, but there is something supernatural that can happen when we pray with faith.

“LORD, thank you for my husband/wife. He/she is such a gift to me. I pray for our marriage. Help us work together as a team. I know you designed marriage to thrive when a husband and wife function together in partnership like two wings on the same bird, so help us work together in harmony so our marriage can soar to new heights. I recognize that the only part of our marriage I have the power to change is the part I see when I look in the mirror, so help me to be the best spouse I can be. I know it’s not my job to change him/her, but only to love them, so help me to look for ways to love, respect, encourage and support my spouse in every way possible. Help me to be his/her biggest encourager; not the biggest critic. Let my words and actions build up our marriage and not tear it down. Help me to set a warm tone in our home. Please provide for our needs. Please take away my worries and replace them with faith. There’s so much in my marriage and my life that feels out of my control, but I gain strength by remembering that you are in control and you are for me and your are with me. Please guide our steps. Help me to let go of the pain from the past and extend grace to my spouse and to myself. Please don’t let my regrets from yesterday or my worries about tomorrow rob me from experiencing the blessings you’ve placed in our lives today. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Please guide our steps and give us the wisdom and the courage to make wise choices. Help us to love each other with the same unending love you’ve given to us. Help us create a legacy with our marriage that will create a positive impact for generations to come. Let our love for you and for each other be unending. Thank you for your countless blessings. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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