One question that defines a marriage

One question that defines a marriage March 18, 2016

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My wife Ashley and I have had the privilege of interacting with couples from all over the world. We often ask couples to share their experience and wisdom by telling us, “What’s the secret to a happy marriage?” We receive all kinds of different answers and I believe there are many traits that seem to separate the healthy and happy couples from the unhappy ones, but one consistent theme in every healthy marriage is revealed by how a couples answers one simple question.

Here’s the question (asked several different ways)…

“Have we removed all exit strategies? Are we committed to each other no matter what? Have we locked our lives together and thrown away the key? Have we removed the word ‘divorce’ from our vocabularies?”

The happiest couples have come to understand that lifelong love isn’t built on feelings, luck or even compatibility. It’s built on COMMITMENT. (You can watch my wife Ashley I sharing more about commitment in this short video.). The strength of your commitment will define the strength of your marriage. 

When your marriage is built on a rock-solid commitment, it brings security, trust, and an atmosphere where true love and intimacy can thrive for a lifetime. Even when difficult moments come, you know that you’re going to get through them, because there’s no Plan B! You have each other’s backs. You choose to love each other even on the days when you struggle to like each other! That kind of commitment is what strong marriages are made of.

If your marriage isn’t where you want it to be right now, please don’t lose hope! Great marriages aren’t built overnight, but you can start right now to build the kind of marriage you’ve always wanted. To help you get started, you can check out my post on The 7 things that happy couples do daily.

Dave Willis quote lifelong love isn't a result of feelings luck or compatibility but commitment

For more tools to help you build a lifetime of love and laughter in your marriage, check out my new book The Seven Laws of Love (by clicking here) and also connect with me on Facebook for daily encouragement.

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