The 30 Laws of Life

The 30 Laws of Life March 4, 2013

Have you ever wished that was a “Life Manual” that held the secrets to Marriage, Financial Prosperity, Health, Happiness, and Life in general? I’ve got some good news…there is! It’s called “The Bible” and not only is it the Best-Selling book in history, it’s also the one book that has changed my life (and the lives of countless others) more than any other book ever written.

Every Word of the Bible has changed my life, but the Book of Proverbs in particular ha had a deep impact on how I see my life and the world around me. In Proverbs, King Solomon shares “30 Sayings of the Wise” that amount to some of the most practical and powerful wisdom ever spoken. I believe that these God-given nuggets of Truth and Wisdom hold the keys to the life you were born to live.

i have shortened and paraphrased each of these, but I encourage you to read the full text in Proverbs Chapters 22-24.

1. Follow the Right Path, not the Easy Path.

2. Fight for Justice for all people. 

3. Choose your friends wisely. You will become like they are.

4. Financial debt is a form of slavery. Live in freedom and avoid debt.

5. Respect Boundaries. They exist for everyone’s protection. 

6. Sharpen and develop your God-given skills and talents. 

7. There’s no such thing as a “Free Lunch.” Somebody always has to pay.

8. Money makes a good Servant, but a poor Master. Don’t be ruled by it.

9. Show Patience and Restraint. 

10. Speak Truth to those who will listen and don’t lose sleep over those who won’t.

11. Protect the Powerless. Their Rights are your Responsibility. 

12. Pursue Knowledge and Wisdom. Gaining them is always worth the effort.

13. Parent your Children Well. Give them both Discipline and Love.

14. Always tell the Truth.

15. Develop Healthy Habits which will lead to a Healthy Life.

16. Control your Cravings. Don’t give in to unhealthy impulses.

17. Respect your Elders. They’re paved the way for you.

18. Don’t misuse Sex. It’s a God-given gift meant exclusively for marriage.

19. Don’t get drunk. “One too many” has been the downfall of many. 

20. Choose Respectable Role Models and one day you’ll be a respectable Role Model.

21. Build a solid foundation in all parts of your life. 

22. Don’t be a “Lone Ranger.” We need meaningful relationships.

23. Speak less, listen more.

24. Don’t do anything for the wrong reasons. Motives always matter. 

25. Be Courageous in Defining Moments.

26. Always treasure Truth and Wisdom.

27. When you fall, get back up! The only way to fail is to quit. 

18. Don’t celebrate anybody’s misfortune.

29. Don’t Worry. It doesn’t do any good

30. Honor authority and honor God as the Ultimate Authority. 

In addition to these principles, I encourage to pursue wisdom by reading a Chapter a day from Proverbs. The Book contains 31 short chapters, so you can read through all of it once per month. Make this a habit and part of your daily Bible study and I believe God will use it to bring healthy transformation to your life!

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