Predominantly white college disinvites black man to show they care about minorities

Predominantly white college disinvites black man to show they care about minorities October 6, 2016

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Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Yesterday, I revealed that the University of New Haven disinvited me from speaking at a forensics conference, because of my stance on Black Lives Matter.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the response from students, alumni, and others who heard about my unfair treatment.  A senior at the school, Brian Sharnick, even started a petition demanding that the school bring me in and apologize.  (Sign it here.)

But the best response — at least in terms of entertainment value — is from the University itself:

Did you catch that?  “Circumstances did not permit” me to come.  That’s the kind of shadowy language guilty people use…  and believe me, I’ve seen many guilty people over the course of my 38 years of law enforcement.

When the University disinvited me — telling my assistant the reason was because of my stance against #BlackLIESMatter, I was okay with it.  I was working this event into an already full schedule.  But the cowardly official response from the school is just too much.

“Circumstances did not permit” me to attend?

President Steven H. Kaplan, I understand why you don’t want people to know that a predominantly white college won’t let a black man speak on campus because of your incredible support for minorities.  That doesn’t even pass the “straight face test.”  If you think my beliefs should prohibit me from speaking about collecting, preserving, and analyzing evidence, that’s your decision as a private school.

Own it as a “decision” the university made… not that I was a victim of circumstances.  At least have the courage of your convictions.

If you think that the students, faculty, and alumni of your school will believe that “circumstances” conspired to disinvite me — instead of you guys bowing the knee to political correctness — then you really might need to walk over to the forensics department.

I hear they’re good at looking at evidence and seeing the truth.

You should sign up for a class or two.

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  • Brian Scott

    Thank you for the mention Sheriff Clarke, I will not back down on this, we as a student body support you and wish our administration did not do what they did.

  • Right-Hip-Ruger

    Foolish decisions from foolish people in places of power they aught not be in. It’s the way of the world these days.

  • westriversd1

    University administrators = cowardly, weasels. I know that is an insult to weasels, sorry about that.

  • Chuck Hill

    just another example of why our colleges are all screwed up.

  • General JP

    Why is captain #coonin still whining about this. Enough already with the strong victimite routine.

    Get over it not to mention of all people he wants to pull the race card “I understand why you don’t want people to know that a predominantly white college won’t let a black man speak on campus because of your incredible support for minorities. That doesn’t even pass the “straight face test.”

    Really? A man that calls people of color subhuman lol wants to somehow appeal to people as a black man hahaha nope you’re a COON don’t try to straddle that fence stay on the race based bigotry side.

    • Brad Carter

      Really, this coming from a liberal slave that you are just because he sees the truth behind the black kkk movement named blm. From the post you made it shows that you are a self hating black man, you really need to take that racist attitude and shove it up your girl friends penis. The savages and thugs that are involved in the racist group known as blm are subhuman and the only coon I see is you and your boyish looking girl/boyfriend in the picture with you.

      • General JP

        OK so you don’t know the definition of coon lol and you have no clue about history or the atrocities of the KKK.
        So youre just an ignorant uninformed coward that would probably never say any of this madness to anyone in person.
        Captain #coonin sees the dollar signs and support from idiots like you when he spews his race based hate. That’s it. He has no credibility and neither do you. Self hate lol yeah right that coon is the best example of self hate on the public stage.
        You can try and insult my beautiful fiance all you want but I bet you wouldn’t to her face either lol Internet thugs are the worst cowards.

        • Brad Carter

          This is one white man that is not intimidated by some black man who thinks that he is being oppressed by whitey. You are just another big mouth that throws the race card out there to make you feel better about your self when you call others racist.

          Truth is blacks are becoming the top racist in our country at this date and time, You call your selves African Americans but the true Africans have said they wouldn’t want you bunch of savages in their country period. Like I said the blm is the new kkk and there are many of good African Americans that would say the same thing.

          As far as saying anything to your face I don’t talk, your boy/girl friend with the penis would get you stitched up after you said one word and woke up in your local hospital.

          • General JP

            Just like you cowards. You threaten me, threaten my lady and then act like you are somehow the victim of intimidation. Fk you.
            As I said, run up if you want talk that knock out game online. I will stand my ground trust and believe lol you will get dumped on before you even flex hahaha I deal with real goons in my life bitch your Internet thuggin doesn’t impress me.
            That’s you’re stupid unwarranted superiority complex that makes you think you are the judge or jury on who is a good person or not.
            You obviously are not a good person so your race based mentally ill attempted bullying is laughable just spewing uninformed ignorance and nonsense because you can’t defend any valid factual information. You have no knowledge of history or power of deduction just a simple minded Internet thug that hates people he doesn’t even know but then like the coward you are project that hate as if it was directed at you.
            You’re welcome to be a stupid fk. The KKK actually killed, raped, maimed, lynched people. Such a comparison is just an example of your inability to reason.
            Whenever you want to come into the city and get it popping so you can knock me out lol I ain’t hard to find. DM me. We can exchange numbers and take it offline. This is a paper trail.

          • shafted1

            Perhaps you should heed your own words? “That’s you’re stupid unwarranted superiority complex that makes you think you are the judge or jury on who is a good person or not.”

            It was you that stated, “A man that calls people of color… hahaha nope you’re a COON don’t try to straddle that fence stay on the race based bigotry side.” was it not? You appointed yourself judge and jury over a man of integrity, that happens to see the world with a more realistic view than you apparently maintain.

            Perhaps you should consider that BLM behaves much the same as the sanitation workers in Memphis, TN. during the sixties. MLK, Jr. left town repeatedly because he would not support violence of any kind, from either blacks or whites.

            and for the record, I know exactly what a “coon” is in your slang vocabulary. Sheriff Clarke is not acting the part but you certainly do.

          • General JP

            Lol I appreciate that you quoted me, yes I did judge him as a coon, uncle ruckus wanna be, Captain #coonin sheriff Clarke, And?
            Am I supposed to somehow feel ashamed at judging that POS that judges whole populations as tribal and subhuman.
            That’s why when you quoted me, you used the ellipsis when you could have written out “subhuman”, that is what he said right. So why quote me, quoting this coon, but not quote my exact quote of what he said? Was that not the crux of my criticism? GTFOH you defend a law enforcement officer that has called for violent insurrection and treasonous acts a law enforcement officer that blindly backs a presidential candidate no less that has bragged about sexual assault lol are you serious this fkr has absolutely no integrity at all.
            He speaks to attract the bigoted dollar. That’s it. He is the furthest thing from what integrity could ever be considered to be.
            He is the fkng COON of all coons his only interest is to appeal to bigots and cash in on their ignorance. It’s laughable because no people of color follow him lol he is the bigots go to n**** to support their bigotry with a black face hahaha that’s it when they say and do race based bigoted things they refer to uncle ruckus to say hey he believes what I believe so our racist views must be valid. Fk him and fk you. Judge me. I could give a sh*t since your judgement is so poor as to defend this POS, Captain #coonin sheriff clarke.

          • shafted1

            It is a sad testament for a man to take pride in being quoted for no other reason than to expose the hypocrisy of his own words. I found no benefit in repeating your judgment of the man because I do not intend to perpetuate your misguided opinions. The man spoke truth when calling out BLM because they are a domestic terrorist organization. I noticed that you avoided any reference to Dr. King in your rant. Obviously the one man who has done more for blacks throughout modern history doesn’t fit your narrative since he rejected violence; something BLM depends upon. Go ahead and burn businesses in your own communities, attack whites because you cannot find anyone else to blame for your own failures, ignore the reality that Africans sold your ancestors into slavery, in cahoots with muslims. Blame everyone but yourself or your own people. Continue clinging to the democratic party as your savior. See if things ever change.

          • General JP

            Captain #coonin is an officer of the law. He is an elected official. He represents all of the people not just those that he likes or respects. He openly judges a whole population as subhuman. It is sad that your mental illness will drive you to defend a person that lacks any integrity only because he reinforces your own bigotry. Its sad that your cognitive dissonance distorts your ability to even understand that you are supporting uncle ruckus’ hate because it is aligned with yours and then deflecting your own acceptance and endorsement of hate by denouncing those reacting to your hate. Its an idiotic circular redundancy of thought.
            This ignorant sheriff compares BLM to the KKK. The KKK was an actual domestic terrorist organization that actually killed, raped, maimed terrorized whole populations of people for decades.
            #BlackLivesMatter is calling for police accountability. That is a simple request that is being met with absolute resistance from all those that do not want to be held accountable but in the same breath you will make statements about whole populations of people needing to take responsibility for themselves and accountability for their actions. Your whole existence is a hypocrisy. You are a bigot and some how think that is acceptable behavior attempting to justify it with your circularly redundant logic. It is your ignorance that has you believing the main stream media that people of color are all uneducated thugs and so this ridiculous logic that you rest upon as your quicksand foundation may make sense to an uneducated thug but most of the people I know are very educated and far from thugs including my family in law enforcement and the military so we and the majority of the population that they all know in their networks see right through your race based bigotry bullshit. Have a good Sunday and continue to hate people that you do not even know and then justify your hate for them by their reaction to your hate for them and keep wrapping your mind around the lunacy of it all.
            Why do bigots bring up Dr. King is if you would not have been calling him a terrorist like you are doing to BLM. These same protests and outcries have been occurring for 50+ years but somehow you want people to believe that what is happening to them and has happened to their elders and has happened to their elders and has been happening to them for seemingly ever is not happening to them although the same protests and riots have been happening for years. Its maddenning your ignorance and your arrogance to believe that you can tell someone what is happening in their life having never even experienced one day of their life. The superiority complex that allows you to do that has to be so enormous that it could only have been over 100s of years. LOL

            And then you throw out clinging to the democratic party as if the republican party has ever offered any policies founding in positive change for people of color. At all. Most of you still wish the civil rights movement did not legislate the equality of people of color so that you could maintain your system of defacto oppression perpetuating your sick superiority complex.

            You are defending a charlatan that has little respect for you. He feeds off of your ignorance and bigotry to get paid. He makes a joke of you all that support and he knows it. He knows he says extreme bombastic things to get the attention of the most vile of racists. He knows that they love it more hearing it come out of the mouth of person of color. Just so they can do what you did and try to build off of it as if it based on some credible foundation. He talks of inner city crime being on the rise but that is a fallacy, its on the decline nationally but it is only on the rise in corrupt places like milwaukee and chicago and baltimore all places that the federal government has had to step in because of their malfeasance. He pushes a war on cops narrative when cops have been killed less now than ever. He says BLM wishes ill on cops but they have been meeting with police departments all over the country to update policies. Not every black person looting is a member of BLM. Just like not every law enforcement officer is a race based bigot that does not value the lives of people of color.

          • shafted1

            I must pass on devoting time to read your response. Your earlier comments exposed an inability to carry on intelligent conversation, or as a minimum, a desire for constructive discussions. Derogatory statements serve no worthwhile purpose and undermine anything of consequence you may subsequently offer. I’ll refrain from further discussions.

          • General JP

            So you don’t have the capacity to read for comprehension that’s OK to admit. Very big of you lol. Second you are still playing the victim as though the person for whom you initiated your defense has not made his nationally famed career on making derogatory comments towards whole races and populations of people. GTFOH YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!! Are you really trying to attempt the high road while supporting a low life haha your life of hypocrisy will always be a dicothemy to your weak mind because intelligent logical discussion escapes you. That mental illness lol

    • jerseycat406

      wow, racist against your own race, very telling

      • shafted1

        No one ever claimed they were smart, only that they are black.

        • General JP

          Smarter than you obviously lol only a fkng idiot is still a bigot

      • General JP

        your grasping

  • Chris Batta

    WOW, princess Clarke is now pulling the race card, what a joke you are!! University decided they didn’t want to pay for first class airfare and presidential hotel suite per your demands. You had no contract, get over yourself you’re acting like a petulant little girl. You found out about the engagement being changed in early August, why now make it a news story? Starting to feel irrelevant? You’re gravy train is going to be ending soon after the election, desperate times for you man.

    • jerseycat406

      you sound like a college student

    • shafted1

      A typical coddled college student at that!

  • David Carmichiel

    ahh the sounds of libtards crying is such music to my ears

  • David Carmichiel

    in case all of you fucktards missed the point here ?? he was invited by the forensics department to speak on evidence procedurals. the admins caved to libtards crying because he speaks the truth about the terrorist organization BLM founded on a lie that was prove a lie by obamas own DOJ and yet even up to today you fucktards still accept BLM as “legitimate”. and your crybaby safe spaces truly amuse the rest of us that live and work in the real world

  • jerseycat406

    so they believe in free speech as long as it agrees with what they think. Its time to make a change in our colleges. You are there to learn. Not to become spoiled whining coddled little assholes.Grow the fuck up and stop being offended by the real world