The University of New Haven Disinvited Me to Speak on FORENSICS, because of #BlackLivesMatter

The University of New Haven Disinvited Me to Speak on FORENSICS, because of #BlackLivesMatter October 5, 2016

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The cult-like demands of #BlackLivesMatter have extended all the way into the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences.  This program, established by Dr. Henry C. Lee of University of New Haven, is one of the foremost academic forensic programs in the world.  (He’s worked on the JonBenét Ramsey case, the O.J. Simpson and Laci Peterson cases, the post-9/11 investigations, and has reinvestigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy.) I was honored to have been invited to speak this month at their 25 th  Annual Markle Symposium October 24 and 25  2016.

On June 24, 2016, Mark Solomon forwarded a kind request from Senior Lecturer Patrick Malloy.  (I’d met Mark when I spoke at the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators-Connecticut Chapter, Spotlight on Fraud IV Training Conference.) Malloy had taken some students to hear me speak and was so impressed that I got this invitation:

This year the Lee Institute is stepping over the traditional boundary of forensic science and criminal investigations, into the opaque world of the “forensics” of financial and cybercrime.  This year’s Symposium highlights the vision and mission through mixed panel discussions of current issues in financial and cybercrime, the impact of these crimes on society, and to change the misconception that these are ‘victimless’ crimes. Through sponsorships, the Lee Institute has traditionally kept tuition for the Symposium very low, and has allowed students to attend at a minimal fee. 

We would like to invite Sheriff David Clarke to be our keynote speaker this year.  A dinner can be arranged the night before (Sunday October 23 rd) with Dr. Henry Lee and select guests.  All fees and expenses will be covered.  Please let me know if you need additional information.  Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


Patrick Malloy DBA, Senior Lecturer – Investigations – Director MS Investigations

Henry C Lee College of  Criminal Justice & Forensic Science

We accepted, began planning for the trip — my assistant exchanged over a dozen emails in July about booking flights and hotel.  Then a lull — nothing.  No communication, no hotel room reserved, no flights booked.

On August 3, my assistant had a conversation with Mr. Malloy, who was extremely apologetic and embarrassed to have to rescind the offer. Apparently, the higher-ups did not want me to speak on campus due to my remarks about #BlackLivesMatter.

What did I say that was so controversial?  I’m not sure what specific remarks drove them to uninvite me, but anyone who listens to me for five seconds knows I prefer to drop the “v” and call them #BlackLIESMatter.  They terrorize the police, lie about their true mission, promote anarchy like the old Black Liberation Army, and released a list of “demands” that included releasing known cop killers.

So, yeah — I’m going to keep speaking out against #BlackLIESMatter — but apparently that means I’m not going to be speaking about forensics at the University of New Haven anytime soon.

This is just the latest example of the assault on different points of view by these fascist, liberal indoctrination factories we call colleges.

I was going to be talking about forensics, not social issues — but apparently the University of New Haven believes its students are incapable of handling debate… or even my presence.

It’s time for those in higher education to grow a spine.  Whatever happened to the marketplace of ideas?

UPDATE: The University Responds in a Less-Than-Honest Fashion.  Read my response HERE.

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  • Paddy

    College people are pussies, better off staying away

  • Brian Scott


    • morethan2parties

      …how is he scum?…

  • hmw_usa

    Good. Ur a loud mouth jackass. Many far more credible intelligent and far less ugly right wing speakers to invite

  • General JP

    Stop whining #coonin Clarke. I would not want you talking to either of my kids on a campus for which I pay tuition. Your hate filled Uncle Ruckus routine is an absolute embarrassment. Freedom cuts both ways. You are free to spew race based hate and the public is free to either support or reject you. That’s it. They may have been scared that you would pull a Rudy G. #basketofdeplorables

    • Aegyus

      “You are free to spew race-based hate.”
      You literally just called him a coon, you fucking retard.

      • General JP

        He is the text book definition of a coon. There is no better example of what #coonin looks like than how captain #coonin does it.
        So you are fkng retard for not knowing what #coonin is and then for commenting on something of which you have no knowledge.
        And I’m not whining about someplace cancelling my speaking engagement, he is. I’m not trying to get paid by spewing hate and getting pissy when my hate is rejected. GTFOH

        • Thomas A. Lloyd

          You are doing a lot of whining in this comment though ! Ignant, I tell ya, you’re IGNANT.

          • General JP

            Lol so you don’t no the definition of whining ok

        • Apostle of God

          Text book? Cancel you speaking engagement? get serious, who the hell would want to hear you ignorant ass talk hatred? Listen to yourself man. Do something for change instead of criticizing someone who is trying. You’re probably a cop hater to,or are you just a hater.

          • General JP

            Another arrogant superiority complexed ignoramus prejudging and making presumptions that thinks just because he/she proclaims something it is somehow supposed to have some credence. NOPE, it does not. No one is looking for a speaking engagement, that would be Captain #coonin and everything he does to gain favor from the bigoted masses. I would debate him anywhere at any time though. The only people that want to hear Uncle Ruckus are racists and bigots so I am sure there is a trump rally for him to get his #coonin coins somewhere right now lol.
            Call me a hater. I accept that graciously. I hope to make the COON tap out like I did Allen West when he blocked me. Have family in law enforcement and the military. Clarke is a #coonin disgrace and that is why the only people that defend him are bigots and racists.
            And obviously the childish, I know you are but what am I bigots, that are not even brave enough to admit what they are so they deflect it, ridiculously, on others as if that childish unintelligent approach is anywhere valid besides in the circles of mentally ill internet trolls.

          • Katrina

            Your name calling of everyone who doesn’t agree with you makes me wonder just what college would have even accepted you let alone graduated you, if that even happened. The attacks against those who don’t agree with you and calling them racists and bigots actually points you out as being exactly that!

          • General JP

            Seems quite hypocritical that you would take issue with me responding to name calling with name calling when you are on here defending a person that has made his career and claim to fame from name calling and race based bigotry. So when I say hypocritical I mean typical from you mental illness sufferers.
            Not sure what form of the superior complex you are acting out but to attempt to chastise me for doing the same thing your beloved captain #coonin does on national tv daily is beyond absurd yet indicative of the one side perspective that plagues our country from ever getting beyond our current issues.
            Just calling someone a racist or bigot with no evidence does not make it correct, you sound like a school yard juvenile saying I know you are but what am I.
            Its sad yet obvious to any logical person too bad fans of uncle ruckus do not usually fall into the group of logical thinkers.

    • Apostle of God

      Your remarks and attitude is exactly WHY Sheriff Clarke needs to bring his message. You seem full of racist hatred and we will never have change or unity as long as someone like you might be examples to the kids of today.Race based hate? Man, look in the mirror. Your ignorance is showing.

      • General JP

        Sure, an educated Man of color, involved father, tax paying citizen that contributes my time to community enrichment that loves all people and does not denigrate people of color by calling them subhuman and other deplorable characterizations is full of hatred. Do you idiots even hear yourself. Have you ever even listened to the fking idiot you are defending. He cheered for the acquittal of all police officers involved in the homicide of a citizen. He is blinded by blue, his hate for people of color, and his narcissism. If you want to name a racist name the asshole in power that believes that people of color are subhuman and we will find the racist.
        He keeps pushing this hell hole BS when crime has been on the decline for decades and the spike nationally is driven by anomalies of corruption in places like Chicago, MILWAUKEE, Baltimore and the likes. Most of which have been cited by the federal government for civil rights violations.
        Captain #Coonin clarke has absolutely no idea what the Overwhelming GOOD people that live in the inner city face or are concerned with. Most would probably say they are more concerned with what his bombastic BS incites than any gang banger on the corner.
        You have know idea what ignorance is because you have not the capacity to comprehend how little you actually do understand and even more so, how much you DON’T understand. That is part of your mental illness though, an arrogant unwarranted superiority complex, so its to be excused that you have an inability to comprehend anything beyond your stunted beliefs. Your ignorance is ONLINE

        • Apostle of God

          Lesky, I am not a hater or an bigot and we all have preferences in life. I don’t want to get into any kind of debate with you because you are entitled to what you feel as I am. I think killing in any capacity is horrible because of the lifes lost and the families affected, so sad. Yes, if someone misuses authority no matter what office they hold they SHOULD be held accountable and that goes from your president down. I think we are in agreement with that but nothing is ever solved by looting or burning or killing for the sake of killing. I don’t know where you are spiritually but i am a Christian and I believe in God’s Word. Like I said God is color blind as I am also. We need truth to finally be spoken in this country as i believe the time is coming when we all will HAVE TO stand side by side to defend this country. God bless you and i apologize for my offensive talk.

          • General JP

            If you are an American citizen, President Obama is Your President as well.
            God may be colorblind but captain #coonin clarke is not, he is hateful towards people of color, and his venomous divisive language should never be endorsed nor supported by any Institute of higher learning to be delivered to an impressionable audience of our next generation like some audible poison unless it is an example of the wrong side of history.
            I accept and thank you for your apology.

    • Mick.T

      Calling someone a coon because he doesn’t agree with your backward racist mentality is ” community enrichment”? More like community poison you slave minded, self hating waste of oxygen.

      To anyone with an unbiased, open mind David Clarke talks common sense no matter the colour or religion.

      Most educated black people do not think like you. The ones that do are hate filled, closeminded and do not want unity. Any common sense whatsoever flutters by in an instant, you cling to any negative you can find in anything no matter how small and when there is no negativity you lie and create negativity. People who are educated are by far the worst and nastiest because they can think logically if they wanted to. Instead they choose to poison their community and make it look enticing to the uneducated to go out murdering cops or to exterminate white people. They are the cowards because they say that stuff but wouldn’t risk their own lives to go out doing it, spread hate and sit back. Black people are the biggest abusers of black people and you want to blame white people and cops, you are pathetic!

      • General JP

        Wow, the arrogance of your superiority complex is blinding. Where do I even begin.
        I call him a coon because he is by all accounts, in his own language, a man that has a great amount of contempt for his own race and he regularly and happily puts on display for the explicit consumption of those outside of his race that hold the same contempt for his race. He is then propped up by those people because he echos and reinforces their own bigoted beliefs. Is that an accurate enough definition or reasoning behind why sheriff clarke is coon.
        Next to your arrogance, do you even know any educated successful black people because I have a family and a lot of friends that fit that bill so you have some nerve and a sickness of superiorty complex to try and tell me what I would believe or not. Stick to what you know and don’t think so highly of yourself that you think you know what others that you don’t even know are thinking. It’s ridiculous on all levels. And you want to take about someone being a racist but your the one talking about black people being their own worst enemy, that’s a racist statement.
        Your school yard, I know you are but what am I shenanigans don’t work with logical minds so just stop. This thread has long expired and maybe you’ve been drinking and feel emboldened by Trump but get it out your head that you have any superior knowledge of the inner workings of the Black community or the mentality of black people.
        Now to your BS, no one inferred endorsed or otherwise condoned any violence against the police or white people so just stop with your fantasy victimization in order to try and justify your bias. Just own it. If a few outliers made inflammatory statements that doesn’t condemn a whole race or whole movement it is once again just ridiculous the hypocrisy that you spew that it can only be attributed to a mental illness because in the same breath you would probably say not all cops are bad we have to give them the benefits of the doubt while you condemn a whole race and still try and act like you are some how elevated above being just a simple race based bigot.

  • Are you familiar with America’s current number ONE Health Crisis…

    …or America’s Culture of African American Childhood Abuse, Emotional Neglect/Abandonment & Maltreatment evolving from America’s long-standing, ignorant Culture of Racism?

    I am referring to a Culture of Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect and Maltreatment responsible for popular American Urban storytellers the late Tupac Shakur and White House guest Kendrick Lamar vividly describing the “m.A.A.d. City” and “T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. Child Abusing Cultures that through no fault of their own, deprived these American men, their childhood friends, as well as many of their elementary and JHS classmates from experiencing a SAFE, fairly or wonderfully happy American kid childhood.

    Sadly the Criminal Child Abuse and Emotional Abandonment each of these men speaks about experiencing during a critical period of human/childhood development resulted with them maturing into teens and adults revealing in public they’ve been experiencing acute depression as well as Suicidal Thoughts for most of their lives.


    Tagged: #JamylaBolden, #TyshawnLee, #JulieDombo, #ShamirHunter, #ChildhoodTrauma, #SandraBland, #SocialActivist, #Unity, #Peace, #WarOnThugs, #TupacShakur,

  • Apostle of God

    This man has so much to offer and has no prejudice and it surely is the loss of those who could have profited from his vast knowledge and experience. How can this country grow or change with decisions like this. I have great admiration for this man,not only as an honest, sincere and upright law enforcement but an example to what this country, a man to tell the truth at any cost. Obviously, his truth was an affront to the powers that rescinded his invitation. I not only support Sheriff David Clarke but I stand tall with his integrity.

  • HypnagogicFeast

    Sadly, it is the students and faculty with an above 12 IQ that have to lose out.

  • Nicole Guilford


    • Mick.T

      Calm down you mutt and “FAKE BUTT HURT PEOPLE ” you’re one to talk!

  • Nicole Guilford

    i bet if he did not share the views that most of you guys have you wouldn’t have bat an eye because of his absence. you know what’s also funny, is when people get mad when things don’t go their way for one second or they don’t get what they want. #boowho

  • Nicole Guilford

    Like honestly I’m bout to go off cause I’m tired of seeing nonsense on my timeline.

    Dear white people,
    The first topic I’m going to talk about is your favorite! The issue of #Blacklivesmatter first and foremost I would like to explain what blacklivesmatter actually is. I understand some of you will get angry and go attack me about that its racist and etc. but that is because some of you have every definition but the correct one. Blacklivesmatter is a movement to bring awareness to the social and systematic injustices that exist against members of the black community. NOT to say that social/systematic injustices do not occur to every other race or to say that other lives do not matter. It is to say that sometimes we feel as if our voice is not being heard enough and that we are more often than not pushed towards the back burner of our society. It is to say that NOT ONLY DOES YOUR LIVES MATTER but OURS MATTER TOO. For an example feminists are not saying they want superiority for women, but they are in support for equality for all which is the same as Blacklivesmatter. It is to say that we are tired and we would like more to be done. Blacklivesmatter is NOT CRITIZING white people or bashing the police. What most of us would like to understand it is that we want to know why we are seen as a threat. Why are so many of us falling through the cracks? Before you jump to say that is our own fault. Let me say this FORGIVE ME IF I AM NOT PRIVILEGED ENOUGH TO CHOOSE HOW I LIVE WITHOUT HAVING THE FEAR OF DISCRIMINATION BREATH DOWN THE BACK OF MY NECK. To say that BECAUSE WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT HATE NO LONGER EXISTS or to say that RACE IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE IS INVALID because it’s in the constitution. JUST LIKE HAVING A RED LIGHT AT AN INTERSECTION IS NOT SUFFICIENT ENOUGH TO STOP PEOPLE FROM RUNNING THEM. Discrimination is still a thing and just because it is not talked about or discussed doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. WHAT IS SAD IS THE FACT THAT WHENEVER A PERSON OF COLOR MENTIONS A TOPIC OR BRINGS UP AN ISSUE ABOUT RACE WE ARE TOLD TO HUSH OR THAT ITS EVEN RACIST TO BRING IT UP BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE FEEL ATTACKED OR THAT WE ARE BEATING A DEAD HORSE. To simply mention race is NOT so we can point the finger or bring up old stuff, it is to bring AWARENESS OF AN ISSUE. But to those that go off on rants about how our views are irrelevant is to use your WHITE PRIVILEGE TO ADDRESS ISSUES THAT ONLY DIRECTLY AFFECT YOU.
    The second issue of the matter to say that black lives matter is anti police is not true we realize that not all police are bad just like you guys realize that not all black people eat watermelon. We are just confused on the fact that we are seen as a threat so often. Why not try getting to know our people. What about us makes you cross the street? What about us makes us clench your purse ten times harder? What about us makes you follow us constantly in stores? Moreover, what about us makes you assume that we are just “BAD DUDES”? You might say that it is because some people give us a bad name or representation. Yeah that can be true but doesn’t happen to almost everyone? Just because there are bad seeds doesn’t mean all are like that. An example of this is mass shootings. Most of the mass shootings that have occurred have been done by white males, but we do not think of all white males as a threat or a bad person that is going to shoot mass amounts of people. Moreover, I would like to address the extremes of blacklivesmatter movement. I would like to say there are extremes in everything. The ARSON AND LOOTING currently going on that most people disagree (including myself) is UNCALLED FOR. However, some people feel like that is the only way to bring attention to the issue but hey to each their own. However, DO NOT GET UPSET when people PROTEST QUIETLY. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. IM SORRY TO INFORM YOU THAT THE WORLD IS NOT BURGER KING AND YOU CANNOT HAVE IT YOUR WAY. YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN ABOUT PEOPLE PROTESTING VIOLENTLY AND THEN COMPLAIN WHEN THEY PROTEST QUIETLY. WHAT IS THE POINT OF CRITIZING OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO TURN AROUND AND TELL US WE ARE ANTI AMERICAN? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.
    The third issue I would like to bring up is that the shooting of unarmed black citizens. For those of you, that say we should focus on BLACK ON BLACK CRIME first. Yeah, you got a point! But for those instances “90 percent of black people who are murdered are murdered by other blacks. That fact would give me pause or make me feel ashamed if I didn’t know that the same 2013 FBI report (the latest year for which statistics are available) goes on to say that 83 percent of white victims of murder were killed by white people” (The Root). Unfortunately, it happens people kill people of their own race all the time. Yes, I know that does not make it ok. To use this as AN EXCUSE TO DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE BIGGER ISSUE IS SAD.
    “I wish I could say that racism and prejudice were only distant memories. We must dissent from the indifference. We must dissent from the apathy. We must dissent from the fear, the hatred and the mistrust…We must dissent because America can do better, because America has no choice but to do better.” ― Thurgood Marshall

    • Regee


    • Katrina

      Nicole, I really wanted to respond to your well thought out, intelligent post in a like manner. Then I read your next two responses and realized an intelligent conversation is not likely unless I agree 100% with everything you say. Your name calling and expletives tell me you don’t want discourse, you only want to play the victim. That chip on your shoulder is dragging you down, girl. I was disappointed to see the hate and anger rather than someone actually looking for solutions.

      • Nicole Guilford

        I’m not trying to play the victim by any means. There are faults on every side. But i do agree that my first two posts were out of straight anger but after i took the time to think about what actually bothered me about the situation as a whole I came up with my letter. I really would like to find a solution to the problem but it is pretty damn hard to find one. Thats why i made the letter to open up room for discussion not to steer away from it.

        • Katrina

          Nicole, thanks for replying. I think you solved part of the problem by recognizing that your posts were out of anger. I have done the same. Social media is a poor place for discussion because we only see someone’s printed comment without any voice inflection or facial expression. What I read may be quite a bit different than what was intended by the writer. It is so impersonal that after a couple posts back and forth, we are insulting each other and it goes downhill from there. There are also the posts that are intentionally insulting and demeaning. This is disgusting from both sides.
          I think media is fueling this and it is hindering us rather than helping. We only have to look at the presidential candidates to see them more interested in insulting each other than focusing on issues that are important to the country. What has American devolved into? One of those childish people are going to be the leader of what was once the most powerful country in the world. Frightening.
          As for BLM, I cannot get behind a group that riots for causes before facts are in, blocks traffic (including ambulances trying to rush someone to medical care) and screams in the faces of police spraying them with spittle and rails on black officers calling them coons and Uncle Toms and insulting their mothers. Someone (Geo. Soros) is paying bus loads of these trouble makers to do this. To what end? Why is our president condoning this? It isn’t helping race relations, but making them worse. UW Madison students are selling hoodies that say “All Whites People Are Racist” How is that helpful to their cause? What exactly is their cause? It is taunting.
          On a positive note, my community has had a Unity Walk and has a group that meets and speaks on racial literacy and creating a community of inclusiveness where everyone fits. I can get behind this. I respect and admire the black folks in my community. I can’t respect the riots, looting, burning of BLM. Destroying their own communities?? To make themselves worse off than they were so they are heard? This I would need explained to me in very short sentences and little words. I can only see this as the work of Soros and not the people who actually live there. Those people I feel very sorry for. They are the ones being hurt.

          • Nicole Guilford

            Yes I do not agree with extremes of the situation but every organization has extremes of people that take it too far however I do not think those people should be the representation of a whole. Like the bad seed thing I referred to in my letter

          • Nicole Guilford

            Also I highly recommend watching this documentary movie called the thirteenth I just watched it today it’s pretty interesting and it deals with some of the issue discussed in your comments and some of the issues discussed in my letter. I learned so much. Hope you like it.

  • Chris Batta

    Clarke is deflecting his Prima-donna behavior to anti BLM backlash. The university clearly stated that there was no contract and upon learning of his princess travel/accommodation demands, decided they couldn’t afford it nor want too. He and his “people” were notified of this in early August but choose now to make it a “news” story. I guess they trying to make it a publicity step stone to work the news channel circuits again. Clarke, GET OVER YOURSELF.


    This is just more of the liberal hierarchy at university manipulating the level of knowledge the students deserve from those in the field instead of those such as consultants that teach instead of do.I am sick of the “LIVES MATTER drama and lack of accountability ..Clarke .is extremely qualified and gets paid for his experience and creds.Batta,apparently you dont understand that.WHAT?you expect him to go free?In the emails prior to accepting ,EVERYTHING gets negotiated .LEO I know that travel to teach team building and Crisis management post officer involved shootings are paid perdium ,wage and more.1st and foremost.When we go to teach or train ,we negotiate upfront our contract and costs WAAAAAAAAAAY before be accept or plan .I call bullshit on your comment….Period…This is the way business is done,not the way you project into this conversation .

  • T. VOGT

    We support you and the Blue when one group claims superiority over another that is wrong. No slaves are owned in today’s America and I refuse to become one. Black Lies is a very adept way of calling this terrorist group… they are paid to riot and loot and create distention in America. I am getting fed up with their made up grievances.