Professor writes letter to Cal State after they objected to “All Lives Matter” speech – and it’s spot on

Professor writes letter to Cal State after they objected to “All Lives Matter” speech – and it’s spot on October 27, 2016

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Dr. Mike Adams, a professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, was invited to speak at California State University – Bakersfield, but the Black Student Union wasn’t happy with the title of his speech.

They believed “All Lives Matter” might offend the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

Apparently, Dr. Adams didn’t care much for their attempt to restrain his speech.  Here’s his open letter to the CSU-Bakersfield Black Student Union…  and it deserves to go viral.

Dear California State University – Bakersfield Black Student Union:

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at your beautiful campus, which is located in the southern portion of the San Joachim Valley. As a fan of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, I was glad to finally visit the town responsible for producing some great country legends as well as that unmistakable Bakersfield country sound. I am thankful that Dwight Yoakam turned me on to that style of music a couple of decades ago. But that’s not why I am writing to you today.

While I was impressed overall with the hospitality of the Bakersfield residents, I was somewhat concerned when I heard of your objections to the title of my speech about abortion. I chose the title “All Lives Matter: Abortion and the Case for Human Equality” for a reason. I believe that philosophical arguments for abortion actually undermine human equality. Your assessment of the propriety of the title of my speech should have been made only after hearing what I had to say. But none of you were present for the speech.

It has also come to my attention that you submitted four recommendations for how my title could be reworded in order to avoid offending Black Lives Matter (BLM). I never imagined that after living in this country for over half a century kids less than half my age would be choosing my words for me. In the process of choosing my own words, I never considered the prospect of offending BLM. Having seen them assault speakers on the basis of race and take to the streets chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” I could not care less whether I offend them. To be frank, they come across as uneducated racists with little concern for the feelings of others. In fact, many of them appear to be sociopaths.

However, since you took the time to provide me with some recommendations I thought I would return the favor. Please take the time to read the following recommendations, which I am giving to you to pass on to BLM. These are my modest proposals for how BLM can rename its organization in order to be less offensive to thinking Americans like myself.

1. Slack Lives Matter. BLM could not exist as an organization without the help of uneducated social justice warriors (SJWs). These people are so slack that they never check a fact. They go through life not realizing that blacks commit close to half of the violence in America but make up only one-quarter of the victims of police shootings. Nor do they realize that blacks are responsible for a whopping 42% of the shootings of police officers. If you are so slack that you don’t check facts you will end up wasting your life protesting things you don’t understand. Living a slack life does matter.

2. Shacked Lives Matter. Illegitimacy rates have skyrocketed in recent decades. And this matters more than anything. It matters if a man gets a woman pregnant and decides to shack up with her for a little while and move on – as opposed to marrying her and actually raising the child. If the child is male, the consequences of the father’s absence are particularly severe. Put simply, there is a clear and inverse relationship between time spent interacting with dad and time spent interacting with the police. Presently, there is only one racial group in America for which fatherlessness is the rule rather than the exception. To be specific, the black community is now experiencing a whopping 72% illegitimacy rate. This simply must be dealt with now and without relying on the government. In fact, government cannot be part of the solution because it is the root of the problem.

3. Black Lies Matter. It is not just the racism that undermines the credibility of BLM. It is also the lies. These lies also affect those who are not on board with BLM. In other words, there has been collateral damage. When propaganda gets out and police are afraid of going into black communities, who do you think suffers? It is not white people. It is black people. The lies drive out the police. The absence of police emboldens the black criminal who is now being supervised by no one. Dad is not around. The cops are not around. Now he has a free hand to commit crime. Unsurprisingly, his victims are almost always other blacks.

4. Black Dreams Shattered. There have been around 5000 black people lynched at the hands of the KKK. That is the grand total throughout American history. In contrast, in this year alone there will be an average of over 7000 black babies aborted per week in America. It is high time that black America identified the real enemy. Hint: It rhymes with Banned Parenthood.

In sum, apologizing to and for BLM will never solve the problems of black Americans. In fact, nothing will get better until that racist organization pulls its head out of its collective ass and starts addressing real problems within its own community. My words my sound harsh but I have little patience for hypocritical racists. Nor do I have patience for those who defend racists.

Note that in my opening I did not address you by your preferred name “African American Student Union.” This is not Africa and you are not Africans. This is America and you need to act like Americans. You should know that Americans don’t tell other Americans what words to use in order to keep from offending people. You choose your words and I will choose mine.

If you don’t like the words I choose then do the right thing and respond with better speech, not with censorship. Free speech is the ultimate pro-choice position. And I am always in favor of choice as long as it doesn’t harm an innocent human being.


Mike S. Adams

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  • Carmena Hilliard

    Awesome letter! Completely truthful.

  • Steven Schwartz

    Given a chance to argue that “All Lives Matter” was not being bigoted/etc., he chooses, instead, to double-down and go after BLM. Congratulations, Professor, you’ve proven *why* they thought you were going after them with your title.

    To address the letter-writer’s claims one by one:
    “1. “They go through life not realizing that blacks commit close to half of the violence in America but make up only one-quarter of the victims of police shootings.”

    Of course, given that they’re a significant minority, that means they’re much more likely to be shot than a given white person, and we have *ample* evidence of police taking much more care with white lives than black.

    And there’s an error in his opening statement: the best data I was able to find shows that it’s a 60-40% split — *including Hispanics in both categories*. We can also go into the difference between rates of comission and rates of arrest, etc. But that’s probably more work than he’s willing to put in.

    (Indeed; the only source I could find for his claim on a quick search was American Renaissance — which is hardly a reputable source, to put it mildly.)

    So, not slacking. Of course, the professor should know that — which begs the question “incompetent, or dishonest?”

    But to continue on to #2, which is a beautiful example of victim-blaming: “You didn’t live in a full family, so you’re more likely to get shot, and it’s your fault and your parent’s fault!”

    Given that illegitimacy rates, births out of wedlock, teen births, etc. tend to be *higher* the more Christian an area reports to be, perhaps we should be protesting outside of churches for causing people to get shot?

    #3: I hate to break it to you, Professor, and Sheriff, but facts you find inconvenient are not lies — they are things you have ignored, conspired to hide, or simply been unaware of. That people are starting to express their anger at what’s been going on does not mean that the anger, and the causes for it, haven’t always been there.

    We could go on at length about the remaining points: however, what this amounts to is “White Guy Lectures Other People About How To Behave According to What He Wants” — and he will get the derision he rightly deserves for his sloppy thinking, bad facts, and victim-blaming.

    You’re not in favor of choice, Professor: you’re in favor of people doing what they want within *your* *preferred* *limits*; you’re making that very clear. “Freedom for me, and for thee so long as you agree with me” is not freedom at all.

    ” My words my sound harsh but I have little patience for hypocritical racists. Nor do I have patience for those who defend racists.”

    Indeed; which is why I am calling you out, as I have little patience for either one, and you, Professor, are at least one.

    • Zap Rowsdower

      I wish I could be like you Steven, and post an opinion, try to gloss it to look like facts, and then provide zero evidence to back up my claims.

      • Steven Schwartz

        Which claims would you like evidence for? I can provide it, either in the form of links, or in the form of reasoning (when you need more of it.)

        So, do tell; I am always happy to back up my opinion with evidence.

  • jane clark

    Someone who speaks the truth