Donald Trump’s election is about the survival of the American republic

Donald Trump’s election is about the survival of the American republic November 1, 2016

I sat down with Ginni Thomas at The Daily Caller recently and told them exactly why I’m supporting Donald Trump: for America’s survival.

The way I see it, Washington is like a criminal cartel and it needs to be broken up. Donald Trump gives us the only chance to do this. For the last eight years, President Obama has pushed his progressive orthodoxy on the American people and it has hurt them, especially black people who have been duped for too long by the Democratic Party. To elect Hillary Clinton is to guarantee more of the same and to usher in a kind of corruption never before seen in our nation.

This isn’t politics as usual. A clear and present danger is lurking around the corner and we have to do everything in our power to defeat this behemoth. Like I said before, it’s pitchforks and torches time. We’ve got to adopt the spirit of our Founding Fathers that revolutionized America and brought about the Declaration of Independence. It’s the only thing that will save this country.

Click this link to see the entire interview.

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