UW Madison progressives try to prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking on campus

UW Madison progressives try to prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking on campus November 23, 2016

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Progressive social justice warriors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison tried their best to shut down a free speech lecture given by conservative speaker Ben Shapiro. They repeatedly chanted “shame” and “safety” and lined up in front of the stage. But in true conservative fashion, the decent people in the audience were as patient as possible and suffered through the shenanigans for nearly a half an hour before the SJWs were finally escorted out.  (I know a little something about being banned from speaking on a college campus because I might damage the sensibilities of the delicate snowflakes who attend. In my case, the point of my lecture wasn’t going to touch the political, but the University of New Haven’s President Steven H. Kaplan felt I was too polarizing even to appear.)

Of course, that didn’t stop those University of Wisconsin-Madison students from shouting, stomping, and otherwise, disrupting once they were outside the venue. Shapiro handled it like a champ, though, even encouraging them to stick around for the question and answer period. But, of course, they weren’t interested in dialogue, only disruption.

How pathetic that America’s college campuses have eroded to this point where adult students can’t function outside of a “safe space” or even face an idea that is different than their own. And the universities are doing nothing about it. Here’s what UWM had to say about the interruptions to Shapiro’s speech:

The university worked to ensure the event would be safe and provide a forum for both the speaker and those dissenting with his statements to express their views, by meeting with organizers and protesters, along with providing security for the event.

UW-Madison has a long history of bringing speakers to campus who represent viewpoints across the political, social and cultural spectrum. Consistent with the university’s mission, such events offer a place to discuss critical societal issues and complement classroom learning.

We are dedicated to promoting a campus environment where all people feel valued and respected.  To that end, the university expects community members to engage in discussion, especially over controversial issues, in ways that are respectful of others’ viewpoints and that promote greater understanding. We are disappointed that some attendees at the event chose not to do so.

So, the university is “disappointed” but will allow this to continue. Hopefully, administrators noticed how the protesters were treated, described below by Shapiro:

“This is how conservatives actually treat people: You stand up and interrupt and you shout ‘safety’ and you’re perfectly safe. Look at that. It’s amazing. Look how that works.”

Can the Left say the same? Burning trash cans, blocked freeways, smashed windows, and the constant flow of tears says no.

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