Univ of New Haven claims I’m too “politically polarizing” because they fear diversity

Univ of New Haven claims I’m too “politically polarizing” because they fear diversity October 12, 2016

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Well, let’s just call it like it is: there’s going to be a few less melting snowflakes at the University of New Haven since I’ve been disinvited to speak on their campus. Now that my intimidating conservative viewpoint is no longer threatening the safe spaces of these progressive pansies, the liberal utopia of UNH, having been freed from opposing ideas, can return to business as usual.

Of course, I was invited there to give a talk on forensics but apparently, my personal politics brings a dark cloud of oppression everywhere I go and the intelligentsia would crack under the strain. And though the university has continued to lie about why I was disinvited, the truth is finally out and the word is spreading about how colleges have become bastions for the Left and censors for the Right.

One site dedicated to exposing this is Campus Reform. They picked up on my story and published it to their site. They do a great job as a watchdog over America’s so-called higher education system. With what they uncover about colleges on a daily basis, it’s a wonder anyone would even enroll.

Read their coverage here.

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  • Leo F Saito

    It would seem that your position on Forensics is to polarizing and obviously upsetting and I dare say a touch Racist. Maybe you could have said its more the science of looking at naughty things that might not/ and /or deemed appropriate in the commission of naughty actions. I believe if presented in this context you invitation may be reinstated so our precious snowflakes aren’t upset.. See all better now!

  • marvelmysteryman

    I got my bachelors and masters degrees in CJ at UNH. They called me to donate, as they do every year, just after the news broke about their flip-flopping on Sheriff Clarke. I told them I wasn’t going to donate because of their stance. I was told that I wasn’t the only one to refuse to donate because of this incident. They’ll receive no more donations from me as they have become a school that I am embarrassed to say that I attended.