Thank God we only have three days until anti-cop Obama is out of office

Thank God we only have three days until anti-cop Obama is out of office January 17, 2017

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I’ve been counting down the days until Barack Obama is out of the White House and I’m happy we’re finally down to just three.

America’s first black president was a giant let down. He was elected by non-racist whites but is leaving a legacy of race-hyped black communities evidenced by the rise of the Black LIES Matter movement, an organization he rallied behind. This also fostered an anti-cop cancer that has made police officers’ lives hell on the force. Now, instead of suspects fleeing and staying hidden from pursuant officers, they are shooting first, emboldened by the echo chamber created by President Obama and his race-baiting agenda.

Worse yet, Obama absolved the guilt of criminals and instead sicced his Justice Department dogs on local law enforcement as a means to transform how policing is done. Here’s the thing: He has no idea what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer. He suggests that cops should engage in dialogue first. He suggests less than lethal options before they go to deadly force.

But think about Lt. Debra Clayton, the Orlando officer recently shot and killed by a punk bastard she was pursuing for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Did she have the opportunity to start a dialogue before engaging this deadly suspect? There’s no time to talk when the bullets are flying. As usual, Obama is speaking way out of his league.

He never made time to hold a press conference to rally around Lt. Clayton. But anytime a Black Lives Matter uproar happened surrounding a white police officer killing a black suspect, you could count on seeing his face on the screen to lecture us all how racist America is.

During his presidency, Obama loved to invoke Martin Luther King Jr. But spouting off quotes is completely different from living them out. King’s dream about one day hoping his children would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin died during the Obama years. Race relations are arguably lower than they’ve been since the civil rights era because Obama focused on little other than skin color. He can’t even make it through the funeral for five dead Dallas officers without telling the mourners that black parents have a good reason to fear for their kids coming in contact with law enforcement officers.

And THAT’s why I’m counting down the days until he’s gone.

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