Trump giving mainstream media the cold shoulder over “fake news” and it’s driving them nuts – good!

Trump giving mainstream media the cold shoulder over “fake news” and it’s driving them nuts – good! February 16, 2017

According to Grabien, President Trump isn’t calling on certain channels who are used to President Obama kissing their hands when they walk through the door… and it’s driving them crazy. Good!  In the last press conference The Christian Broadcast Network and had the honor of asking questions — not CNN, MSNBC, or ABC:

After Trump avoided calling on MSNBC during today’s presser with Benjamin Netanyahu, MSNBC’s Peter Alexander complained that the conservative journalists he did call on didn’t ask “real questions” like he would have.

“What was striking,” Alexander said, was that “President Trump, again, called on a series of more conservative leaning news organizations which didn’t allow for any real questions, trying to zero in on this issue of Mike Flynn, the now former national security advisor.”

This is just hilarious!  I love seeing the reporters suddenly feeling like the unpopular kid on the playground.

Maybe MSNBC might have gotten to ask some questions if Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews didn’t constantly compare the President to Adolph Hitler.  Maybe CNN would get called on if they didn’t print the fake news of Trump using a prostitution ring in Moscow.  Maybe ABC would have more access if they didn’t let their personalities compare him to the Taliban.

I don’t think it takes much to figure out why these news organizations are getting the cold shoulder.

It’s not because they’re critical of the administration or the man.  It’s because they are so blindly partisan they can’t even begin to take an honest look at him.

Bring them a blanket, because it’s going to get cold in that far, outer circle.


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  • Mitch Beck

    First, having a press credential AT ALL is not a RIGHT, it’s a privilege. It’s granted at the good will of the person granting it. That credential can also be revoked at any time. You are not ENTITLED to ask the POTUS a question. It is NOT a right. Again, it’s a PRIVILEGE granted by a POTUS. If you’re not being fair, doesn’t mean you can’t be critical or ask hard questions, but if you’re not being fair, I wouldn’t call on them either. If they continue in the direction they’re going, I would not blame the POTUS one iota, if he revoked that PRIVILEGE and extended it to people he feels are being fair to him. Fox News at times has been very hard on him and yet he likes them very much. Why? Because they’re fair. It’s time they all grew up and put on their big boy/girl pants and behaved like adults, not spoiled children.

  • Consumer9999

    I would like to see press questions evenly distributed between right leaning and left leaning journalists.

    • Joseph Vanchieri

      Left leaning media are irresponsible and corrupt. Instead of reporting news they make up stories. Once they get the kindergarten reporters.

      • teachersaide

        Unless, of course, the person in the “doghouse” is a LIBERAL, Minority, etc.! Then, the excuses come out, & it’s everybody’s “fault”, except the “Perp”!

    • Katrina

      That would happen if truth were reported by both equally. The left has been distorting their reporting so long that no one trusts them. Who can blame us?

  • aceflower5

    I agree with him a 100% they need to stop the crap it’s disgusting how they “MSM” treat this president and there viewer with made up story
    ,and theirs also.makes our democracy look shameful to the world.

  • Chris Decker

    SOUNDS LIKE MARRIAGE. The remote control – He didn’t like the show and she had the remote. Election night – Mainstream media didn’t like what they were watching and couldn’t change the channel. The couch – That’s where the husband spends his nights. The basement – That’s where the mainstream media spends their days. The silent treatment – She goes into “mute mode” and his frustration festers. Mainstream media is selectively shunned by the President at his press conference. And I thought watching our mainstream media crash and burn on election night was fun.

    • Stephanie O’Leary

      Great analogy!

  • Katrina

    When these MSM “reporters” (more like story tellers) do ask a question and report on it, it is not what was said, but their interpretation. I find this hilarious. I want to hear what our president says, not what some biased fake news reporter thinks he said. CNN still refers to him as Mr. Trump. Hello, it is long past Jan. 20 and he is now President Donald Trump. Get over your personal bias and that of your boss and give us unbiased facts, or we WILL go elsewhere. Your very jobs depend on it, as we have shown!