Black Lives Matter wanted one thing but it backfired horribly

Black Lives Matter wanted one thing but it backfired horribly February 14, 2017

From the moment they came on the scene, Black LIES Matter had one goal in mind: anarchy. No matter what they’ve tried to tell us, BLM isn’t interested in unity and they certainly aren’t working to build trust with police officers. They want a total takedown of law and order and they’ll use any means necessary to achieve that goal. However, their plans have backfired and even liberals are starting to take notice.

Instead of creating more dissonance between the American public and police, the latest polls show that respect for police has risen significantly despite Black LIES Matter’s best efforts.

It’s an unintended consequence even a leftist outlet like Vox has noted:

Over the past few years, Black Lives Matter activists have prompted an unprecedented level of media and political scrutiny on questions related to police misconduct…

Under the circumstances, many people may not be aware that 2016 was also a year in which Gallup found a huge surge in pro-police sentiment among the mass public.

BLM has certainly wreaked its fair share of havoc but their aggressive and violent “outreach” was rejected when we elected Donald Trump as the 45th president. Enough is enough. Black LIES Matter should change its slogan to, “This is how you get more Trump.”

A post at The American Interest makes the case that BLM has lost its footing as a legitimate Civil Rights organization because it deals in anger, not rationality:

Martin Luther King was sometimes an angry man, and with just cause, but we owe his lasting impact on American life to his wisdom rather than to his rage.

Unfortunately, the radical hate group responsible for burned cities and dead cops isn’t interested in solving the black community’s ills, but they will do whatever it takes to exploit them.

With the 2016 election over, even the Democrat Party threw Black LIES Matters overboard – the support for police has surged. Even Democrats realized slamming police was a loser with middle class white voters.

No longer needing their vote, Black LIES Matter has been kicked to the curb by liberals and replaced by refugees, white Women’s March on Washington and illegal aliens. Talk about not getting any respect. Black LIES Matter may go down S one of the shortest political movements in US history. Even the Occupy Movement lasted longer.

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  • Chris Renegar

    I don’t wanna hear from ANY left wing group. Exhausted.


    I remember when MLK Jr. gave his dramatic speech, “We need to kill some cracka cops, then steal us some Jordans!”

    Our liberal college professors still talk about it fondly during Black History Month, which now runs Feb-Oct.

    • Ruth Blue Lee

      That reminds me of when my children were in middle school here in NC, taught by predominantly black teachers. I had to teach them multiplication and history. They never learned about the Civil War (only how cruel Whites were and how blacks deserved reparation) but ask them anything about Rosa Parks! Black History month was 5 days a week.

      • GTKRWN

        When my younger sister was in High School their (((History))) books had completely removed the slave trade. There was no rum-guns-slaves triangle. There were no muslim slavers. There was no talk of the overwhelming majority of slaves going to South America, with only a tiny tiny percentage of slaves going to less than 2% of US slave owners. (Many of which were Jewish.) There were no African warlords profiting heavily by selling captured men from warring tribes.

        It was all just evil racist white men catching Tobys in nets.

        I was helping her with her “white people be the reason for all of what is wrong in the world” liberal indoctrination white guilt home assignment and commented on it, introducing her very briefly to actual history.

        She inquired about what I had said a few days later when it came up in discussion. Simply asking a question about the truth got her immediately dismissed from the classroom and sent to the office for “causing a disruption.” Disrupting the liberal indoctrination, I imagine.

        An entire class of guilty white children being taught fictions about the past could have been ruined if they realized how they were all being lied to.

  • Blue Angel Coffee Co

    It’s like you always say Sheriff, it’s the American Police Officer who cares the most about the inner cities. Law Enforcement Officers put their life on the line day in and day out to protect law abiding citizens from criminals.

  • TroyGale

    Just when that Dream was coming to pass….
    How pathetically sad, all due to the Democrat Plantation.
    Want to know a Black man, a White man, a Asian…etc.etc.
    Share a foxhole, ship, tank, plane or whatever with them.
    They are American Brothers…the same can be said about Police.

  • Lance Sjogren

    The left’s adoption of pet issues is characterized by: 1). phony issues 2). a short attention span

    This guarantees that all the great “crusades” by the left simply fade out with a whimper. Then it’s on to the next one.

  • flowers of fate

    the left pitted one too many groups against the others. and most americans discovered they didn’t want to be part of the small group mentality. i want all americans to be lifted up. and i want illegals gone and immigration slowed. even stopped. we have brought too many people already that have not assimilated.

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    I’m coming up on 32, and I’ve been arrested 56 times in my life, at last count. Two or three serious fights, charges dismissed, mostly public intoxication or failure to appear, no felonies. I’ve never treated the police cross, and they’ve never been cross with me. Shut your mouth, do what you’re told, if you want to babble nonsensically – which I usually do – wait until you’re cuffed. Easy to get along with police. Just don’t act like a damn fool. I in fact teach kung fu to a few children of officers who have arrested me. Hell, I met one of the girls I date when she arrested me. And she is delightful too, I adore her, I’m glad I spent that weekend in jail. I mean, seriously… if you’re a grown adult in the US and you haven’t ever spent a weekend in jail, I don’t trust you. If you don’t smoke, or drink, or cuss, or at least cause some kind of trouble, I don’t trust you. Granted, I cause enough trouble for a few extra people, but everybody has to cause their fair share of ruckus. Otherwise I’ll get bored and start acting really crazy. Sometimes I bite. Or, at least, nibble.

    • gmartinz

      You sound like a really good country song. Not a ‘bro country song, but a country song they play at a down and dirty kicker club. You really should appear in court when they tell you to, though.