Democrats are the party of racism, and this bill proves it

Democrats are the party of racism, and this bill proves it February 10, 2017

There’s a new bill that has been introduced by a Rhode Island Democrat which can only be described as completely and utterly racist.

It was written by legislator Anastasia P. Williams and emphatically states that when a black trial judge vacates the bench, another black judge must be the replacement. Here’s the wording of the bill, which uses the progressive blanket term “person of color:”

“[Whenever a judge] who is a person of color leaves the bench, for whatever reason, their replacement must be a person of color, so as not to diminish the number of judges of color in that court.”

Can you imagine if the bill said, “Whenever a judge who is white leaves the bench, for whatever reason, their replacement must be white, so as not to diminish the number of white judges in that court?” There’s no need to explain what the reaction would be from everyone.

But besides being racism in its purest form,  law professor Eugene Volokh informs us through his column at The Washington Post that there are at least two documents this bill violates, including Rhode Island’s Constitution:

Such a rigid racial allotment would be a pretty clear violation of the Equal Protection Clause, I think, even given the narrow forms of race-based preferences that the Supreme Court has allowed; and I think it would violate the even more explicit provision in the Rhode Island Constitution:

“No otherwise qualified person shall, solely by reason of race, gender or handicap be subject to      discrimination by the state, its agents or any person or entity doing business with the state.”

If a bill like this can pass even though it’s in direct contradiction to a state’s own constitution — the decision is based solely on race, NOT qualifications — then anything goes and the established law of the land no longer matters. But this is the progressive dystopia Democrats are pining for, and at its core, it is anti-American.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who advocated for, fought for and died for a color blind society must be following around in his grave at hearing of this race obsessed bill.

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    BULLSHIT. The next in line does. Black, white don’t matter as long as the are LEGAL

  • UncleSlam

    I firmly and totally believe that liberalism is a mental disease. It affects common sense and the ability to use critical thinking. It needs to be wiped out in our lifetime. Please pray for those affected.

  • Truth Gun

    The Democrat Party has finally become what they’ve been skirting the edges of for years.. They are a small but vocal radical anti-American fringe group.. They are the Weather Underground without the bombs, yet..

    The Democrat agenda is one of class warfare, the continuation of racial turmoil, the support of mob rule, (i.e. opposing the Electoral College while supporting BLM), and the unconditional embracing of Islam, a theocratic authoritarian religion/ideology that by definition is entirely incapable of coexisting with our system of government or any other’s in the civilized world.. Democrats deplore any military action that is in our nation’s interest, but they love it if there is zero national interest in it.. Democrats also belive that virtually every country on Earth has the right to govern themselves with their own best interests as their primary goal with the exception of the U.S. and Israel..

    The Democrat Party also celebrates abortion, in the guise of “women’s health”.. Democrats find rights in the Constitition that do not exist, and yet deny individual rights that do exist, such as the 2nd Amendment.. Democrats oppose Justices who are Constitutional Textualist/Originalists by saying they’re “out of the mainstream”.. Democrats celebrate “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, but they condemn and belittle traditional White American/European culture for essentially being non existent at best, or at worst a destructive force both currently and historically..

    Democrats require two core constituencies for their existence, and without them they would cease to be.. One, a permanent and dependent underclass that is easily manipulated.. And two, the ever present and perpetual victim class.. In other words, misery, despair, unrest, and manufactured victimization are their lifeblood, and they must keep it all alive in order for them to maintain any kind of power.. That’s what Democrats will be fighting for over the next four years…

  • TroyGale

    Seriously, the Democrat party has become the Leftists in the mold of Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro, etc. It isn’t about equality, it isn’t about anything but the Left gaining more power. Once they have enough power, they will do as they have done in other countries around the world, and kill anyone who disagrees with them. There are more Leftists in America today than there are in Cuba. That is because the Cuban people want the freedoms we Americans still have. I hate the Left, and if people who are Democrats want this Nation to endure, they had better begin acting like Americans again, and kick these wannabe Communists from the Democrat Party. The Democrats still just don’t get it, that they are responsible for the discord and strife in our Nation. The Left, they never stop agitating, they never stop trying to divide us, and they always want to tell you what you may think, what you may say, and what you may do. These are Communists, make no mistake about it, and if they do gain power, they will kill all who disagree with them. I has happened in other countries, and it cost almost 200 Million people their lives.

  • Majority Fools

    RI is a beautiful state (for now) but our politicians are the worst. Every single one of them is a liar and a crook.

  • poppopdiesel


  • Tim Collins

    I have a hard time believing that the quoted “wording of the bill” is how the bill is actually worded, given the blatant grammatical error: “their” is a plural pronoun referring to a singular noun, “person.” That paper would have failed Comp 101 on the basis of that error alone. Surely a legislative bill written by a lawyer, or pretty much anyone with a high school education, would not be worded thusly in its final form.

    • iknow2muchsometimes

      REALLY? Contextually, the bill has been “introduced” so I doubt it has reached its final form. In any case, the definition in the link above indicates that the use of “their” is not so crazy. That said, the bill is incredibly biased and I am glad it has been exposed.