5 powerful ways Betsy DeVos will reform education in America

5 powerful ways Betsy DeVos will reform education in America February 10, 2017

There’s a new head at the Department of Education, and her ideas will help set America’s public schools back on track to excellence by taking the power away from the federal bureaucracy and giving it back to parents.

Betsy DeVos is the new secretary of education in the Trump administration but It hasn’t been an easy road for her. Vicious attacks by the Left were launched from all sides. The Hollywood elite, who don’t even send their kids to public schools, considered her a religious zealot who would destroy public education. Every Democrat in the Senate voted against her nomination plus two Republicans, splitting the decision. For the first time in history, Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote for a Cabinet pick.

But here are 5 reasons why DeVos is the best choice to revitalize our education system.

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  • Wolf Lutton

    Warms my heart to see The People’s Sheriff standing up for the education of Americs’s youth. Go team blue! Let’s make those 5 reforms happen and in that order.

  • Hilda Wilcox

    This all sounds good on the surface, but the fact is that charter schools and private schools that receive vouchers perform no better than the public schools where low income kids attend. They have used standardized testing, which consistently shows that low income students score lower than higher income students, to label public schools as “failing”. These lower test scores are not a reflection on the quality of education that public schools are providing, but rather are a reflection of the effects of poverty on learning.

    From what I’ve seen in my state (LA), most charter schools are only taking public money and providing less in terms of education for our students. For example, some charter schools are only selecting the best students to attend their schools, many charter schools have oversized classrooms, many charter schools are not equipped nor do they accept students who have special needs, and they are not maintaining the public buildings that they are using for free. Here in Louisiana, transportation is not provided to voucher students and many charter schools. We have an extremely poor public transportation system, so school buses are needed to allow the poor to attend private voucher schools because the poor often do not have a car.

    We are told that our public schools are failing, but I have yet to hear anyone explain what are the schools/teachers/principals doing wrong or what they should be doing. I find this very peculiar.

    • Sun Tomorrow

      Agreed! Not to mention how they plan to sweep children with disabilities under the rug, and that many of these privates school options are religous in nature. So much for separation of church and state! Finally, the removal of Common Core (a set of STANDARDS) will not guarantee the quality of education from one state to another. Most people that complain about Common Core 1)Don’t even know what it actually is 2)Struggle with some of the academic content themselves (America has long deprived its nation in education) and 3)actually are complaining about the Common Core CURRICULUM, which is decided on by the STATE!

      None of her plan benefits anyone except ‘normal’, white, priveliged kids.