Larry David to play nun in new movie

Larry David to play nun in new movie May 5, 2011

Here’s a Sister Act of an entirely different kind:

Larry David, the man who enraged Catholic groups in 2009 when he urinated on a portrait of Jesus Christ in his HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is reportedly poised to play – wait for it – a Catholic nun in the Farrelly Brothers upcoming take on the classic film “The Three Stooges.”

According to, David is sealing the deal to play Mother Mengele – the head nun who runs the orphanage where the Stooges grow up and developed their wild ways.

Some are not amused.

[Having David play a nun] is supposed to be funny. It’s not though. Maybe they can call it ‘Curb Your Bigotry’ and have David play himself realizing the error of his ways and joining a religious order,” Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. ““Hollywood is reflexively anti-Christian and especially anti-Catholic. Tinseltown celebrates its hate for the Catholic faith in movies, TV and pop music.”

Another entertainment industry expert said the prospect of David donning a habit and looking the part of a lady isn’t so far-fetched.

“’The Three Stooges’cast continues to get more and more inspired. Setting a Jewish guy to play a nun certainly sounds like David is playing against type,” Deadline reporter Mike Fleming wrote. “I served two tours of duty in Catholic elementary schools, and now that I think of it, Larry David in a Nun’s Habit pretty much squares with my memory of how all of those teachers looked back then.”

Comedy aside, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League of America hopes the film doesn’t go too far satirizing Catholicism.

“There is nothing wrong with poking gentle fun at priests and nuns in film or in the theater. But when it is done to the exclusion of any reverential treatment, it smacks of an agenda,” he said. “To say that Hollywood is not exactly enamored of Catholicism would be a gross understatement.”

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10 responses to “Larry David to play nun in new movie”

  1. Don’t get in an uproar over this. It’ll just add to the box-office. This is just a typical Hollywood product. Most Hollywoodites don’t know much about Christianity or Judaism. If Hollywood is anti-Christian and anti-Catholic, it still is not as bad as being thrown to the lions.

  2. This is the same guy that had the scene urinating in an icon of Christ. What do you expect?

  3. I don’t really care about Larry David wearing a habit…but Mother “Mengele”!
    Naming the nun after a sadistic nazi war criminal…now that’s offensive!

  4. It is also horrific that he will be playing “Sister Mengele”, who I assume is named after Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death at Auschwitz.

  5. C’mon, it’s the Three Stooges, people! If done halfway competently, it’s going to be too stupid and silly to be offensive.

    (College friend pointed out the following as The Difference Between Men and Women. Women think that the 3 stooges are eye-rolling dumb. Men think that the three greatest Americans are Washington, Lincoln and Moe.)

  6. Typical of hollywood to bash Christians. Yes it’s a movie, a hollywood movie depicting Catholics in a negative light, why is hollywood so afraid of Catholics, is the truth that painful? Why doesn’t hollywood ever make movies showing all the good that Catholics have done, are doing and will continue to do? Also to Jon D above are you suggesting that we should be thrown to the lions because I would consider that to be a tremendous honor to die as a martyr.

  7. Why don’t we have a movie about a female Rabbi who is called Frau Rabbi Hitler? Would that have them rolling in the aisles? To complete the comedy we could have her have beard and and wear tassels. Or perhaps a funny episode where someone puts body fluids on a picture of a holocaust victim and then it would be super funny if the Jews in the synagogue thought the picture was weeping!

    See that would fly with the Anti Defamation League. Am sure they would find it so funny! After It would be just a movie.

  8. See if that would fly with the Anti Defamation League. Am sure they would find it so funny! After all It would be just a movie.

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