Fr. Corapi speaks: "I'm not going to be involved in ministry as a priest anymore…"

Fr. Corapi speaks: "I'm not going to be involved in ministry as a priest anymore…" June 17, 2011

A recorded statement, below …

You can also read the text over at his website.  No official statement or reaction yet from his order.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Scalia has her first reaction to the tape — and it’s similar to my own.  I kept waiting for something, anything, that would point back to God, to Christ, to Mary (the patroness of his order) and heard…nothing.  I imagine he can’t see past his own anger and bitterness right now, and that’s understandable.This is a sad moment for him, for his flock, and for the Church, which has lost a dynamic and singular voice.  We have to pray that those who admire him so much don’t leave the Church over this — though, judging from some of his comments, he might be not-so-quietly encouraging them to do exactly that.  Is the Black Sheepdog asking the Black Sheep to follow him?  I get that impression.

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103 responses to “Fr. Corapi speaks: "I'm not going to be involved in ministry as a priest anymore…"”

  1. This is a horrific thing to do to his faithful followers, who are now divided between doubting it’s his voice and rallying against the evil bishops. Interesting that the new web page is up (as is a Facebook page), with the insane juxtaposition of his statement about how sad it is that no one is going to let him be a priest anymore right alongside continued promotion of the 20th anniversary of ordination half-price sale.

    Prayers aplenty for those this will hurt the most–and it won’t be No-Longer-Father C.

  2. I think that wins some kind of record for passive-aggressive manipulative self-aggrandizement.

  3. Not to trivialize what is a very bizarre and harmful situation, but at least the Black Sheepdog thing explains the dye job.

    Otherwise I think Mark says it best. What I find truly sad is that this man who claims to have brought so many to the Church he claims to love now has followers calling the Bishop of Corpus Christi Satan’s minion and saying how much they hate the Catholic Church and its leaders. Of course, he would deny that he ever intended to provoke any such thing. Satan’s in this, all right, but not where the Corapi faithful are pointing the finger.

  4. I felt this was coming, I hope his fans don’t martyr him…he bailed when he couldn’t prove his was innocent, but I think others knew more than us and even what his side mentioned said words like “multiple” and other charges.

    Father was never a parish priest, giving mass, weekly confessions and sacraments, he was a good preacher and taped talks and wrote books, but wasn’t like the priests who fight the fight daily.

    For everyone he touched, changed, converted, those are blessings, but he’s a man and a man with an ego and who was undergoing many changes the last few years. I accept we don’t deserve to know his demons, they are his, but I accept also no one would let him go if there wasn’t a good reason…he was just too popular. That was why they knew things would not stay quiet.

    I felt weirded out by his black dog references but I hope whatever it is he does, he keeps God first.

  5. Well, he sure didn’t keep God first in that statement. That was all me, me, me, and very earthbound.

  6. John Corapi will be a very needed voice for all the suffering priests who are and who have been wrongly accused and persecuted. What he says in this video is, I believe, happening too often. Priests are like our american soldiers, with apparently very little support from their superiors. If there is a denunciation, the denunciator is believed on his word. It is unacceptable.

  7. The piece of the puzzle that doesn’t ring true is Former Father John Corapi, who is ditching his vows he claimed mean so much to him while chasing the Almighty Dollar as The Black Sheepdog and telling whatever sucker will believe him that his free choice to do this is the fault of Shadowy Forces of Evil in the Church and that you must follow him and not listen to his accuser and investigators. How anybody can trust this narcissistic fabulist after this I will never understand. God help him.

  8. I`ll leave the judgements to God. I wish him well and I`ll pray for him. The Church has been through many turbulent and stressful times over the last two thousand years. We just have to keep our minds and our thoughts and our hearts on the One who matters
    most as, Corapi stated and who never changes and always remains the same age after age. His will be done. “Everything else will pass away, but My words will never pass away.”

  9. Thanks, Mark for writing what needed to be said. We all need to pray for him that he will truly reprent.

  10. More urgently, I think, we need to pray for his followers. Judging from some of the comments at his Facebook page, this is hitting them like a ton of bricks. More than a few have said they’re in tears and are angry at the Church, at the bishops, at Satan. The overwhelming emotion is sadness and sorrow. There are thousands out there are are, literally, sheep without a shepherd — led now by just a Black Sheepdog. And God only knows where that will take them. Pray for them. They really need it.

  11. He’s a sinner (whether he’s guilty of what he was accused of or not), and I’m a sinner, so I can only pray that God will be merciful in his life as God is merciful in mine.

    Having said that, I don’t think a priest — or a member of the laity, for that matter — ever goes wrong in constantly trying to re-orient his life away from worldly pride and adoration and possessions and back toward what Jesus preached in the Sermon on the Mount.

  12. Insane.

    Although not unexpected. Because Corapi has always clearly been about Corapi.

    Except now Corapi = Dale Fushek.

  13. Wow. Not sure what to think…. But I have listened to Fr. Corapi often in the past, and have been a huge admirer of his message. I can’t speak for his other fans, but while I certainly am feeling a lot of things, I have not ONCE felt like a sheep without a shepherd. I am actually pretty offended that anyone would think that because I !really! love listening to what he has to say and believe he is a good man in a tough situation (we all often are), that my life revolves around whether or not he is doing the right thing now. The Church will stand – through good priests and bad, through good lay people and bad, through good POPES and bad. He may need to look again at his life and his motives – but more than a few commenters on all this may need at least as badly to look at their own.

  14. The red lights were everywhere. It unsettled me that he lived such a lavish materialist life. It unsettled me that he got a personal trainer and buffed up and shaved his head and dyed his beard. It unsettled me that he charged what he did for his tapes and for his lectures. It unsettled me that he had two homes and multiple cars. The signs were everywhere with his vanity, ego and un-priestly behavior and lifestyle.

    I was suspicious but I was hoping that whatever the situation was, whether guilty or innocent, that he could get past it or turn it around and use it for the glory of Christ. But as many pointed out, where was Christ in his letter?

  15. I found when I looked once, his FB followers are “scary”. They idolize him in a way that is like a cult. He gave a somewhat weak thank you to them, proabably felt guilty they weren’t getting the outccome they wanted, but it isn’t Satan all the time, we sometimes choose things for ourselves.

    Father preached on TV. but what did he do off camera? He went (for money) to preach other places, with body guards and others, he had money from a settlement and drove from what I read, fast cars, took trips, sold DVD’s, made very few public appearances on EWTN where he wasn’t just the speaker (he didn’t seem to like question/answer sessions.

    I liked him initially and then when I subscribed to his email thinking it was like Fr. Groechel’s, all I got was DVD sales and books…I was appalled and unsubscribed. This doesn’t make him a criminal, but a gift of preaching isn’t all a good priest is, living it is the other part.

    I don’t know enough to say what his private life was, but my gut led me away after a short time, just wasn’t for me, I watched others on EWTN instead.

  16. I will be forever grateful to Father Corapi for being the best teacher of the Catholic Faith I ever had. I once personally rec’d communion from him on Trinity Sunday. I only mention it because I also remember his beautiful homily and how blessed he felt to be a priest.

    I have no idea if or how the Holy Spirit is working in all of this, or if he will still be able to say mass alone. Does anyone know? He will always be a priest.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not so sure what everyone is upset about. It wasn’t like it was HIS choice to stop the his ministry.

    That said, my guess would have been that he would go off and live a simple cloistered life in prayer, as he often mentioned how much he loved the life of a monastic.

    But, as Elizabeth S often says about many, “God isn’t done with him yet.” In this day and age, who knows how God may be using him, or how many more souls he will bring to Christ.

  17. Compare to Padre Pio: Accusations against Padre Pio poured in to the Holy Office (today the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith). By June 1922, restrictions were placed on the public’s access to Padre Pio. His daily Mass time varied each day, without announcement to diminish the crowds, and he was ordered not to answer correspondence from people seeking spiritual direction. It was also rumored that plans were being developed to transfer Padre Pio. However, both local and Church authorities were afraid of public riots and decided that a more remote and isolated place than San Giovanni Rotondo could not be found.

    Despite the restrictions and controversies, Padre Pio’s ministry continued. From 1924 – 1931 various statements were made by the Holy See that denied the supernaturality of Padre Pio’s phenomena. On June 9, 1931, the Feast of Corpus Christi, Padre Pio was ordered by the Holy See to desist from all activities except the celebration of the Mass, which was to be in private. By early 1933, Pope Pius XI ordered the Holy See to reverse its ban on Padre Pio’s public celebration of Mass, saying, “I have not been badly disposed toward Padre Pio, but I have been badly informed.”

    Did Padre Pio complain? Did he name himself the “Black Sheep Dog” or other silly names? NO. He trusted in the providence of God, and I recommend that Fr. Corapi (yes, he is a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek) do the same.

    Padre Pio’s faculties were progressively restored. First, the confessions of men were allowed (March 25, 1934) and then women (May 12, 1934). Although he had never been examined for a preaching license, the Capuchin Minister General granted him permission to preach, honoris cuasa, and he preached several times a year. In 1939 when Pope Pius XII was elected pope, he began to encourage people to visit Padre Pio. More and more people began to make pilgrimages.

    In all humility, Fr. Corapi, submit, be humble, and let God vindicate you…another great humble servant of God is St. Gerard Majella, who was accused of immoral behavior and never defended himself. For years, he was not allowed to go to Mass!! Then, on her deathbed, his accuser recanted, and he was exonerated. When asked by St. Alphonsus Liguori why he did not speak up, St. Gerard answered that he trusted God to defend him! Fr. Corapi, please trust God!

  18. This is really a scandalous situation. He preached such an orthodox message for so long, while his personal lifestyle was unlike any Catholic priest I have ever known, yet when his personal trial came in these allegations, when he is called to pick up his cross, when he is called to obedience to his Bishop, he abandons all he preached about with such conviction and becomes this bizarre black sheep character with sheep in one eye and wolves in the other?

    Is he that prideful and that big a narcissist ? Apparently he is and that is truly sad because I do believe he brought a lot of people to faith.

    The cult of personality is sad really, and a moral danger to those who buy into it, many who are just searching for God in their lives.

    He has over 52000 followers on Facebook, many will turn away from the church.

    Better a millstone…

  19. I liked him a few years ago when he preached about the church and his personal story. When I joined his mailing list and realized he charged for everything and
    was nothing more than a money making business, (which I have no problem with, if one is in business to make money), but I think a Catholic priest who brags about being ordained by Blessed Pope John Paul THE GREAT might hide the fact that he is doing all of this for the BIG BUCKS!!!!!!
    You just can’t fool THE LORD.

  20. Klaire, listen to the audio again. It IS his choice to leave. The bishop did not tell him to go. It cannot be ignored that by leaving as he has — after only three months, when it’s very likely that only the most cursory investigation could have been begun — he has forestalled any further investigation. There will be no public findings, no chance for public exoneration. He has a choice; remain a priest, under obedience and let this thing play out, or leave and save his business. He convincingly claimed to love his priesthood, but he’s leaving it after mere months, rather than fight.

  21. It’s strange what the memory brings up when listening to one talk. Usually in a homily I can envision the scene from the gospel being retold. But in John Corapi’s talk what came up surprised me. All I saw was General Douglas MacArthur, standing at the podium, addressing Congress saying ” Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”

  22. Klaire…

    While it was the decision of his superiors to remove his priestly faculties while the investigation was under way, it was his choice to stop being a priest. He could probably have done as you suggested — living a simple cloistered life in prayer — but he chose not to, deciding instead to create a public presence (“Black Sheepdog”) whereby he could continue writing and speaking, but not as a priest. He’s made clear what is more important to him. (It is unclear from his audio whether he will even continue being Catholic.)

    The whole thing is sad. And disturbing. And I just hope he doesn’t take thousands of otherwise faithful Catholics with him, off a cliff.

    Dcn. G.

  23. To compare: Michael Mott’s biography The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton describes a session Fr. Louis had with a regarded psychoanalyst, Zilboorg by name. Merton was told his behavior at the time (early 1960’s) was like being in a huge city crowd while holding a “MONK” sign to get attention.

    Merton did not take it well at all. But in time he got over it.

  24. He went on about how he helped the accuser, almost like she was an ingrate…just because you helped someone doesn’t mean she is lying about what she saw. Again, all on him. He is such the fighter,but gave up. Of course he can be innocent, but maybe he knew the evidence wasn’t just one word against the other. I am disapointed a man that said our mother Mary was with him, he was ordained by our blessed Pope, etc. just would leave and not trust them to help…unless he knew they couldn’t in a way he wanted.

    If he hurts the souls he brought in, that would be very sad.

  25. I find the comments from Mark P Shea very amusing.
    I think he protest too loudly. He sounds like the evangelists he claims to have left behind to become a Catholic. I detect a serious mortal sin in his rantings. It is one thing to be jealous of Father Corapi but it is a mortal sin to be envious. Adjectives such as passive-aggressive manipulative self-aggrandizement certainly sound like words from a competitor not a fellow brother in Christ. I have found it amazing how many recent converts to the church tried to make a living by selling their opinions without any sanction from the church. I have listen to the videotape several times I am wondering if we listen to the same video. Nowhere did he say he was chasing the almighty dollar, can you claim the same. I guess I will probably be one of the suckers you talk about. Father Corapi did not say you must follow him and not listen to his accusers and investigators, I for one would love to hear from these people, where can you find them? Name-calling such as narcissistic fabulist is indicative of an individual was very little reasoning skills and a limited vocabulary. I’m sorry that we suckers are beyond your comprehension I pray someday you will be intelligent enough to understand. It appears to me that you are hoping more people will donate money to your website, and that Father Corapi is a competitor who you hope goes away. I find it very interesting that of all of the posts you are the only one to put their full name, are you looking for advertising? I urge you to go and read your posts to your priest at confession so you can receive the proper penance.
    God bless

  26. I kind of like it how many here blast him for kind of acting not much like a Christian. He is accused of charging for his lectures and material. I wonder how many bishops charge for materials such as books they produce. Does Mark Shea charge for his materials and appearances? No, Mark is not a priest, but he makes his living around the Catholic Church. Priest are paid a salary and often are provided housing and a car. So unless those in church service do all for free and devote their life to poverty in service, they are bad. Deacon, do you have a vow of poverty? I hope to see all future materials coming from Mark Shea for free so he can claim not to be chasing that almighty dollar.

    Denise said it best…John Corapi will be a very needed voice for all the suffering priests who are and who have been wrongly accused and persecuted. What he says in this video is, I believe, happening too often. Priests are like our american soldiers, with apparently very little support from their superiors. If there is a denunciation, the denunciator is believed on his word. It is unacceptable.

    Like most things driven in panic, the Church has put priests out as sacrifical lambs. If you don’t like a priest, make a claim against them and if he is not towing the line with his bishop in every way and singing from the PC songbook, he is left out there without recourse or ability to defend himself. We know that many of the “accusing groups” are those which promote women priests and other liberal claptrap.

    Remember that Bishop Sheen was attacked for his TV show and books by Bishops in the Church? Last time I looked, his books and tapes are still very popular. Some other bishops saw Sheen as too popular and to out front with this TV program. I hear a lot of envy in the posts here. I also think there are those who did not like his style and the fact that he could fill huge venues while they might have trouble filling a parish office.

    I have no idea of knowing if the charge is correct because it would have to be held in a kangaroo court that forces the priest to prove innocence. A very good friend of mine was accused of rape and only at the last moment did the sick woman recant and admit lying because of a slight she felt the other had given her and was getting even. Had he been a priest, he would have been toast. What the people wanted who were pushing the priest abuse issue often had little to do with the good of the kids or of the Church. It had to do with money and trying to bring down the Church. Yes, there was abuse. I think I would have been more impressed if several bishops who allowed the seminaries to flourish with perverts and who covered for them should be in jail today with the other sick perverts. We spent millions of dollars to discover “the cause” and because of PC, we were told there was no root cause of the problem. When I see men going after post pubescent boys, I know the probelm and it is called homosexuality. It was the vast majority of the cases and yet we cannot seem to pull the trigger and allow society to react. The Church and those in charge of the “investigation” punted when they could have delivered a useful product in a society that claims to care about the kids. It could have been used to try to stop the huge homosexual attack on “twinks” that is a pervasive attack on the children of America. But Corapi spoke truth and now is paying the price for that voice. Rather than debate what he said and show were he is wrong, they decided to kill the messenger. Now, free of the restraints placed on him by his vows, we will see the black sheep dog really lay out the issues for all to hear and his voice will be heard and needs to be heard.

    [Greta, since you brought it up: I earn nothing for my work as a deacon. I’m not paid by my parish, or my diocese. I get no stipends for baptisms or weddings. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I get no fees when I act as a canonical consultant for the Tribunal in annulments. I get nothing for serving mass or preaching or presiding at wakes. In effect, my job is all-volunteer. Also, all the religious order priests I know who earn any income from outside sources — whether it’s books or part time jobs with Vatican agencies — give all the money to their order. They get nothing. I read not long ago that Fr. James Martin turned over nearly $200,000 to the Jesuits for royalties for “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything.” He didn’t see a dime. I wonder how much of Fr. Corapi’s income went to SOLT. Dcn. G.]

  27. It would not surprise me to discover that in the process of the investigation over the past three months

    1. issues with respect to Fr. Corapi’s lifestyle came under the microscope
    2. his understanding of his vows as a religious were scrutinized

    He may not have liked that scrutiny and may not have wanted to change his way of doing things, which seem to me to be very Lone Ranger-like for a member of a vowed religious community. I am concerned that he will start his own kind of mega- Church, and bring many of his avid followers with him.

  28. Has Fr. James Martin accepted the Church’s timeless stance that homosexuality is a profound disorder yet- or is he still interpreting that moral tenet through his own personal heresy? Oh sure he’s a heretic- but he’s a poor heretic, therefore….he’s ok.

  29. Deacon:

    with all due respect – I’m just curious. Why don’t you receive stipends for baptisms or weddings? Is that a diocesan policy? Priests regularly receive stipends for those services. Why don’t deacons?

    [Lisa…It’s presumed that deacons have jobs outside the Church, and other sources of income. I believe it’s even stipulated in canon law that deacons are unsalaried (though some parishes and some dioceses pay them anyway.) As someone once noted, wryly: “Deacons are the new nuns! Free labor!” Dcn. G.]

  30. It’s worth mentioning the hundreds, or thousands, of priests, deacons, nuns and layfolk who create podcasts, write homilies and so forth and never charge a dime for them.

  31. Grace builds on nature, and in Corapi’s case, the same hard-driving, self-aggrandizing traits that drove him in secular life also drove him in his public ministry. So long as he cooperated with grace, his nature helped get the message broadcast far and wide.

    However, in his rage at what might well be a towering injustice, genuine false allegation, Corapi has confused his being A shepherd with being THE shepherd. In his great love for the people, he should have encouraged them to pray for his accuser and the bishop, rather than seek to split the sheep from the Apostolic shepherds.

    This black sheepdog thing is a very dark and vengeful posture. It will play to the disaffection experienced by many of his followers, and rather than being a healing balm, will rip the scabs off of old wounds.

    Mark Shea said it best.

    All I can say is God help him in his bitter sorrow and rage. Jesus cautioned against leading the least ones astray. “Better a millstone be tied around his neck and he be cast into the sea.”

    No matter what, Father Corapi remains a priest eternally, his very nature being configured to Christ’s at ordination. Innocent or guilty, he should bear that in mind and carry himself with priestly dignity:

    Alter Christus.

  32. I think I’m just as amazed or shocked as anyone here. But it’s amazing to me to see people verbally “cash-in” on this announcement.

    Why does everyone have to give their two cents without even letting everything soak in? I don’t know that I know what to think about this.

    It seems to me that John Corapi didn’t speak much of “Jesus is calling me to…” or “Mary is telling me to…” or “the Holy Spirit is leading me to…” because he DOESN’T want to manipulate people or get them to leave the Catholic church. Doesn’t anyone else see that?

    This is obviously his decision and a way he feels he can keep speaking his message. The people that are throwing around “he’s doing this for money”, where’s the humility there? Let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone.

    People’s salvations do not live/die with John Corapi. He has led many people to the church and that is where they will stay. Whether or not it was Corapi’s work/words or not, God worked through him. God can work through ANYONE, sinner or saint. Catholic bloggers do not deem who is holy and who is not.

    I, for one, am deeply saddened by this but again, I don’t want to berate/accuse anyone. Please, let us all save our breath and save our words for our prayers. If you think John Corapi is doing the right thing, pray for his guidance. If you think he’s doing the wrong thing, pray for his salvation. If you see him as your enemy (which some obviously do), pray for him and turn the other cheek, whatever you take that to mean.

    At this point, I believe him to be a homeless man. My home, for one, is the Catholic church, where it will ALWAYS be. And it’s my job as a Catholic to cloth the homeless and to visit those who are in jail. Pray for God’s ultimate guidance.

  33. Deacon Rich: Your comments about a “lifestyle unlike any priest I have ever known” rings true from what I have seen. Enormous speaking fees that are never accounted for. Private jets to get to those speaking engagements. Frankly, a lifestyle unlike hardly ANYONE I have ever known.

  34. Deacon Greg:

    I still don’t understand.

    Every baptism and wedding I have been involved in (and I used to work in a parish) – the family or couple themselves gave the minister – priest or deacon – an envelope with a stipend. It is considered a “thank you.” I am confused as to why this is evidently not the practice in your diocese.

  35. Gerard Nadal:

    Can we go back through your previous comments on the Corapi case? Are you being consistent?

    You were – as I recall- one of his biggest defenders.

  36. I’d heard that it had been mentioned in the book “Coronary” that Father had a second lawsuit going over the rights to his media with his original media company. I think it may have been jkm who had wondered on another blog if there were still some issues there that might have been partly behind the sell off of old media. I found a brief on the case of “Santa Cruz Media Inc. vs. Saint Joseph Holdings. It seems the defendent (the original media co.) brought up clergy-penitent privilege, which was apparently denied. This is from 2004 and I’m not quite sure what was going on, but it is mentioned:
    “One can also reasonably infer that in whole or in part, the writings at issue do not relate to penitential matters involving confession and absolution, but rather to a reporting of alleged misconduct of Corapi or, as urged by plaintiffs, complaints about the business practices of Corapi.”
    Since this seems more along the lines of what his superior said of the charges being conduct unbecoming of a priest, I wonder whether they might have been pursued under canon law? There seems to be the implication that the seal of the confessional is being invoked, and a question of whether or not it applies in this civil court case.

  37. While it surely sounds like Fr. Corapi, and the arguments he puts forth are pretty much what we saw coming out of him, and staff at Santa Cruz Media, I’m going to wait to hear from his order or bishop before I post on this. I want to be 200% certain it is not a hoax or a hack. I don’t understand why he didn’t show himself, rather than use audio, which is uncharacteristic.

    I do have some serious thoughts, not just about his choice, but about his ardent followers and spiritual matters.

  38. “Mr.” Corapi was a fraud from the get-go. “Rad Trads,” delighted when he exploited their anger, shamelessly defended him against the bishops to whom Catholics are obliged to pledge their fealty. Now he has betrayed those whom he duped and, more tragically, he has betrayed Christ the High Priest by abandoning the priesthood for what he obviously hopes will amount to big bucks more than thirty pieces of silver. It is time for those who defended this charlatan to apologize to the bishops of our Holy Church.

  39. The “blacksheepdog” message was very disturbing to listen to. If that indeed was John Corapi speaking, his voice was very “down” and depressed-sounding. In spite of our celebration of Pentecost last Sunday, there were no references to (or evidence of) the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the message: Knowledge, Counsel, Understanding, Fortitude, Wisdom, Piety and especially Fear of the Lord. I heard bitterness, defiance and self-pity. Many of the hundreds of Facebook comments expressed confusion – a hallmark of the opposer. Also, the image of the “blacksheepdog” – containing reflections of lambs in one eye and white dogs in the other, impressed me as signatory of a predator dog – not a guard dog. The “message” did not even strike me as a marketing effort to sell the forthcoming autobiography – there was nothing in that message that would encourage me as a loyal Catholic who loves a good conversion story to buy the book.
    The foregoing notwithstanding, I was edified by Father Corapi’s sermons broadcast on EWTN. I pray he has not gone over to the dark side.

  40. Greta:

    “Free of the restraints placed on him by his vows”? No, it is one’s vows that give true freedom, not such epic disobedience as Mr. Corapi is displaying. One thing is for sure: in the future it will indeed be his (Mr. Corapi’s) voice that the world hears, and not that of the Master. This all makes me heartsick, and I see nothing of God in what he is doing. To see such vitriol directed at the Church and her appointed Shepherds by the followers of this man is just what I imagine the evil one would want.

    Of course, all of us are sinners, none greater than myself, but to see a shepherd of the Church of Christ so publicly abandon his flock and even, apparently, seek to lead them astray–well, it’s quite literally scandalous. Let us pray, brothers and sisters, for his soul, for the souls of those he may lead astray, and for ourselves, that in the midst of this sad occurrence none of us may depart from charity in word and thought. St. Peter, pray for us!

  41. To clarify my remark in #45, the clergy involved in the clergy-penitent relationship is not Fr. Corapi but apparently a clergy in a diocesan office and that Santa Cruz Media is looking for certain documents to be disclosed in court. This is back in 2004, but sounds very similar to the present situation. The brief I read can be found about half way down the page at

  42. Lisa,

    Where the allegation is concerned and how it has been handled, I remain one of Father’s biggest defenders. There was much truth in what he said in his farewell message. The bishops erred in one extreme, and now in the other in the way they handle allegations.

    In short, I think he got a raw deal.

    However, what he is doing now is something very, very dark and ugly. In so doing, it causes not a few to wonder if the allegations were indeed true and he is boxed in.

    If he is innocent, then he needs to get in touch with his priesthood, which remains who he is forever. He needs to remember that the role of the priest is to lead souls to Jesus, not to capitalize on their past hurts in the church and then lead them away. This black sheepdog thing is a game changer. Innocent or guilty, this is something very, very bad.

  43. e_scalia and Mark Shea et al, I’m amused at your ability to read hearts.

    e_scalia I have listened to it twice now and have never heard him say explicitly that this was “his choice”, to me it sounds rather that he felt he was left little option.

    Of all the big speakers I know, I never met Fr Corapi, never heard his talks, don’t really care what he does. But I am around enough major speakers to know and watch how they behave and what seems to motivate them. I don’t know, to be honest, what motivates them. Did you know Fr. Mike Scanlan, Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Scott Hahn all charge for their books? Horror! They must be money grubbers.

    What if, as a lay man, he feels God calling him to continue using his (non-ordained) gifts to bring others to Christ? Why should that bother us? Why does it irritate everyone so that he knows what his gifts are and chooses to use them? Are people jealous?

    I’ve had people tell me why I do things. I find that amusing because those people aren’t in the conversations that I have with God. They are just putting their own insecurities or angst on me-and when I don’t accept it.

    Again, I don’t really give a whit about FrC except for the fact that he has a soul. We all have souls. We all fall short of the Glory of God. We all do things for nefarious reasons. We all do things for very good and holy reasons. However, to determine why we know why someone does something and set ourselves up as judge and jury perhaps keeps us from looking at ourselves.

  44. This development simply adds to the sadness of the whole episode. I have no idea what happened with Fr. Corapi — all I know is that this development is disburbing for all the reasons pointed out by the Deacon and the Anchoress. The only thing I feel like doing through all this is to pray — for Corapi, for the people involved in this whole situation, for Corapi’s followers.

    That said, I find these developments creepy.

  45. A few days ago, Deacon Greg posted about a priest who was exonerated twice, in two separate accusations.
    Despite the sad outcome of his reaction to the second accusation, he was, in fact, exonerated.

    Surely, John Corapi could have hired his own investigators, as Fr. Murphy’s friends did. Surely his supporters would have been willing to help pay for the expenses as he mounted a defense.

    I hope that those who continue to follow him will take him at his word that what he does now, he is not doing as a Catholic priest, and that they will carefully compare what he says with the teachings of the Church he professes to still love.

  46. I would like someone here to post the facts and figures about his speaking fees, etc…before they accuse him of being money-hungry. I don’t think he gets all that much money for his speaking engagements. I know at one conference he said that he will not accept money from anyone. He said if you were to walk up and give him a check and say this is for his ministry he would not take it. He said that he doesn’t accept it so he doesn’t have to be accountable to the IRS or the government for what he preaches. I think, since he is not affiliated with a parish, that he gets enough from the sale of his dvds, etc… to continue to live in his home but I don’t think he’s in this for the money. Most of the cost from the speaking engagements go to the parish/organization that brought him to speak. When I was at the OMaha conference I think most of the money went to the repair and continued restoration of St. James Parish (I think that was the name of the parish). I believe the conference that was supposed to have taken place in March of this year the proceeds were giong to some sort of Catholic charity along with the parish. His travel, lodging, meals, etc…. are paid but I don’t think he gets any of the money for the speaking engagement fees. I saw him in Omaha and St. Louis. It was awesome and he speaks only the Truth. I hope he is doing Gods will even when it doesn’t look his latest decision is doing that. Let’s all just wait and see. I know, through the Holy Spirit, he has helped save my soul by helping me get back to the fullness of the church. Judge not, lest you be judged.

  47. A very human reaction. I had hoped, as I think we all had, that he’d respond with heroic virtue.

  48. This whole incident feels so orchestrated that I honestly question whether or not the victim making the accusation was indeed a victim, or rather hired to help set the whole “Black Sheepdog” thing in motion. Thinking back on his recent appearances on EWTN Live, with Fr. Corapi looking more like Jesse Ventura than a minister, I now believe this was in the works for sometime now. Perhaps it is because of the industry I work in and the role I play in it as a propaganda peddler, or because I have just become far too cynical at my age… Either way, I pray that I am wrong and also that Fr. Corapi will follow the Will of God and not his own.

  49. I think Daniel T has won the thread. That is just fascinating. Thanks for uncovering this.

  50. Lisa #43:

    Out of about 140 active deacons in my diocese, I am one of about 8 that are on the church’s payroll — about half at the diocesan level and about half in a parish somewhere. We are hired NOT because we are deacons but because we have secular skills that specific office needs.

    I agree with Dcn Greg; I never receive any of the sacramental stipends that are given for any ceremony I do. It goes straight to the parish where the ceremony is held.

    On a different issue — the laity in our parishes are rather lax about paying stipends at all. There is a fee-structure of sorts and we usually get the appropriate amount for funerals and weddings but if we get one in five for the Baptisms we do, I’d be surprised.

  51. The cult of personality can lead a lot of people into temptation. In this case, it’s the temptation to leave the Church and let your ego take total control of your person.

    There are many clergy who blog, write books and make public appearances, but don’t seek the attention that comes with participating in such activities. While Deacon Greg, Father Austin Fleming, Msgr. Charles Pope, Archbishop Dolan and Cardinal Sean (to use a few examples) are all well-known and followed, you can see in their blogs and their actions that it is all about Christ and spreading his Good News, not about themselves.

    Sadly, I cannot say that about Mr. Corapi and some others. We all should pray that they remember what it’s all about: Jesus Christ, not selling tapes or insulting (by fake names) those who don’t agree with you and/or aren’t as “orthodox” as you area.

  52. Why don’t we just have some quiet and let GOD work on this? We need to trust our Lord Jesus only. We are all in no position to be speaking of what we think, etc…whatever.No one is really sure so be quiet and show some respect for the one who is really suffering. Nobody knows what lies ahead except that God who doesn’t change. I admire what Brian Joseph said. We really need to pray for Fr. Corapi, the bishops and even the accuser and all those who are involve and the responsibility to do what is right before GOD. Have mercy on us all. Don’t forget the seven major sins and the Ten Commandments. He is watching us.

    Your sister in Christ


  53. Many of the posts add to the pain. Listen to what he says about the absolute abuse of civil and canon law which this bishop exercised which is the NORM for the whole NCCCB as they deny Christ’s Gospel of Compassion and dump regard for truth, fairness and normal ways of dealing with accusations in civilized society. FATHER Corapi is still a priest, he is dropping the title formally because he cannot defend himself to retain it given the stacked deck against him. He specifically asked that people not protest against the bishop who is pressured by other bishops. threatened to publish the ANONYMOUS accuser’s allegations to the whole US bishops’ conference. Blackmail, calumny and detraction are so much part of the monarchical, behind closed doors abuse of power by the US bishops today. Fr Corapi was denied basic rights which every person is supposed to have as US citizen and as Catholic – we are GOD’S DAUGHTERS and SONS first and that dignity is why we have human rights in Natural Law and Canon Law- unless and until a bishop decides he is above, outside and ignores the law. JESUS is LORD and HE will judge the cowardly, connniving rights-denying person who comes before His Throne whether Eminent, Excellent, Reverend, Mr Joe Doe or Ms Mary Roe.

  54. You can’t plausibly compare the Jesuits, an enormously wealthy order more than 500 years old, with SOLT. The wealth of the Jesuit order and its institutions provides a relatively comfortable life and health benefits for many in that order. SOLT is far different and as far as i can tell, is basically a fledgling organization. Diocesan priests may not charge for their sermons -assuming anyone would pay for most of them – but they live directly off of parishoners’ hard earned income in the private sector. So let’s not be confused

  55. Deacon Greg
    Our Deacons at my church are all working other jobs, teachers, businessmen and I think we sometimes forget that when they give so much of their time to so many THANKYOU Deacon Greg and others. : )

    I also thought it was “odd” as a poster just said, the “Ash Wednesday” announcement, the silence during Easter and then on his ordination aniv, this announcement (after the buildup emails which weren’t really needed) His book has the black dog title…but weird things do happen.
    I don’t know what could be added to the book he hasn’t already said and although I will never know the truth, I started to doubt some of the things he said…but I wont say what because we can never know the truth and it doesn’t really matter. I know we can get a ton of grace and then dryness or a crisis tests us.
    I wonder if others will stay quiet now or if they signed something saying they would if he stepped down..although the legality of that is not known.

    I stated once before I liked that Fr. Francis stayed quiet on all ends after he left, it must have taken much prayer and thought after he initially wanted to speak with his web site but much more holy and kind to stay behind the scenes and live his life the best he could.

  56. A priest friend of my family was falsely accused by his bishop of financial improprieties. (The bishop was angry at this priest for another reason-and chose to falsely accuse).

    The bishop took Father X out of parish life, and forbid him to publicly say Mass. Father X was devastated, but obeyed. He got a Canon lawyer, and the Vatican ruled in favor of him. Bishop Y appealed every ruling, and yet in the end Father X “won.” The Vatican told the bishop he had to reinstate Father X, (in a parish) and the bishop still refused. He did reinstate Father X to say Mass publicly.

    This was not a quick process, it took at least 5 years, and all through it, Father X was humble, and continued to pray. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be falsely accused by your bishop, but the grace of the sacrament of Holy Orders surely helped Father X and Padre Pio. Even now, with a new bishop in the diocese, Father X has been marginalized, yet he has found a way to serve others in a different diocese.

    How I wish Father Corapi had chosen to use his time (if he was falsely accused) to humbly pray for his soul, and the souls of his (false?) accusers. And for his followers.

  57. How quickly people are to condemn Fr. Corapi on this blog site and those who are grateful to him for telling the truth plainly.
    I didn’t watch the video but i did read the letter. I think it is sickening that all that has to be done to ruin is priest is to lie. Some bishops are surely helping the enemy when they permit policies that turn accusers into “holy cows”. There needs to be physical proof (i.e. medical exams, tests etc.) along with timely reporting and no history of mental disturbance. One case Cardinal George was grilled over in his deposition which is on the Archdiocese of Chicago website was one where the police had let the guy go. The whole point of the bulk of these accusations against priests is to get them out of performing their duties (no priest, no mass) and to extract $$$$$$ with lawsuits, IMHO.

    There needs to be an end to the Dallas Charter drawn up by the USCCB and something reasonable and just needs to be put in it’s place.

    Read about Fr. Gordon McRae – he is not the only one falsely accused:

    Fr. Corapi still loves the Church and wishes to be obedient to the Church is my read on this – this is the only way he can stand up for ending this injustice towards our priests. We need to do so too.

    Where is the outrage of media over all the abuse that occurs in schools??? What about Planned Parenthood protecting the users/abusers of minors having abortions. Where are the $$$$$ lawsuits against pervert/abusing teachers and coaches????

  58. Lisa…

    At my parish, the money we get at baptisms or weddings is a “suggested donation” — it goes to the parish, not the deacon. I don’t see any of it.

    Dcn. G.

  59. It’s easy to second guess everything Father Corapi does, and there are no shortage of those in the blogoshphere perfectly willing to do it.

    I don’t believe it was any kind of a sin for him to leave. He had that right I believe. Who knows how any of us would have responded in that kind of pressure cooker. But the fact is that many people despised Father Corapi for his orthodoxy, his preaching style, and even his accent. Let’s not act like the hierarchy is impeccable either. Mother Angelica told Cardinal Mahony off once and refused to back down. She was very open in stating that many bishops and priests hated her and EWTN because of its orthodoxy in a sea of watered-down, cafeteria catholicism.

  60. I didn’t know much about Fr. Corapi but was well aware of his reputation. This really saddens me; for him and many other priests. Years ago there was a young, very devout, priest in my then-parish who had some sort of accusation made against him. Nothing ever came out of it but he has been in some sort of ecclesiastical limbo since then. He didn’t have the opportunity to learn what the charges were or prove his innocence. He was just relieved from ministry and his faculties revoked. He was not even permitted to celebrate Mass in private! I can’t even imagine the he is living. That is not an isolated case. I know a number of good and dedicated priests who live in fear that someone would some day make a false accusation against them.

    Please pray for Fr. Corapi and all our priests!!!!

  61. Nice that Father Martin’s donation of his royalties to his order has now been publicized. It might be nice if some of the good works of Father Corapi got the same attention. Also, the title of that book, “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything,” is at least as “grandiose” as anything Father Corapi has said or written.

  62. Father Francis and Carrie, I pretty much agree with your posts. Father Corapi made a point of saying that he very much loves the Catholic Faith.

    And yes, I get the whole “obedience” thing, but how far does that go when it’s against the true teachings of the church? Heck, we as lay persons, don’t even have to follow a pope should one ever “go heretical” on us.

    This is for sure a wait and see, and may well all be lead by the Holy Spirit. It’s no secret that Father Corapi OFTEN spoke against the silence or watered down teaching of many bishops. He also never had a lecture where he didn’t ask for prayers specifically for what just happened to him.

    I do admit that the “black sheep” is a bit dark, but is it really darker than taking out a great voice of Catholic orthodoxy, AND the Euchrist?

    We are in the rage of spiritual warfare. At the very least, I see a good man, and brother in Christ, down. It’s our job just to keep lovin’ and prayin’, and trust God, the Holy Spirit, and the Blessed Mother will all be on the job.

    What he “teaches out there” will say it all. While I do admit to some concerns, my bet is still on Father Corapi, despite it not all looking the way we think it should look.

  63. What may be of issue here is the following:
    The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity is a Society of Apostolic Life – not a religious order in the proper sense.

    A member of such a society can hold property – no vow of poverty.

    SOLT may be under review by the Diocesan Bishop to whom they answer (?).

    Power struggle?

    If Fr. Corapi is guilty, could a reconcilation have been reached, without laicization?

    I think he just got fed up with the internal politics and pulled the plug. His calling is that of preacher. He can do that without being a priest.

    Maybe his status as priest was a spring-board to his true calling – I hope so.

    My prayers are with him and all involved.
    God bless.

  64. I owe Father Corapi a great deal for my return to the Church. His programs on EWTN wore me down. But I returned to the Church–and not to Father Corapi. When he returns to the Church, I will listen to him again.

    I wish him well, but had I been alive in the 16th century, I would have wished Martin Luther well just as in the 21st century I now wish Father Richard McBrien, Sr. Chittister and Bishop Hubbard well.

    Face to face with Father Corapi, I would simply thank him for his influence on me when I was away from the Church. But I would also tell him that in dealing with certain people–and I am a charter member of this circle of knaves–it’s futile to con a con man, especially a con man he helped to go “straight.”

  65. Corapi is to Catholic as, apple pie, baseball, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are to America…

    The bureaucratic stupidity of this Bishop and the Church leaders, are beyond profound. Regardless of his alleged human failing (sin), Corapi has done more for the church then the current Pope and all the Bishops combined. Do I sense a bit of professional jeolocy, or is this just the morass of more Legalistic man made Religion, or perhaps it is a justified fear of expensive but frivolous lawsuits by the Church?

    In America we are all Innocent until proven Guilty… but in the Church, it seems, Corapi is guilty until proven innocent? And Corapi’s alleged crime? Being human? Just because she said so? Please…. Grow up people. Even if he is guilty of being human, so what? What crime did he commit? Did Jesus stone the Adulteress? Who of you is without sin? It’s not like he is accuse of being a homosexual pedophiliac nut job like so many other priests…

    I was going to be a Priest myself, and this is exactly why I did not become one: The noose of Catholic bureaucracy and it’s ridged legalistic religiosity that destroys the Breath of God and the works of his Holy Sprit moving within man and within his Church.

    I am Catholic and I will always be Catholic, but like Jesus, I have no love for the Pharisees and Sadducees of our day with their man made religious laws. These religious who would crucify Christ, is it any surprise they would crucify Corapi who speaks so profoundly on Christ behalf?

    God Bless you Corapi. My prayers are with you. Don’t Stop preaching the Truth and the Light of Christ. His eternal message cannot be silenced regardless of Satan’s efforts to silence it! Christ had his cross and we each have ours to share in.

  66. Re: John #76

    “In America we are all Innocent until proven Guilty… but in the Church, it seems, Corapi is guilty until proven innocent?”

    You are right, of course, but probably do not know why:

    –American “Common Law” is based upon English “Common” Law.

    –All of Europe (including the Vatican) has legal systems based on Roman “Common” Law.

    There are stark differences as anyone who travels extensively can attest to. One of those is the “presumption of innocence.” That is NOT a characteristic of Roman Common Law. In fact, if your case makes it to court, it is presumed you are guilty because all of the administrative remedies that could have found you innocent were exhausted.

    But it is not just the Church — you will find traces of Roman Common Law at work in the juridical atmosphere in Quebec and even Louisiana — all because of their French heritage.

  67. Have no fear of him taking many with him. His eexit is so bizarre he has extinguished himself to most of his now former Catholics followers. Those who followed him loved the Church, and thought he represented it. (Most did not know anything about his life outside of the sermons they saw on EWTN or in person, so were unaware of any creeping materialism.)

    Again, virtually none of his followers will leave the Church over this bizarreness.

    They are sad because they believed in his message, but now see he was just another in a line of recent priestly false prophets, as Pope Benedict said of Maciel.

    God bless you. As always the Church goes on! Look up and be glad!

  68. Why are The Anchoress, Mark Shea (whoever that is), and others so happy to say they “saw this coming”? Were they praying for Father during that time as good Christians would, or just wringing your hands in anticipation of the great stories to be had out of this.

    It is clear from the articles that none of you anticipated that Father might be innocent. You went right for the juglar. Get that guy, who does he think he is?

    I recognize egoism when I see or hear it, and it is true that Father has a big ego, but that is part of his appeal. When he speaks of himself, he may embellish, even cause one to blush at his audacity, but when he speaks of God, he speaks the truth. He recognizes that God is, and that John Corapi is merely the servant.

    I would prefer that the truth be known, but that is because of my own human selfishness. Only God need know the truth, and that He already does.

  69. Wow, I wish I had the soul-reading powers of so many commenters here! We simply don’t know the entire truth – so what is gained by the guessing game?

    Fr. Z has some words of wisdom:

    ” . . . From the email I am receiving and a few blogs I have read reacting to Fr. Corapi’s video message, it strikes me that a lot of people are doing neither themselves nor Fr. Corapi any good. Charity requires us to consider the good of others. I can’t see how the way some people are talking about Fr. Corapi does anyone any good. . . . . ”

  70. I think it is an outrage that the church can bring charges forcing one into exile and leave them hanging. It goes right along with guilty unless one proves themself innocent. To silence a critic, they can simply say there are charges and then not have to say where they came from, who is involved, or what they said. That is the outrage in this case and those who care about the Church and the priesthood should be coming out blasting the church for removal of all rights of those accused. I wonder if the same had been done to Cardinal Bernardin today when he was accused and if he had been forced to sit on the sidelines until someone decided it was time to bring some sort of a trial within the church if those here would be saying the same about him. He was allowed to hear everything that was said, who said it, and confront the person directly. How is this new kangaroo system good for the Church or our freedoms? I can see it now if a bishop goes after a gay priest and simply sits them on the sidelines with no timetable for their return, and no way to even know what was said or who they were. I suspect many here would be outraged, especially if they like the gay priest and his message, whatever it was.

    Lets face it, many here posting negative comments did not like Corapi or his message. Now is time to pile on. but what about the process used. Is that not the real story here? What about vocations if those thinking about the priesthood see that if they are too vocal in calling the Church to actually teach what Her faith actually is according to the Pope and magesterium, they too might get forced out with scandal and no ability to defend. Why no outrage over the process? It would be so different if it were a gay priest and everyone knows it. It would be front page in the media. Thus, I think those is support of this witch hunt because they do not like Corapi should remain silent when they come for one the like or themselves. I can hear the outcry now if Deacon is accused by a silent person and he finds he has zero rights to even know what was said or the accuser. I suspect he would be on the line to his pals in the media to take up his case…

  71. Is it right to put down the bishops and others without knowing the whole story? They aren’t going to join the blogs and say “look, see these papers, see the comments, see the evidence we had” because it’s private and wrong. Father can say what he wants, but it’s one side. I think it’s wrong to say he was rail-roaded and tossed aside without knowing the results.

    Just keep that in mind.

  72. Re: Bob #79

    “Again, virtually none of his followers will leave the Church over this bizarreness”

    Hope you are correct here but I am old enough to remember both the Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart scandals of the 1980’s. They had huge followings which vanished almost overnight as the sex and money scandals came to the surface.

    The parallel here — I am convinced — is that a lot of folks had been brought to the “saving power of the risen Lord Jesus” through those two but it is very easy to doubt your own faith when the messenger of your own salvation proved to be a false prophet.

  73. I kept waiting for something, anything, that would point back to God, to Christ, to Mary (the patroness of his order) and heard…nothing
    Well, in all honesty I would have to say the same here in this commentary! And also in all honesty I have to say that unlike all of the others here who somehow have more perceptive gifts than others including myself, I still know nothing of any process or of any facts. How did the rest of you find out more? Please let us in on your other sources.

    As far as giftedness in speaking I would have to say, objectively, that even this video message was more intriguing and cornering interest than most run-of-the-mill, scared-of-the-facts(truth) Sunday “sheperding” … and I suppose that would also have to include the self promotion tactics (as they beg for monetary support) of a lot of the clicky self anointed bloggers(gossipers).

    Once again the average believer is left, well, confused – and the “process” appears to be as muddled as ever….so “where’s the beef”???

  74. 78 Fiergenholt
    To perhaps make it easier for you to understand all of those seemingly ideal mechinations of legal process …. esp. when it comes to actually punishing even bishops (of our recent past decades) suffice to simply say “it’s good to be the king”!!

  75. Why can all the bloggers have judgements that are clearly”earthbound”….and yet Corapi’s comments cannot be. Shouldn’t the bloggers shine the light of Jesus on their blogs and be an example of their own faithfulness.

  76. Pride. I wonder how may of us, maybe even in this blog, have this same addiction. Had Corapi really gotten over his “addiction,” have we? Whenever an opportunity arrises we condemn and slander and point out the splinter in their eye, and not consider the piece of lumber in our own. They strain at anothers gnat and we ourselves swallow a camel. John of the Cross said this somewhere I think. Corapi didn’t have to leave, his pride, his ego got in the way, regardles if the accusations were true or not. Not good. I was not a big Corapi fan, excuse me, listener. But, he is clearly following the beat of his own drum (his ego). I hope he’ll be ok. God Bless him.

  77. 46 Diane Korzeniewski

    I do have some serious thoughts, not just about his choice, but about his ardent followers and spiritual matters.”
    Par for your usual course of elitist “christian” pomposity re: subjects and others you have no authentic acquaintance with. I swear “Catholic” blogs are handy tools of the devil….the hindsight of “I told you so” – never the hindsight of “I regret I was wrong to judge others with no more than prejudicial pre-formed opinion”!

    Somehow I can’t get rid of that little tune from “Man of La Mancha” sung by his “caring” relatives….”I’m only thinking of him…whatever I may do or say…I’m only thinking of him”!!
    4 Mark P. Shea
    I think that wins some kind of record for passive-aggressive manipulative self-aggrandizement.
    Yep suppose it’s best just to be against others “aggressively” especially when not being obstructed by the pinnings of one’s vowed-to authorities! Yeah, that’s a lot easier – esp. when backed by one’s own little flock of mesmerized loyal followers. Sounds like pot calling kettle.

    Just continue preaching Potter magic forces to the choir while being fearful of “sheepdogs”!!

  78. This seems to be an exercise in the worse kind of gossip, and coming from a Deacon in good standing with the Church seems beyond the pale. Given the platform of obliteration that you and others like Mark Shea have done, I would humbly recommend it might be time for the two of you to engage in some introspection.

    I for one have listened to Father Corapi for years, and don’t expect him to go off the deep end as some sort of cultist. He is right in that the legal limbo Bishop Mulvey can keep him in is almost literally perpetual. He has been what I call “black-holed” — in a process that will pretty much consume the rest of his life. I know, personally, three other priests currently having to live as laymen because their careers have been “black-holed” by their respective bishops, without cause. This is NOT an uncommon occurrence, and another priest once told me, a bishop is la corporatione sole – a corporation of one. They do what they want to whomever they want. My Italian might be off.

    Since Father Corapi apparently is the only priest in the world with an apostolic mandate to preach, given him by John Paul II in 1991, and continued by Benedict XVI, there is nothing I can see that doesn’t prevent him from taking off his collar, not offering Mass, not hearing confessions, and continuing to do what he has been doing — preach.

    I don’t claim to be a canonist, but if his canonist and civil lawyers all say he is pretty much up the creek without a paddle, then that’s the way it is. That doesn’t mean he has to pack it in and go away. As he said, most civilized societies hold that a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The owner of Santa Cruz media is on record explaining the events that transpired with the women who has accused Father Corapi of wrongdoing, and apparently she’s won, at least by the way you all are acting here.

    The announcement he made was about him. It wasn’t a sermon on Mary, the Rosary, or God, but it spoke of the Church and what his plans were for now, and it was short. I’m not sure what satisfaction one derives from disassembling someone else’s remarks and circumstances. His naming and symbolics are simple – the sheepdog protects the sheep from the wolves, and he is a black sheep now one as a allusion to clerical blacks and two his standing now as a black sheep of sorts for running afoul of bishops in preaching the truth, whether they like it or not.

    The black sheepdog seems sinister? Are clerics demonic for wearing clerical blacks? Please, people…

    Anyone that engages in this sort of character assassination and cannibalization of a member of the Body of Christ becomes the Devil’s plaything.

    Speaking of contrition… gotta go… time for Confession.

  79. I would recommend “The Gift of Peace” by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin to everyone.

    Cardinal Bernardin teaches us how to forgive; how to accept suffering by embracing it in his prayer life.

    I am a deacon. Prior to accepting the call to orders I had to discern. I could have ministered without ordination. My life would have involved God, my family, my church, and my ministry. Upon ordination, my life involves God, my family, my church, and the ministry of the church as exercised by me.

    Both diocesan, & religious order, ordination is NEVER about me!

  80. Todd,

    I can understand your anger, & frustration with this situation.
    Unfortunately, as the events of the past decade have shown measures had to be developed that protect the faithful. As a side, yet important issue financial assets must be preserved.

    The USCCB developed policies that we as clergy abide by. Sadly, there have been allegations which have been shown to be false i.e. cardinal Bernardin.

    Unfortunately, in those instances where a credible allegation has been brought forth, a suspension from ministry follows. Yes, it can take time for the process to come to a completion. Fr. Corapi is not the first cleric to undergo this process. Certainly he can take off his collar and go on preaching. I would caution though, it is NOT about doing……. it is about “being” a priest. It is who you are, not what you do. What you do flows from who/what you ARE.

    As clergy, we too are innocent until proven guilty! BUT the church has an OBLIGATION to protect people from that which may harm them. (HOPEFULLY, we have learned the lessons of the past) That obligation manifests in orthodox teaching, preaching, and many other ways. There are NO “free lance” preachers in the catholic church.

    As I stated in a previous approach The Gift of Peace by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin is worth a read.

    I for one am very disappointed in the response of Fr. Corpi.

  81. Todd:
    Where did you get the idea that Father had an apostolic mandate from either pope? Generally the story is given as that SOLT’s founder Father Flanagan discerned that Father had a gift for Apostolic Preaching. SOLT’s site had indicated that Father had come up with a creative response to Pope John Paul’s call for a new evangelization in his Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in America. Up until your comment, I’ve not seen anyone claim that Father had some type of direct apostolic mandate from the popes.

  82. As unsettling as the Black Sheep Dog is the full force of gossip contained in streams of comments on all the blogs. God bless Father Z for turning off his comments. Let us dear Catholc brothers and sisters look at our own sinful uncharitable, rash judging and bitter words. Truly when Holy Mother Church tells us that one sin affects the whole communion of the Mystical Body it is glaringly evident here. It is Saturday. How about we ALL take a trip to confession and as our Lord to forgive us for this heinious and self righteous gossip as we list our own multitude of other sins.
    And Mark P. Shea – you are a very nasty man.

  83. “God bless Father Z for turning off his comments.” That may be wise, but, then again, I do not know the quality of the comments or his tolerance for diversity.

    Since I am not familiar with Fr. Z, I went to his website and other places to find some information and finally ended up in good old faithful Wikipedia. Much to my surprise, I see a priest’s coat of arms. (I was under the impression that in the Catholic Church only the hierarchy, i.e., bishops, cardinals and popes as well as dioceses had coats of arms.)

    I learn something new every day.

  84. Mr Flapatrap

    I’m not sure of the accuracy of your statement.
    Certainly a cleric can be suspended from active ministry. BUT a priest can continue to offer mass in private. IF I am not mistaken,Even after he is returned to a lay state, he can offer sacramental service in the event of an urgent situation… life/death. Ordination is forever.

    There are some who are accused and do not desire to defend themselves for a variety of reasons.
    There are some who have been ordained to the diaconate and go on to leave seminary. Some of those deacons continue to minister in the church. Others seem to just go away.

  85. Here’s what I say to John Corapi:

    You are concerned for a livelihood…writing and teaching is your income. Now you have to pay your own housing and insurances etc. must be scary for a guy that’s been unaccustomed to such for 20 years of ‘priestly ministry’. Most of the last 10 you have flown from paid engagement to paid engagement. You have lived as a “hermit’ in a paradise-like setting while sheep have been hungry and cold and unclothed- not metaphorically, mind you, and as scripture says you have given your blessing and wished them well and warm and fullness and comfort with little, tiny meaningless orts fallen from the corners of your well filled mouth. Never once in any engagement did you refrain from highlighting either your past or your present or your future— you being your favorite subject at all times. Your health. Your ladies. Your sports cars. Your mother…your anyandeverything. It seems you are a road map to heaven! I see you as a typical blustering Italian Joe that happened to be a ‘priest’ for a time among other adventures and misadventures. Good luck entertaining the masses outside of masses. You embarrass me and always have.

  86. John in post 99: Fr Corapi has stated in the past that his income doesn’t come from the church but his business — Santa Cruz media.

    I think that what we need here is for everyone to cool off. There has been many nasty and unchristian comment by both side–those pro corapi and those against him. Everyone needs to take a deep breath keep quit and PRAY

  87. What I am seeing in most of these comments is a lack of understanding. Father Corapi did the right thing under the circumstances. What was he supposed to do? I personally know a priest who was under a false accusation and was advised by his archbishop to retire, which he did. There is no way that he would win, though most probably innocent.
    The stress of a situation like this could kill him, as he is not really a physically well person. He did the smart thing by moving on.