Kudos! — UPDATED

Kudos! — UPDATED June 25, 2011

“These are untold stories, rich with the sort of confluence of religion, history, culture and nationalism that reveal true complexity.  The writing pulls from multiple sources in ways that allow us to feel as if we’re not seeing a single tile in a great mosaic, but the entire mosaic itself.  These are a triumph of scope and sound editorial decision-making.  And I found myself surprised by the stories told in every piece.”

— Judges at the Catholic Press Awards last night.

ONE and editor Christopher Boland received First Place for Individual Excellence in Writing/Editing.  The CPA also honored graphics designer Daria Erdosy with First Place for Individual Excellence in Photography/Art, and Digital Multimedia Editor Erin Edwards with multiple awards for Multi-Media Presentation.  The magazine won Second Place for General Excellence, Mission Magazines.

See what all the fuss is about here.

Congratulations, gang.  It’s a privilege to call you my colleagues.  You do us all proud.

UPDATE: There’s a nice write-up about one of the high points of the Catholic Media Convention — a talk by Cardinal John Foley — over at CNS.

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  1. Was glad to see the defense and clear rationale for standing for communion. The Roman Canon/Eucharistic Prayer number 1 speaks of omnibus circumstantibus all those standing around for the whole prayer. In the ancient penitential discipline kneeling was the position for reconciling sinners – standing was the norm. Kneeling for the whole prayer was a medieval corruption, however well intentioned as was receiving on the tongue. HH BXV1 has this irritating practice of giving communion to several people in that way as his public events which simply feeds a false sense, in my view, of reverence and is not the ancient discipline for communion. That amazes me for such a scholar and it feeds the EWTN dissenters who champion both un-liturgical practices as if to presume that the choice for receiving on the tongus is “traditional” which it is not and permitting kneeling which is against the present approved norm.

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