The astonishing story of a woman who forgave her son's killer

The astonishing story of a woman who forgave her son's killer June 9, 2011

But that’s just the beginning.

When I saw this on “The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley” the other night, it floored me.

Want to see the power of forgiveness?  Here.

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4 responses to “The astonishing story of a woman who forgave her son's killer”

  1. Forgiveness – the gift that keeps on giving. Like a pebble dropped into a pond it keeps spreading out in waves from it’s source.

    Wonderful piece. Thanks for posting it. Sometimes the MSM gets it right.

  2. I totally get this woman.
    My son and daughter lost their lives at the hands of a reckless tractor trailer driver. Deep in my heart I knew that not forgiving the truck driver surely would have ate away at my very soul; whether he asked for forgiveness or not. He did as however and with the Grace of God I was able to give it without reservation. Was it, was it the right thing and would I do it again? Absolutely.

  3. jen,
    so sorry to hear of your tragedy. Your forgiveness is an offering that God can use to bring good out of evil and suffering as He promises to do. Thank you for accepting His grace and handing Him the opportunity to do that. I will bet that many more lives than those you know of have been and will be blessed by your answering “Yes” to God’s grace.

  4. My Aunt forgave the murderers of her son almost immediately after they took a tire wrench and beat her son to death for less than $10.00. The two men are out of jail now and my aunt holds no grudge against them.

    My Aunt is in her mid 80’s now and when I call her I can be sure I interrupted her prayers. She still calls me Georgie and when I hang up she says God Bless you a hundred times over! Now, tell me is this a woman headed for Heaven? God bless my Aunt Joyce.

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